ULTIMa - Revel speakers
SUB 30
Owning Revel® speakers
is a pleasurable experience for both
ears and eyes. Learning about the
finer details of their design and
construction will deepen your
appreciation of their lasting value.
The World’s Best Loudspeakers.
ble technical pedigree, thanks in
Hailed by critical audiophiles and
part to Revel’s sophisticated labo-
reviewers alike, Revel’s Ultima
ratory listening technique that —
Series sets the standard in
for the first time — provides an
state-of-the-art speakers.
accurate correlation between
Optimized to provide superior
speaker measurements and sonic
acoustical honesty with stereo
performance. Though laboratory
and multi-channel music as well
measurements are critical, human
as surround sound movie sound-
hearing is the ultimate evaluation
tracks, the Ultima speaker
tool. Revel’s Multi-Channel
family combines stunning visual
Listening Lab (MLL) represents the
aesthetics with incredible aural
industry’s most sophisticated
performance for the ultimate
speaker listening facility, allowing
audio experience. Revel’s world-
speakers to be compared as
class team of designers and engi-
single speakers, stereo pairs, or
neers have created the industry’s
multiple speaker groups. Revel’s
reference standard speaker
tests are based on extensive real-
range, providing unparalleled
world listening in five different
musical accuracy and incredible
environments that simulate a wide
dynamic authority.
range of residential settings and
room sizes.
The MLL facility features a
The Ultima Series offers truly supe-
remarkable, exclusive computer-
rior sound quality and incompara-
controlled speaker switching stage
that eliminates the problems asso-
order prior to the test.
ciated with speaker placement and
aural memory variables. Loud-
speakers are placed on computer-
While few speaker companies have
controlled, movable platforms that
access to one, Revel has three dif-
can quickly be arranged during
ferent anechoic (echo-free) cham-
testing. As a result, the speaker
bers. Unlike most other companies,
repositioning process takes only a
Revel does not depend on elec-
few seconds, allowing listeners to
tronic anechoic “simulator” testing
quickly and accurately compare
methods that often fail to reveal
speakers to each other from the
critical performance flaws such as
same room position and with mini-
resonances. Revel’s anechoic
mal time in between models.
chambers are state-of-the-art in
All tests are conducted “dou- design, allowing for accurate and
ble-blind.” Once the speakers are
useful speaker measurements of
installed on the MLL platforms, an
complete speaker models and indi-
acoustically transparent but visually vidual driver elements.
opaque veil obscures speaker identities from the listening panelists to
prevent human bias from tainting
Most speaker manufacturers
the results. Even the computer
outsource their transducers, pur-
operator is not aware of the speak-
chasing off-the-shelf tweeters,
er identities, as the computer ran-
midranges, and woofers from
domly determines the listening
vendors. But Revel speakers fea-
ture a proprietary transducer
tering diaphragms (the spider) also
design found in no other compa-
benefit from FEA scrutiny in the
ny’s products. These transducers
design process.
are exclusively designed, engi-
An in-house Stereo Lithog-
neered, and manufactured for
raphy Apparatus (SLA) is used
Revel speakers.
during development to help assure
Revel engineers use
very tight tolerances. The SLA uti-
Computer Aided Design software
lizes a high-power laser to precisely
(CAD) to design transducers that
solidify a liquid polymer into the
are optimized for each Revel
3-dimensional shapes specified in
model. A powerful Finite Element
CAD drawings.
Analysis (FEA) system provides a
During development, Revel
comprehensive computer simula-
also uses the industry’s most
tion of the entire driver assembly,
sophisticated driver distortion ana-
allowing engineers to optimize
lyzer to pinpoint the precise source
every aspect of a transducer
and location of undesirable distor-
assembly. FEA produces precise
tions within the driver assembly. In
models of the drivers magnetic
addition, a high-resolution Laser
system, which is used to optimize
Interferometer laser scans the
the electro-magnetic circuits for
entire radiating surface of the driv-
each transducer according to the
er for evidence of breakup, which
individual driver’s application.
occurs when the radiating surface
Transducer components such as
flexes undesirably. This incredible
cones, domes, surrounds and cen-
tool helps Revel drivers to achieve
more linear pistonic behavior and
chamber, then compared to pro-
near-perfect pistonic accuracy,
duction reference standards. But
delivering minimal coloration and
even with the tightest production
exceptionally low distortion.
