KIP 700M
KIP 700M
¾ 2 Media Roll Capacity
¾ 1 Advanced integrated auto A2 Size
Paper Cassette to address growing
need for colored/ preprinted media
¾ Integrated Color Scanner with KIP
patented RTT technology
¾ 600 x 1800 DPI (KIP IST)
Definition Printing technology
¾ Single footprint configuration
¾ Rated capacity–60000 m./Annum
¾ ISO-14000 compliant
KIP 700 Precision Design
KIP 700 Paper Versatility
The 700 delivers fast and accurate copies and prints using
toner based imaging technology that produces UV stable
prints. 100% toner efficient KIP High Definition Print
Technology ensures rich blacks and smooth gradients.
Superior print, copy and scan resolution captures fine details
with remarkable tone clarity, keeping reproductions true.
The automated paper loading of the KIP 700 accepts up to
2 - 500 foot rolls of media (2" and 3" cores) up to 36"
Premier Performance & Quality
Smart Eco2 Design
Color Touch Controls
High Definition Print Technology
100% Toner Efficient- Zero Waste
Energy Star Qualified System
Recycled Paper Approved
Components 97% Recyclable
KIP 700 RC Configuration
The KIP 700RC supports the full range of architectural and
engineering print sizes with combined use of its front
loading paper rolls and integrated paper cassette!
The KIP 700RC with integrated paper cassette extends
the range of print sizes that can be produced by the
KIP 700 System Convenience
The compact design of the KIP 700 system provides front
access to the touchscreen, auto rolls paper loading, system
operation & copy/print delivery.
• Walk-Up Convenience
• Auto Media Loading
• Front Print Delivery
• On Screen System & Operator Guides
system without the need to change to a new rolls. The
paper tray address the growing need in North America &
Europe for Prints on colored paper/preprinted formats (not
available in Roll Form) for enhanced appeal.
Printer Specification KIP 700M
Continuous Print Speed
First print time
Warm Up time
Multiple media support
Media Source
Media Types
Hard disc
Printable formats
Operator Interface
Printer Weight
Atmospheric requirements- Temp.
Energy consumption
Energy star type
LED, with KIP HDP printing resulting in zero toner waste Organic Photoconductor
600 x 1800 DPI (KIP IST) 300 Lines per inch
2 A0 per minute
18 seconds (A1 landscape)
Instant from stand by < 4.0min from start up
Print from USB
Automatic 1 roll with media bypass. Optional ( Auto A2 Size Paper Cassette ,Second media roll)
100% Toner Efficiency i.e. no Waste Toner (ISO 14001 compliant)
Bond, Vellum. Translucent Bond, Film (compatible with recycled & colored bond)
1 GB upgradeable to 2 GB
80Gb upgradeable to 250 GB
HPGL/2 formats(.plt,.hpg,.gl2, .000,.rtl,.906,.907,etc.), HPGL formats, HP-RTL formats, Autodesk
DWF (.dwf) Optional Formats Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf)*, Postscript (.ps)*,
Encapsulated Postscript (.eps)* and all other Industry Standard Format
8 inch full colour, long life touch screen for all operations
Real time image preview of all scanning and copying
144kg excluding stand
1 x RJ45 port, CAT5 100/1000mb
10-32 C
15-85% non condensing
Printing Mode 1,500W, Low power mode <30W , Energy star sleep mode 6.34W
EPA Energy Star
Scanner specification
Original feed
Original width
Original thickness
CIS scanner with KIP RTT Technology
600 DPI
Face up
Colour mode
Monochrome – Binary, Greyscale – 4 bit / 8 bit, Colour 24 bit (Color scan optional)
Scanning speed
Monochrome 200 DPI = 180mm/sec, Monochrome 400 DPI = 90mm/sec , Monochrome 600 DPI
= 60mm/sec, Colour 200 DPI = 60mm/sec, Colour 400 DPI = 30mm/sec, Colour 600 DPI =
Mono Copying/Scanning
Input selection
Output selection
Set copy
Edit set
View last job
Recall Last Job
Standalone Function without PC or
RAT Proofing
Line, Line/photo, Photo, Manual, despeckle, background removal
Draft, Normal, Quality
Up to 999 sets of 999 copies, Test set (concurrent print)
Change order, Add image, Delete image, Zoom to view
Recall last job for editing of print parameters and reprinting
Select from predetermined set of stamps
5%-400% in 0.1% increments, Zoom to paper size, A size to A size, A size to b Size, Preset ratio
Recall edit parameters and resubmit
Scan directly to USB Drive, Print Directly from USB Drive
Rodent Proof (Optional)
KIP 7.0 Print Management Software – KIP Web App – CLOUD PRINTING
KIP 7.0 Print Management Software
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