NetVu ObserVer v1.8 Product Announcement

NetVu ObserVer v1.8 Product Announcement
Product: NetVu ObserVer
Date: 30/11/2007
Dedicated Micros releases
NetVu ObserVer 1.8
Dedicated Micros is proud to release an updated version of NetVu ObserVer – v1.8.
Alongside existing features such as a Map interface, RVRC support, site trees and a drag and
drop camera function , the update includes a number of important enhancements designed to
compliment existing features - these include; exporting video to AVI, a video review bar in the
replay server, enhanced smart search interface features and Google Earth integration.
NetVu ObserVer is included as standard with all NetVu Connected products and is available
as a FREE download from the Dedicated Micros website at
Export Video to AVI format
NetVu ObserVer is now able to export video that has been downloaded or locally recorded, as an AVI file. This enables customers to provide
a simple file that can be played on any PC with standard media players and most DVD players.
New Multiscreen layouts for Widescreen monitors
Now able to support both 4:3 and 16:9 formatted windows allowing the addition of: 6 way - 3x2, 12 way - 4x3 and 24 way - 6x4 format layouts
for viewing cameras.
Copy images to Clipboard for use in other Applications
The familiar PC ‘copy and paste’ mechanism is now supported. By right clicking on a paused image a simple copy command can be initiated,
making the export of a snapshot image responsive to the situation. Now the image can be quickly emailed or copied into any other document
to enable incidents and individuals to be identified quickly.
Create Pdf reports with Images, data and comments for evidential use
A new feature has been added that enables a PDF report to be produced as an evidential record of an incident. This is automatically time and
date stamped and any image data attached is also added. The facility is also provided for the operator to document the incident with
comments before the PDF is created and saved.
New Video Review bar for frame by frame viewing of downloaded video
A new video review bar has been added to the replay function to enable quick navigation, frame by frame of downloaded video. By clicking on
the bar it is possible to move immediately to a new location in the recorded video file.
Google Earth Integration
For TransVu users, Google Earth integration enables customers to track and display vehicle positions using the Google Earth package, when
the TransVu is integrated with a GPS system. This simple and zero cost method, enables both a map and graphical display making it simpler
for Operations Managers to understand the location of their vehicles. Whether this is for route monitoring purposes or for incident
management this enhances the manager’s view of the situation enabling them to make better decisions faster.
Connect Live on Remote alarm option
NetVu ObserVer allows camera connections, made through the EDP, as a response to an alarm to be made as a Live connection instead of
playing from the time of the incident. This enables central stations that prefer to view what is happening now, rather than the initial trigger for
the incident to do so. If the incident then needs to be reviewed, it can be selected and will replay video from that point.
Enhanced Smart Activity Search
The Smart Search facility has now been enhanced so that multiple areas can be selected in the screen and an easier user interface defined
Resumed video download over low bandwidth / high latency links
The operation of video download over links with long latency or drop outs has been enhanced to ensure that even if the link stops for periods
of time, the download will resume once the link is re-established.
Preset sequence operation
Preset sequences can now be run from ObserVer, enabling customers to review multiple servers or screen displays in sequence.
Supported Products
NetVu ObserVer remotely controls the following NetVu Connected products; The new DS2, DV-IP ATM, DV-IP Server, Eco9, Eco16, TransVu,
TransVu Media, BX2, DV-IP Encoder / Codec, DV-IP RT, CamVu2000, SD Range, NetVu Console, DS Server and IP Dome.
NetVu ObserVer is included as standard with all NetVu Connected products and is available as a free download from the
Dedicated Micros website;
Contact customer services in your region for more information.
Further Information
NetVu ObserVer datasheet: Visit here
NetVu ObserVer overview presentation: Visit here
Contact Us
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