tolerances, slight deviations might
The Laser Interferometer
still occur from one speaker to the
also contributes to the design of
next. To prevent this, a technician
the speaker cabinet. To avoid
compares each speaker to the ref-
undesirable coloration, the cabinet
erence standard, making careful
enclosure must not cause unwant-
adjustments as needed. All tuning
ed resonances. Laser scanning the
adjustments and specifications are
speaker enclosure allows for opti-
then recorded and retained for
mization of the cabinet design,
archive purposes, referenced to the
including proper placement of
speaker’s serial number.
internal bracing to create an
This careful attention to
acoustically inert enclosure con-
detail allows Revel to achieve
ducive to the most neutral and
unparalleled consistency among all
honest musical reproduction.
speakers, alleviating the need for
Prior to installation in the
matched pairs. Instead, all Revel
speaker enclosure, each speaker
speakers are matched within a
driver complement, baffle, and
fraction of a decibel to achieve
associated crossover elements are
superior soundstage imaging and
subjected to rigorous testing as a
accuracy. In the unlikely event that
complete sub-assembly. Com-
a transducer needs to be replaced,
ponents are tested in an anechoic
specific production records
for each individual speaker allow
advanced design, careful manufac-
installation and replacement that
turing, unbeatable audio perform-
is a match to the original. Each pair
ance, and handsome aesthetics.
of Ultima speakers sounds the
Individually, each Ultima speaker
same as the original reference pair
is a standout performer that prom-
as well as the speakers that have
ises to deliver a performance as
won accolades from reviewers
powerful as it is precise. The fol-
around the world.
lowing pages detail the unique
Physically separated circuit
design, engineering, and perform-
boards for each frequency range
ance capabilities of each Ultima
prevent degrading mutual interfer-
speaker model.
ence caused by component-tocomponent interaction. The result
is distinctly more transparent and
distortion-free sound reproduction.
With the premiere of the
Ultima Series, Revel earned a reputation for manufacturing “the
world’s finest speakers.” Since
then, Revel speakers have won
accolades from discerning audiophiles and critical reviewers alike.
Collectively, the Ultima Series offers
an impressive combination of
Shown in
Heather Gray
Side Panels
A technological tour de force.
Deep bass response is detailed,
Unprecedented acoustical honesty. powerful and authoritative,
Hailed by audiophile critics and
extending all the way down to the
music lovers alike as the world’s
lowest bass registers with an in-
best loudspeaker, Revel’s flagship
room low frequency extension of
Salon high-performance speaker
16Hz. Remarkable, as some well-
system defines the state-of-the-
regarded dedicated subwoofers
art. Created with the immense
don’t provide this level of low bass
technological resources of one of
the world’s largest audio compa-
The critical bass-to-mid-range
nies, Salon combines cutting-edge
transition is handled by a unique
engineering and manufacturing
mid-woofer, a 6 1⁄2-inch mid-bass
expertise along with elegant and
transducer that is housed in its
sophisticated visual design.
own separate sub-enclosure within
Created from the ground
the lower enclosure. Essentially a
up, the Salon is endowed with
slightly smaller version of the
seven proprietary high-perform-
Salon’s 8-inch woofers, this driver
ance drivers, which in concert pro-
provides a seamless blend over the
vide true full-range response to
critical upper-bass to lower-mid-
reach below and above the limits
range band, eliminating any possi-
of human hearing. Low frequen-
ble mid-range coloration associated
cies are reproduced by a trio of
with wide-range woofers.
8-inch woofers, which feature
In the upper enclosure, the
multi-layer mica and carbon-filled
important mid-range frequencies
co-polymer inverted domes that
are faithfully reproduced by a
are truly pistonic over their
4-inch high-performance driver
assigned frequency range. The use
that is endowed with a high-per-
of multiple smaller drivers, instead
formance neodymium magnetic
of a single larger unit, assures deep motor system. It is equipped with
and accurate bass reproduction,
an inverted titanium dome which
while allowing a more desirable
is both very stiff as well as very
narrow cabinet width. Equipped
light, providing true linear pistonic
with sophisticated magnetic motor
performance over its operating
structures, the woofers feature
frequency range along with free-
large edge-wound voice coils,
dom from dynamic compression.
double spider voice coil centering
High frequencies are
systems, and copper shorting rings
effortlessly reproduced by the pri-
for truly linear pistonic behavior
mary 1.1-inch aluminum alloy
and freedom from dynamic com-
dome tweeter, a proprietary unit
pression at elevated volume levels.
that provides shimmering high-fre-
Rear Panel
Shown in
Heather Gray
Side Panels
quency response to above 30kHz.
