WR-5881 - Comtrend

WR-5881 - Comtrend
Wireles-N Broadband Router
Quick Installation Guide
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A. Package Contents
Before starting to use this router, please check if there’s anything missing in
the package, and contact your place of purchase to claim missing items:
•Driver/Utility/QIG/User Manual CD-ROM (1)
•Broadband Router (2)
•Ethernet cable (3)
•Printed QIG (4)
WR-5881 & WR-5882
Wireless-N Broadband Router
B. Installation
Please follow the instructions to setup the Comtrend wireless router:
1.Connect your xDSL / cable modem to the WAN port of the router by Ethernet
Cable Modem
2.Connect your computers and network devices (network-enabled consumer
devices other than computers, like game consoles, or a switch / hub) to an
available LAN port of the router.
Switch / Hub
Cable Modem
3.Connect the A/C power adapter to the wall socket, and then connect it to the
Power socket of the router.
AC Power
Switch / Hub
Cable Modem
Please check all LEDs on the front panel. The Power LED should be steadily on,
WAN and LAN LEDs should be on if the computer / network devices connected
to the respective port of the router are powered on and correctly connected.
If the Power LED is still off and you’re sure that all cable connections are
connected properly, please contact your place of purchase for assistance.
C. Network Setup
A computer with a wired Ethernet connection to the wireless router is
recommended for first-time setup and configuration.
1. From the Network Connections
window, open Local Area Connection
(You may also access this screen by
double-clicking the Local Area
Connection icon in your taskbar).
Click the Properties button.
2. The Local Area Connection
Properties window will appear. Select
Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), then click
3. Select ‘Obtain an IP address
automatically’ and ‘Obtain DNS server
address automatically’, then click ‘OK’.
4. Start your web browser and input
the IP address ( of
the wireless router in the address bar,
and the following window should be
shown. Please input the user name
and password (by default, both are
admin), then click ‘OK’ to access the
web management interface of the
wireless router.
Default user name: admin
Default password: admin
5. Once logged in, you will need to go
through the Quick Setup process.
Select the time zone of the area in
which you live, then click ‘Next’.
6. Select your broadband type, then
click ‘Next’.
Note: the two most common types of
broadband types will be either DHCP
Connection, or PPPoE.
7. Input the Internet connection
parameters, using the values provided
by your Internet Service Provider.
Click ‘OK’ when you are finished.
(The content of this page will vary
depending on the connection method
you selected in step 6)
8. Click ‘Apply’.
9. When you see this message, the
router will be ready with new settings
within 60 seconds.
10. You should now be able to access the Internet. If you have any problems, repeat
section C of this guide or visit www.comtrend.com for assistance.
For instructions on advanced settings and wireless network setup, please refer to the
user manual on the CD-ROM included in the box.
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