StoreSafe Pro II - 123 Security Products

StoreSafe Pro II - 123 Security Products
Video Surveillance
StoreSafe Digital Video Recorders
Standard Features
The StoreSafe Pro II captures high-quality images and includes
a built-in CD-R for transferring video evidence.
• Multiplexer functionality with built-in digital recording
StoreSafe Pro II packs security features that appeal to everyone
from the small retail store owner to the manager of a campus
or bank.
Start with a reliable multiplexer that offers Triplex functionality—
simultaneous recording, playback, and live screen viewing. Add
the ability to store high-quality color images from a few hours to
more than three years, depending on the setting, using
advanced WaveJet compression. Include must-have features
like a built-in CD drive for archiving and sharing evidence,
motion detection, programmable search, and an easy-to-use
interface, and you have the StoreSafe Pro II.
With the StoreSafe Pro II, you can search recorded video images
by time, date, alarm, video loss, or camera number. Or use the
available retail search to find video that corresponds to
predefined product names or categories.
Any time an alarm is triggered, the StoreSafe Pro II can run a
macro, trip an output relay, increase record speed so no details
are missed, and add a buffer for pre-alarm, pre-event, and postevent recording.
StoreSafe Pro II also allows remote programming and control for
increased flexibility.
From small business to large commercial applications,
StoreSafe Pro II provides an affordable solution to most security
needs with a comprehensive feature set and high-quality
digital images.
StoreSafe Pro II
Digital video recorder with
WaveJet™ compression
• Advanced video compression doubles the recording capacity
compared to previous models
• Records up to 60 pictures per second for up to 16 cameras
• Built-in CD-R for saving video evidence to a PC-compatible CD
• Simultaneous recording, playback, and live multiscreen
• Available ProBridge interface associates POS/ATM or serial
device text with recorded video
• Remote programming and control through the RS-232 and
Ethernet ports
North America
T 503-885-5700
T 852-2907-8108
F 852-2142-5063
• Video format: NTSC
• Video signal input: AGC, 0.5 to 2.0 V p-p
• Video signal output: 1 V p-p into 75 ohm
• Colors: YUV 4:2:2, 16.8 million colors
• Grayscale: 256 levels
• Horizontal resolution: 720 pixels
• Vertical resolution: 484 TVL
• Hard drive: 80, 160, 320, and 600GB options
• Record speed: Selectable; 60 pps to 0.125 pps;
event, time lapse, or both
• Compression: WaveJet™ (modified Wavelet)
T 61-3-9259-4700
F 61-3-9259-4799
T 32-2-725-11-20
F 32-2-721-40-47
Latin America
T 305-593-4301
F 305-593-4300
Specifications subject to change
without notice.
©2008 General Electric Company
All Rights Reserved
• Alarm inputs: 4, 10, or 16 (1 per camera)
fixed or N/O
• Alarm outputs: Two form-C relays, fixed
N/O; rated 0.5 A
• Alarm latching: 3 settings–latched, transparent,
timed-out; programmable 1 to 100 sec.
• Alarm recording: Programmable priority
control: interleaved or exclusive
• Alarm displays: Full screen
Video Motion and Activity Detection
• Zones per camera: 256, 16 x 16 grid
• Sensitivity settings: 10 levels
• Gray levels per zone: 256 levels
• False alarm rejection processing: 3 levels
• Size discrimination: 256 levels
• Status output: Link to relay
• Archive device type: Internal CD-R drive
• Composite video in: 4, 10, or 16 looping BNC
connectors, autoterminating
• Composite video out: BNC (2)
• 10/100 Ethernet port: RJ-45
• RS-232 port 1: DB-9 male connector
• RS-232 port 2: RJ-45
• RS-485 port: 2 looping RJ-45 connectors
• Alarm I/O port: DB-25 PCB connector supplied
• Input voltage: 12 VDC, 90 V to 264 V; adapter
• Power: 35 W nominal
Environmental and Physical
• Operating temperature: 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
• Relative humidity: 90%, noncondensing
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 13.0 x 3.5 x 13.5 in.
(330 x 89 x 343 mm)
• Weight: 21 lb. (9.53 kg)
Ordering Information
4-channel StoreSafe Pro II, 80GB HD
4-channel StoreSafe Pro II, 160GB HD
4-channel StoreSafe Pro II, 320GB HD
10-channel StoreSafe Pro II, 80GB HD
10-channel StoreSafe Pro II, 160GB HD
10-channel StoreSafe Pro II, 320GB HD
10-channel StoreSafe Pro II, 600GB HD
16-channel StoreSafe Pro II, 80GB HD
16-channel StoreSafe Pro II, 160GB HD
16-channel StoreSafe Pro II, 320GB HD
16-channel StoreSafe Pro II, 600GB HD
Rack-mount ears
466-38A 2008/04 (53425)
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