A smaller ⁄4-inch rear-mounted
wiring and bi-amping capability.
To ensure the utmost unit-
tweeter provides additional high-
to-unit production consistency,
frequency augmentation, optimiz-
and to be certain that each Salon
ing the in-room response and
is virtually identical to the original
imparting a smooth and airy quali-
design prototype, each comple-
ty over the treble range. Three
ment of Salon drivers and
high-frequency tuning controls
crossover dividing networks is
provide for proper in-room balanc- hand-tuned to within a fraction
ing according to each listening
of a decibel of the production ref-
room’s particular acoustics, and each
erence standard. This eliminates
control features precision 0.5dB
the need for speaker pair match-
increments via multiple fixed resis-
ing and provides the industry’s
tors for optimum tuning accuracy.
tightest and most uniform pro-
Revel research into cross-
duction quality. Each Salon speak-
over designs found that low-
er sounds almost identical to the
order, slow-slope dividing net-
final design prototype, and is
works cannot sufficiently control
equally matched to the Salon
out-of-band energy from coloring
reviewer samples that have been
the overall sound quality. Salon
praised by audiophile critics.
features four physically separated
Salon’s elegantly styled
dividing networks featuring a
cabinetry has been carefully
total of 41 elements, providing
designed and manufactured to
high-order, sharp-slope character- ensure complete freedom from
istics. The use of physically sepa-
enclosure-induced colorations,
rated crossover boards is
and is sculpted with radiused
necessary due to the large mag-
edges at critical points to ensure
netic fields that are created by
optimum dispersion from the
inductors in the crossover. Two
upper-range drivers. A painstak-
inductors in close proximity con-
ing multi-stage finishing process
stitutes a transformer, and in a
includes eight coats of
dividing network where inductors
polyurethane primers, multiple
are too close to one another,
hand sanding and wet sanding
audible distortion is inevitable as
steps, three separate coats of
out-of-band information colors
color paint, finished with two
the contribution from the individ-
additional clear coat layers and
ual drivers. Salon’s physically sep-
additional hand polishing. The
arated crossover boards eliminate
result is a glistening patina with
these damaging colorations. The
vibrantly rich color and mirror-like
Salon is also equipped with bi-
smoothness, free of typical paint-
ed surface imperfections.
See page 22 for cabinet finish options.
Shown in
Heather Gray
Side Panels
Engineered to the same exacting
pistonic over the entire multi-
high standards as Revel’s reigning
octave operating range. A front-
Salon speaker, the Studio high-
mounted 1.1-inch aluminum
performance speaker system pro-
alloy dome tweeter is specially
vides incomparable acoustic
engineered to provide true piston-
accuracy and musical honesty, in
ic operation through the entire
an elegantly designed enclosure
high-frequency spectrum to well
that suits smaller listening spaces.
beyond 30kHz, providing shim-
A three-way design, the Studio
mering high-frequency detail and
features two separate acoustically
crystalline clarity. A secondary
inert sub-enclosures, one for the
⁄4-inch rear-mounted alloy dome
lower registers and another for the tweeter augments the contribumid-range and treble frequencies,
tion from the front-mounted
that ensure complete freedom
driver, optimizing the in-room
from cabinet-induced colorations.
response, with adjustments
Low frequencies are effortlessly
provided for in-room tuning and
reproduced by a pair of state-of-
the-art 8-inch woofers, which fea-
The dividing network, fea-
ture composite mica/carbon fiber
turing high-order sharp-slope
inverted domes for true pistonic
crossovers, is physically separated
accuracy over their entire operat-
(one circuit board for each of the
ing bandwidth. High-precision
three frequency ranges). As with
edge-wound voice coils and
all Revel speakers, each Studio’s
numerous proprietary design
complement of drivers and
details in the powerful magnetic
crossovers is individually hand-
motor structure contribute to the
tuned at the factory, calibrated to
Studio’s deep and detailed bass
within a fraction of a decibel,
response and exemplary wide
compared to the production refer-
dynamic range and freedom from
ence standard.
dynamic compression.
