Page 1 Quick Installation Guide Tenda [1

Page 1 Quick Installation Guide Tenda [1
 7 Connecting Your Wireless Router
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Telaphone Cats
Wireless Broadband Router
Telephone Cable T Pi Elhernei Cable Ethernet Cable
Before you begin, make sure your computer and modem are
turned off. If you're using Static IP, Dynamic IP or PPPoA other
than PPPoE to access Internet, refer to the user manual.
A. Connect one endofthe telephone cable to the DSL port on your modem and the
other end of the cable into the spliter;
B. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to RJ45 port of your modem and attach the
other end to the WAN port of the Tenda Router;
C.Connect the new cable (not provided in the box) to one of the 4 LAN on the Tenda
Router, and plug the other end into your computer;
D. Complete the process by connecting the power adapter to the Power input of your
modem, and plug the other end into a wall outlet. Do the same proceedure to
power up the Tenda Router.
L Configuring Your Wireless Router
This product can be set up through both Easy-Web Setup and CD Setup Wizard.
1) Easy-Web Setup: This option is the easiest.The world's most intuitive Utility Interface
guides you to compete setup in minute.
A. Open your web browser, it detects connection automatically. Otherwise enter
“" show below;
Windows Internet Sulla ry
B. After logging in, you will see the Basic Setup window below;
Access to the Internet
Enter account and password
| given by your Internet Service
comes Mets ADS Din DHCP la Provider(lSP). |
aos AER | = e
7 | | Annan Pamwordt [YA 0 я oy
3.Click "OK" to finish. other access methods 2.5et up your wireless security |
—_— === Wireless encryption FE key that shall be 8-character. |
> | Password: (ESTENT—— een) |
—[ | | tion
C. You're now connected to the Internet!
2) CD Setup Wizard:
A. Insert the Tenda CD into the CD-ROM drive of your PC. The CD will automatically
start. If the CD does not run automatically. Browse the CD and double-click on Setup;
B. Click " Configure "to continue;
You nésd only a computar mo aun da
dubeió lo combguía, 1 pou want
another de Men Compu lo Arata
ha imamet, please sat the computar
P side es oblea an IP address
Someta, TF vou are roi ces
shoul how to configura, plegsa click
6 в “Leer Guide” bution ond dolio me
ésiruchors à fe vsër manual Tha
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C. And now you will be prompted with the Basic Setup window below;
Access to the Internet
- “E
| 1.Enter account and password |
— given by your Internet Service
Poco Made ADSL Dok) DHCP E a Provider[ISP). |
amt] | == - d
раны, | Aros Pasen] |
3.Click "OK” to finish. | other access methods
— — Wireless encryption
| 2,5et up your wireless security
— key that shall be 8-character.
Te | Passmerd: [TI098BTH IH characlere) =="
la М
—— eu
D. You're now connected to the Internet!
/N Note:
For additional settings, click the Advanced tab on the Basic
Setup page.
3) Connecting to the wireless network
1)Under Window 7
A. Click Network on the right end of the taskbar to search your SSID;
The default SSID is shown as Tenda-XXXXXX ( The last écharacter of the MAC |
address of your router, which can be found at the bottom of the router);
B. Locate the SSID and connect;
Cpe Siena sad Shades Cante
C. After connecting to the SSID, continue the process by following the onscreen
Type the network security key
Security key: ET
| Hide characters
[ox J [ comet |
D. You're now authorized to access the Internet wirelessly.
Current Sééréecter le: %
Flo inlerre scress
Araleza Hehvork Connection: Ll
fenda Conectar all 7
2)Under Window XP
A. Right click My Network Places on your PC and select Properties;
Search kr Compilar
Hap Aaa Drive
Ciwcan react Ketwork Crise Е
Creurie Sraricui
Fanaa ms
—— N —
B.Right click Wireless Network Connection and select View Avaiblable Wireless
| Bridge Connections
Creais Shortout
C. Select your SSID to connect;
D. After connecting to the SSID, continue the process by following the onsreen
Е: НИМ я ar
A ag a
- EE Te a dire =
Coment) (Conca J
E. You're now accessing to wireless network.
(las) Tenda Connected *
À Sscurii dal
curity iwork(WPAJ pill
(4 Problem shootings
Forget the password for login to the router, what should | do?
Answer: In this case, you'll have to restore the router's settings to factory default or reset the
router. Press and hold the reset button located on the back panel of the router when it
is powered on, for over five seconds until the SYS indicator goes off, which indicates
successful reset.
Note: After resetting, the entire router' settings will be cleared and you need to re-
configure it.
My notebook computer is able to search for the signal but fails to
connect to the router, why?
O Make sure the name of the wireless network you are connecting matches with the
wireless router's SSID.
@ Check the wireless signal strength, if it is weak, please re-locate the router or try to
connect in a nearer place.
© Ifthe wireless router is encrypted, make sure the wireless adapter's encryption settings
match with that of the wireless router.
O Delete the previous wireless configuration files from your computer and re-connect.
O Inquire the manufacturer of your notebook computer or wireless adapter, and follow
the related instructions to configure the router and establish connection.
My notebook computer can not scan the wireless signals, why?
Answer: Please check the following aspects respectively.
O If your notebook has a built-in wireless adapter, please make sure the wireless is
@ Make sure the wireless adapter is enabled. Right click “My Computer” and select
“Properties”-"Hardware”-"Device Manager”. On the device list, a red cross before the
wireless adapter means the adapter is not enabled, so please right click the adapter
and select “Enable”. However, if the wireless adapter is not found, please right click
any icon and select “Scan for hardware changes” or re-install the wireless adapter
(steps under Windows XP).
O Check whether the notebook's wireless service is enabled: Right click” My Computer”
and select” Manage”-"Services and Applications” and then view the status of
"Wireless Zero Configuration” on the “Services” screen. If the service is not started,
please right click "Wireless Zero Configuration” and select “Start”. If the startup type
displays” Disabled”, please right click it and select “Properties” and change the startup
type to automatic, and then change the status to “started”.
Check whether the wireless routers wireless and broadcast SSID is enabled.
Search for the signal in a nearer place to avoid signal reduction. After doing so, if you
are still unable to scan the signal, please try other wireless adapters to see if they can
connect to the wireless router, if can't, please restore the router to factory default and
Technical Support
You can find software updates and user manual on the Tenda website
Customers can contact Tenda technical support through eur email or by phone.
Phone: + 86 755 2765 7180
Monday to Friday 8:30am to 12:00pm, 1:30pm to 6:00pm
Saturday: 8:30am to 12:00pm;China Time (UTC+08:00)
TENDA is Ive registered irademark of Shenzhen Tenda Technology Ca, Lid, All the products and product names mentioned herein are tha
trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. © 2007 TENDA All Righis Reserved,
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