ZO3369 Cleaners Brochure
Zodiac G4®
Genie® Series II
• Top of the range cleaner, suitable for most pool
• Uses Zodiac's unique Cassette Diaphragm
system that is both quiet and easy to clean.
Vinyl lined
• Balance and stability are features of the Zodiac
G4, with the Buoy & Keel working with the
Rudder and Sail to ensure the weight
distribution is just right to cover most areas of
your pool (excluding steps and swim outs).
• The Dual Contact Disc is next generation
technology pioneered by Zodiac. A rigid inner
support system provides strength and structure
for the internal contact pads, which gently pick
up and direct fine debris into the cleaner.
Using leaves and twigs from your skimmer
and leaf catcher as garden mulch will
conserve water.
• There are separate systems for concrete &
smooth surface pools such as Fibreglass or
Tiled, so it is compatible with any in ground
pool surface.
• The Genie® Series II has an automatic water
flow control and skimming valve that fits any
skimmer box.
• The Genie® Series II features the screw in
cassette system and a long-life diaphragm
made with durable material to pick up all
types of debris without constant jamming.
Regular checks of your pipes and equipment
for cracks will save you water and money.
The Zoom® has been developed to meet the
special cleaning needs of steel walled, vinyl lined
pools*. These pools often don’t use large filtering
equipment and the Zoom® is lighter and more
compact to work efficiently from lower suction.
The walls of vinyl lined pools allow debris to fall
to the bottom and Zoom® has been designed to
concentrate on cleaning this area of the pool.
• The Classic® cleans dirt and debris from both
the pool floor and sides.
• The
diaphragm technology to quietly and
efficiently work in your pool. The fluted disc
allows the Classic to move over main drains,
lights and other obstacles.
• This cleaner is the value for money choice for
concrete surface pools. With minimal parts to
service or replace, the Classic will remain a
low maintenance cleaning solution for the
budget conscious pool owner.
• The Zoom® has a special disc and foot designed
to treat your vinyl surface with care.
• It’s easy to install and is compatible with your
existing filtration system.
• There are no nuts, gears, screws or corrodible
parts to replace.
• The large mouth allows Zoom® to pick up
leaves, dirt and sand that other cleaners
often leave behind.
Vinyl lined
steel walled
The Classic® has all the hallmarks of time-worthy
design blended with modern style, ready to win
over a new generation. With Baracuda’s renowned
technological know-how, the Classic® looks every
bit as eye-catching as it did when it celebrated
its debut.
The exclusive Baracuda diaphragm technology
that is on the Genie® Series II, has been helping
pool owners keep their pools sparkling clean for
many years. Baracuda improved its diaphragm
technology by enclosing it in a cassette to
facilitate easier removal for maintenance and
cleaning. It also improved suction power on
the pools surface.
The ultimate in pool cleaning, designed to give
you more time in your pool and less time working
on it. The Zodiac G4 harnesses the best in Zodiac
nautical know-how, working efficiently and quietly
to give you a sparkling clean pool.
Pool blankets reduce the effects of losing
chlorine and water through evaporation
*Zoom® has been designed to work with typical above ground
pool filtration equipment please consult your local pool shop
or builder to ensure Zoom® will work in your pool.
Only backwash your filter to the point where
you see clear water - don’t flush away excess
water, chemicals and money.
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