The lower enclosure is sup-
The upper enclosure houses plied with a sheer convex grille,
the Studio’s midrange and tweet-
and a matching optional grille is
ers, and is carefully sculpted to
available for the upper enclosure.
optimize dispersion for optimum
See page 22 for cabinet finish
soundstaging clarity and wide lis-
tening area coverage. The 51⁄4inch midrange driver features a
substantial 2-inch edge-wound
voice coil, along with an inverted
titanium dome that is completely
Shown in
Heather Gray
with optional
Providing big loudspeaker sound
Inside, the sharp-slope
in an elegant compact cabinet,
high-order dividing network fea-
the Gem incorporates Revel’s cut-
tures two separate crossover
ting-edge technology to provide
boards, to prevent the distortion
musically honest and accurate
caused by proximity-induced
reproduction along with incredible
component interaction. And,
dynamic range. Featuring Revel’s
Revel’s incomparable attention to
proprietary driver technologies,
manufacturing tolerances further
the Gem is equipped with dual
assures that each Gem is a dupli-
5-inch inverted titanium dome
cate of all others, including the
woofers that feature substantial
production reference standard, by
2-inch edge-wound voice coils
individually fine tuning each and
for generous power handling
every unit to match within a frac-
capability and wide-operating fre-
tion of a decibel. This obviates the
quency range. These remarkable
need for matched pairs, and pro-
drivers are simply smaller versions
vides unparalleled unit-to-unit
of their larger cousins found on
other Ultima speaker models,
At home in two-channel
providing all of the same benefits,
stereophonic music systems as well
including low distortion, wide
as multi-channel music and home
dynamic range, freedom from
theater systems, the Gem offers
dynamic compression and opti-
remarkable clarity and expansive
mized dispersion characteristics.
soundstaging in an elegant com-
High frequencies are delicately
pact enclosure. The acoustically
reproduced by the front-mounted
inert cabinetry is exquisitely styled
1.1-inch coated textile dome
with a narrow footprint for opti-
tweeter, which is augmented by
mum placement flexibility and fea-
another rear-mounted 3⁄4-inch
tures a convex sheer grille that
dome tweeter for optimum in-
complements the enclosure’s ele-
room response. These drivers
gant lines.
have substantial power handling
The enclosure is supplied
capabilities, to prevent the tonal
with a sheer convex grille. See
discolorations caused by dynamic
page 22 for cabinet finish options.
compression during high-volume
Optional pedestals are
passages. The result is an expan-
available that elevate and accentu-
sive yet detailed sound quality,
ate the Gem, and are offered with
yielding truly impressive sound-
a Matte Black pedestal and a base
staging from such a compact
that matches the side panels.
Shown in
Heather Gray
with optional
The role of the center channel
Three different boundary com-
loudspeaker is to provide the
pensation adjustments are
acoustical “anchor” to the on-
provided to allow correct timbral
screen dialog, music, and sound
balance for virtually any place-
effects, and to match the sound
ment possibility. With the Voice,
quality of the left and right front
the correct tonal balance between
loudspeakers. Seems simple
all three front speakers can be
enough, until you consider that
evenly matched in any home the-
home theater systems vary widely
ater setup, resulting in dramatical-
in where and how the center
ly improved soundstaging and
channel speaker is physically
imaging accuracy. As with all
placed. Front projection systems
Ultima range speakers, these pro-
might have the center speaker
prietary drivers are specially
placed below or even behind the
designed for incredible dynamic
screen, while other installations
range capability, preventing
might find the center speaker
dynamic compression from alter-
flush-mounted in the wall or
ing the timbral balance during
placed above the video monitor.
musical crescendo peaks and
As each different placement
explosive movie soundtracks.
option affects the resulting sound
As with other Revel speak-
quality, obtaining a correct
ers, each Voice is individually cali-
acoustical match with the left and
brated during manufacture,
right front speakers in every
matching the production refer-
instance becomes difficult, if not
ence standard to within a fraction
impossible. Unless the three front
of a decibel. Internally, the high-
speakers have very similar tonal
order, sharp-slope crossover fea-
balances, achieving a smooth,
tures three physically separated
accurate and even blend across
circuit boards, preventing the
the entire front soundstage just
mutual interference between cir-
isn’t achievable.
cuit elements that degrades fideli-
The Voice is the first center
channel speaker designed specifi-
ty and introduces distortion.
