Ahuja CM-5000 Conference System
Conference Rooms = Seminar Halls = Convention Centres
y Compact, Elegant & Attractive Housing.
Y 18.5" 5lim Flexible Gooseneck Microphone
with ring LED Indication.
vd Chairman's Priority Switch provided.
Y Headphone Facility with Volume Control.
Y Auto Mic-Off Function.
A SOW Built-In PA Amplifier,
Y USB Recording & Playback Facllity.
Y AC/24V DC Operation.
Conference System
Hallmark of Relabilrty!
The Ahuja CM-5000 Conference System provides much
required sound reinforcement at mestings and conventions,
It is designed to combine elegant aesthetics with clear,
highly intelligible sound, while minimising acoustic
feedback. The system Is ideal for use In conference rooms as
well as Convention Centres,
The CMC-5100 Chairman and CMD-5200 Delegate Units
have built-in loudspeaker and high quality sensitive electret
condenser microphone mounted on 18.5" flexible
gooseneck. The microphones are equipped with a Ring LED
Indicator to show which mic Is ON, Each unit has a
headphone output with volume control.
The stylish, free-standing delegate unit housing has an
angled facia incorporating the TALK switch which switches
ON the microphone.
The Chalrman Unit also has a non-ockable PRIORITY switch
which Interrupts the meeting and mutes the micrephones of
other delegates when the Chairman so desires. Both
Chairman & Delegate units have recessed volume contrals
for setting desired sound levels
Central Ampliifiar
At the core of the conference system is the Central Amplifier CMA-
5400 which has a bullt-Iin 50W PA Amplifier which allows
additional external speakers to be connected, If required.
Previsión is made for connecting either low impedance speakers,
or 700 / 100Y speakers. The Central Amplifier has Inputs for three
microphones and an aucdilary source.
The Central Amplifler also has a digital mp3 recording cum
playback fadiity. This enables the proceedings of the meeting to
be easly recorded, and allows prerecorded messages / speeches
to bee played back
The Chairman and Delegate Units are housad In compact &
attractive housing, sultable for keeping on Boardroom
18.5" slim arvd flexible goosneck microphone with bright
ring LED Indicator. Highly sensitive unidirectional electret
condenser microphone which can be comfortably shared
by two delegates, if required.
Each microphone Is supplied with a foam windshield which
helps in reducing breath nolse and pop nolse.
Automatic Mic OR funcHon in Delegate Units. Delegate unit
microphone can be set to automatically turn off after
apercedmately 75 seconds, IF not being used. (This feature E
Units are designed to give extremely dear and Intelligible
Headphone output with volume control fs available In each
Priority function In Chalman Unit mates all active delegate
mikxephones ard Is preceded by a chime tone,
Central Amplifier operates on 220-2400 AC mains or 24V car
The Central Amplifier can deliver 50W RMS output to drive
external reinforcement speakers.
— e
— 15
An LED array on the central amplifier can be switched to Indicate
the recording level, or the output level.
Active Bass, Treble, and Master volume controls are provided for
adjusting the level 2: tonal quality of the sound through external
speakers, If connected. A LINE control Is provided to adjust the
sound level In the Chalman & Delegate Unit spealoers.
The Central Amplifier Is housed In a robust metal case and |5
powered from AC mains with automatic change-over facility to
24V DC battery as standby power source,
Three unbalanced Mic Inputs with one Aux Input provided In
the central amplifier for varlous user applications lke
connecting wireless roving Mie, Podium Mid, A/V audio out
Send/Return facility provided In Central Amplifier for
connecting external signal processors lke feedback
destroyer, compressor limiter, graphic equalizer ete. This
facility can be switehed OFF, f not being used.
All the units can be connected in a bus bar armngement with
the help efCB-45 junction bo
Provision Is made to conrvect two separate chains of delegate
units, This allows better performance when large number of
units have to be conneched.
The Central Amplifier CMA-5400 Is provided with two
sets of LINE connectors Le, LINE1 and LINE2
In case of small sloed set-up of upto 20 conference units,
elther LINE! or LINEZ can be used to connect the
conference unitin closed loop.
