Features PremiSys™ IP Controller

Features PremiSys™ IP Controller
• The IP Controller connects to the PremiSys system components
listed below. A mix of up to 64 of these hardware components,
connected using two ports via two-wire RS-485, is possible.
A maximum of 32 I/O boards can be connected per port:
~~ The Input Board provides 16 supervisable inputs
The IP Controller is an intelligent controller for IDenticard®
PremiSys™ access control. With an onboard Ethernet port
and increased memory, the IP Controller is an access control
solution for any size application, especially installations
requiring many cardholders and generating large amounts
of activity. Once the system databases are loaded into the
controller memory, the IP Controller can perform interface
and management functions without dependence on a host
Communications with the host PC are selectable at the
time of installation: TCP/IP via an onboard Ethernet port,
serial RS-232 or RS-485. Communications with other
system boards such as Input, Output and Reader Boards
are two-wire RS-485. The IP Controller can connect to a
maximum of 64 Reader, Input and Output Boards in any
combination using two-wire RS-485 (4,000 feet / 1219 m
maximum cable length per run). Standard communication
speed is 38,400 baud; however, baud rates are selectable
and range from 2,400 to 115,200, depending on system,
network, computer and other hardware characteristics.
~~ The Output Board provides 16 Form C, SPDT output relays
~~ The multiplexer MUX Board can split one data port on the
controller into eight channels for communication to the other
I/O boards.
~~ The One- or Two-Reader Boards are used with all readers in the
PremiSys system. A maximum of 64 reader ports can be utilized
• The IP Controller itself includes the following components and
~~ A primary port featuring onboard Ethernet
~~ An alternate port for RS-232, RS-485 or a second Ethernet
connection via a Network Card, allowing redundancy to the host
in the event that the primary host-communications link is lost
~~ 16 MB non-volatile flash memory for card and system
information and 1 MB SRAM for transactions and new card
~~ 32 MB SDRAM for system firmware and database storage for the
~~ LEDs to indicate controller status
~~ A DIP switch for Web browser communication to the controller,
for the purpose of configuring the communication parameters
~~ A 3-volt lithium coin cell that provides RAM and clock backup
• The IP Controller is to be housed in a wall-mounted enclosure that
can contain other PremiSys components as well. The IP Controller
can be wired to alert system operators if the enclosure is tampered
with. An optional lock for the enclosure door and an adapter plate
for mounting in the enclosure are available.
• The IP Controller is rated for Class 2 low-voltage applications.
IDenticard®-approved 12 VDC power supplies are available.
A relay on this power supply can be wired to provide a power-loss
alert. Optional backup power can be provided by a 12-volt battery
connected to the power supply.
• Firmware for the IP Controller is FLASH upgradeable.
IP Controller
PremiSys™ IP Controller
Controller Certifications
Options and Accessories
One-Reader Board | PREM-BRD1RDR
This board can connect to one reader and provides two input points and
two relays. The One-Reader Board’s reader port supports connection to ABA
and Wiegand format readers in a wide variety of reader types, including
smart card and biometric readers, as well as keypads.
Two-Reader Board | PREM-BRD2RDR
This board can connect to two readers and provides eight input points and
six relays. The Two-Reader Board’s reader ports support connection to ABA
and Wiegand format readers in a wide variety of reader types, including
smart card and biometric readers, as well as keypads.
Input Board | PREM-BRDIN
One Input Board provides 16 supervised input points and two relays.
Output Board | PREM-BRDOUT
One Output Board provides 16 output relays. Relays typically are used for
door and elevator control as well as for general facility control.
Eight-Channel MUX Board | PREM-BRD8MUX
The MUX Board is a multiplexer that expands a single communications
channel on a controller into multiple data channels for connection to I/O
boards in the system. Common uses are for star-topology wiring
arrangements or home-run wiring.
Large Enclosure | PREM-ENCLG
The Large Enclosure has eight positions available for a controller and/or
other boards and/or power supply.
Small Enclosure | PREM-ENCSM
The Small Enclosure can hold one controller, board or power supply.
PremiSys™ Altronix® Ten-Amp P/S with Eight Isolated Outputs
Power Supply | PREM-PS10ALT
This power supply/controller module is rated at 12 VDC and 10 Amps
supervised (AC & battery). It accepts 115 VAC 60 Hz 1.9 Amp input voltage,
has eight power-limited outputs and is UL Listed for Access Control System
Units (UL 294). This power supply features eight independently controlled
fail-safe and/or fail-secure power outputs.
PremiSys Adapter Plate | PREM-ADAPTPLT
This mounting plate can be used to install one PREM-CTLRIP or two
PREM-BRD1RDR in either of the PremiSys Enclosures.
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UL: UL 294 recognized: Access Control System Units - component
CE Compliant, FCC Part 15 Class A, NIST Certified Encryption
Dimensions and Weight
Controller Width
Controller Height
Controller Depth
Controller Weight
5.0 inches (127 mm)
6.0 inches (152 mm)
1.0 inch (25 mm)
4.1 ounces (115g) (nominal)
Environmental Specifications
Relative Humidity
32°F to 158°F (0°C to 70°C) operating
-67°F to 185°F (-55°C to 85°C) storage
0 to 95% RH noncondensing
Power Specifications
CAUTION! The processor in this component is intended for use only in a Class 2,
low-voltage circuit.
IP Controller Input Voltage 12-24 VDC ± 10%, 300 mA maximum
12 VDC @ 240 mA (325 mA with Network Card) nominal
24 VDC @ 135 mA (175 mA with Network Card) nominal
Memory and Clock Backup Lithium coin cell, 3.0 V, type BR2325, BR2330, CR2330
Wiring Specifications
Power to IP Controller
Primary – Ethernet-to-Host
Port 1 (alternate)
RS-232 or RS-485 to Host
or Ethernet to Host via
separate Network Card
Ports 2 & 3
Alarm Inputs
Twisted pair, 18 AWG (0.823 mm2)
Ethernet: Category 5 cable
RS-232: Twisted pairs, 22 AWG (0.325 mm2), with overall
shield. Maximum cable length: 25 feet (7.6 m)
RS-485: Twisted pairs, 22 AWG (0.325 mm2), with shield,
120 ohms maximum. Maximum cable length: 4000 feet
(1219 m) of wire, total copper, including drops
Ethernet: Category 5 cable via separate Network Card
Twisted pairs, 22 AWG (0.325 mm2), with shield. Maximum
cable length: 4000 feet (1219 m) of wire, total
copper, including drops
Twisted pair, 30 ohms maximum
Communications Specifications
Primary Port
Port 1 (alternate port)
Ports 2 & 3
Ethernet: 10/100 Base-T interface up to 115,200 bps
RS-232: 9600; 19,200; 38,400 or 115,200 bps, or
Ethernet: via separate Network Card, or
Two-wire RS-485: 9600, 19,200 or 38,400 bps
Two-wire RS-485: 2400 to 38,400 bps
Access Control Specifications
Inputs – Dedicated
SRAM Capacity
SDRAM Capacity
Flash Memory Capacity
Two unsupervised, dedicated alarm inputs for enclosure
tamper and power loss
1 MB battery-backed
32 MB
16 MB
6 red, single-color LEDs
2 LEDs for Ethernet connection, one green, one yellow
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