In case the number of conference units Is mare than 20,
It 1s advisable to split the total no. of units In two groups
and connectone group to LINE1, other group to LINEZ
Each Central Amplifier E supplied with 10m connecting
cable. Each Chalrman & Delegate Unit Is supplied with
Automatic Mic Off Function
The microphone Is automatically switched off after
approximately 75 seconds if a delegate |5 no longer
speaking imto the mk but forgets to switch the mic OFF.
1 When long pause in the speech expected before hand
or the ambient noise level is high, it 1s suggested to
disable this function by placing AUTO MIC SWITCH OFF
switch of Central Amplifier In OFF position.
Priority Function
A priority switch on the Chairman's Unit has been
provided for sesking attention of all the delegates
during à conference. When priority switch is kept
pressed, a chime tone is heard and all the active
delegate microphones get muted, Only the Chairman's
mic remains ON. Priority function gets withdrawn when
the priority switch E released by the Chalman,
Sand /Return Jack
This feature has bean provided In the Central Amplifier
for connecting an external signal processor Ike à
feedback destroyer or à graphic equalizer. These
external signal processors are ideal for those conference
rooms f halls which are prone to feedback and howling
problems. The ecernal processor can be connected to
Send / Return Jack socket of the Central Amplifier
2.5m connecting cable. Additional extension cables are
avallable in different lengths of 5m, 10m and 20m as
optional accessories.
1 Installations with long cable lengths may require
additional power supply and special dc injection boxes.
(For detalls refer to operation manual),
The connection cable for DC Injection Is avallable In
three different lengths CC-55 (25m), CC-56 (50m) &
CC-57 {100m).
through à 4” stereo Jack plug. If the SEND / RETURN
feature Is not belng used, the SEND / RETURN switch on
the rear panel of the central amplifier an be kept In OFF
Each conference unit has à 3.5mm stereo headphone
socket along with a rotary volume control for adjusting
the level of headphone output. The volume level of
headphone Is not affected by the setting of speaker
vialume control of the unit.
1 The central amplifier has a 6.3mm headphone socket
and a separate headphone volume control on the front
Built-in PA Amplifier
In certain situations, addifonal sound reinforcement
through extemal speakers may be required. Hence, the
Central Amplifier has a bulitin 50W PA amplifier for
poweting these extemal speakers,
Built-in Digital Recorder Planar
1 This kE spedally useful for recording the conference
proceadings, or for playing back recorded speeches /
Junction Box
10m acternion able termirated Su abies for conmacting the
with pin forma la plug at one and conference units 1n a bus bar
dad Ear rial: plo del tha othe ll"
Ling Output 1
Line Output à
Power Quipast
Бора ву
S/N Rate
Tone Controls
Preamp Quiput
Line Output
Sand Output
Return Input
Speaker Output
Pomar Hequirentan
Power Consumption
Current Consumption
Mie Auto Switch-Off Time
17.5V DC/3A Mao: -34d8Y (20mV)
17.5V DCRA Max; -34dBY ¿20m
SOW RMS at 29: THD, 90W Max,
IxMic 085m. da 1>xAux 100mWV/470kt2
60-14,000Hz (+ 3dB)
> 50dB
Bass: -10dB at 100Hz, Treble: -10dB at 10kiHz
20m БОК)
191 kia
200m 10k:
40), 81), 16601, 70V & 10
AC: 200-2400, S0/60HZ, DIC 24V {2x1 2¥ Car Battery)
AL Fuse 1x3 Amp , DC Fuse 3x10 Amp
W483 x H119% D325 mm
1% Connection Cable CC-46, 1x Extension Cable CC-47, Tx Fuse 3 Amp, 2 X Fuse 10 Amp,
3dBV/mber (7.5pV/Pa)
< ЭбТА Мах.
Line, Headphone
Мех Inpaurt 300mW
Priority Switch, Talk Switch, Speaker volume Control,
Headphone volume Control
W118 x H70 x D160 mm
1.05 kg (w/o cable)
Foam Windshield, 25m Interconnecting Cable
nalies owing io confess
to rater Air Flic In nr craie € Copy Fak Sn dd io
reproduced ir my ra cr are
Рог further détells plete coro;
-63dB8Y/ubar {7 5mV/Pa)
< 30mA Max,
75 seconds approx.
Line, Headphone
Max Input 300m
Talk Switch, Speaker Volume Control,
Headphone Volume Control
W118 x H70 x D160 mm
1.05 kg (wro cable)
Foam Windshield, 2.5m Interconnecting Cable
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