An elegant, optional
cally to address this problem.
pedestal is available for situations
Featuring two 8-inch inverted
where floor-mounting the Voice is
dome woofers and one 4-inch
inverted dome midrange, along
with a 1.1-inch dome tweeter, the
Voice provides a uniform, timbrematched dispersion that covers a
wide audience listening area.
See page 22 for cabinet finish options.
Pair shown in
Matte Black
with and
without grille
The diffuse and enveloping sur-
processors, and an enclosure-
round sound field of a commer-
mounted switch allows manual
cial movie theater is the result of
selection of either mode.
the combined output of many
Featuring Revel’s propri-
surround speakers placed at the
etary driver technology, the
sides and rear of the audience
Embrace is outfitted with an 8-
seating area. In the much smaller
inch woofer equipped with a
residential home theater space, it
composite carbon-filled mica
isn’t practical to use many sur-
cone, along with two 4-inch
round speakers to replicate this
inverted titanium cone midrange
effect. The Embrace surround
drivers, and a pair of three-layer
speaker features a unique dual-
coated textile dome tweeters.
dispersion capability, which pro-
Since no two listening rooms are
vides for the first time the ability
alike, the Embrace is also fitted
to completely envelop listeners
with a flexible and configurable
with spacious and expansive
dividing network, which allows
home theater surround sound
fine-tuning for optimum results in
effects, while at the same time
a wide range of listening environ-
minimizing the effects of sur-
ments and surround speaker
round speaker localization.
mounting situations.
On the other hand, multi-
As with other Revel
channel music sources benefit
loudspeakers, each Embrace fea-
from a more directional dispersion
tures three separate crossover
pattern, providing a more precise
boards to prevent mutual interfer-
acoustical image for instruments
ence between individual circuit
and sounds directed at the listener
via the surround channels. Typical
The result? Spacious and
surround speakers that are opti-
expansive motion picture sound
mized for motion picture sound
effects that envelop the listeners,
reproduction are usually only able
and superior multi-channel music
to provide a diffuse dispersion pat-
reproduction especially with high
tern. The Embrace surround
resolution music formats, such as
speaker features a second, more
DVD-Audio and SACD. Embrace is
directional bi-polar dispersion
the only surround speaker that
mode that provides the increased
serves both music and movies
directionality required by multi-
equally well.
channel music sources. A remote
With your choice of Matte
control provision allows automatic
Black or Matte White finishes,
switching between dispersion
Embrace may be ceiling or wall-
modes with select surround
Sub 30
Shown in
Heather Gray
Side Panels
a SUB 30
The new Sub 30 powered sub-
listening room. The Sub 30 is
woofer combines prodigious very
equipped with a sophisticated vari-
low-frequency reproduction with
able frequency, variable band-
unparalleled in-room response
width and variable level three-
tuning capabilities. Featuring a
band parametric equalizer, which
massive 15-inch inverted dual-
allows optimum integration and
layer metal dome active driver and
balancing for placement in any
an auxiliary 15-inch inverted dual-
position and proper blending with
layer metal dome acoustic radiator, any speaker system. Available lowthe Sub 30 can deliver truly spec-
frequency optimization PC soft-
tacular and detailed deep bass,
ware allows your Revel dealer to
reaching to well below the limits of acoustically analyze your listening
human low-frequency hearing,
room, and fine-tune the Sub 30’s
along with the ability to deliver
equalization system for the most
room-shaking sound at astonish-
accurate timbral balance and
ing sound pressure levels — all
seamless blend with the other
with low distortion. The state-of-
speakers in your listening environ-
the-art active driver is equipped
ment. An additional control is pro-
with a sophisticated magnetic
vided that allows optimizing the
motor system that provides ultra-
low frequency response for music
low distortion, obviating the need
as well as film soundtracks, along
for servo control, and has an
with an external trigger function
incredible 3 inches of peak-to-
compatible with select surround
peak excursion capability. The
sound processors for automatic
built-in power amplifier boasts a
selection of the appropriate mode.
phenomenal 1,000 watts of out-
Luxuriously sculpted with
put power, with a peak reserve
graceful contoured lines and an
capability of 1,400 watts.
elegant sheer convex front grille,
Additionally, the Sub 30 is
the Sub 30 sets the standard in
equipped with the most advanced
high-performance deep bass
room tuning system ever devel-
reproduction, and is the ideal
oped, to deliver accurate timbral
choice to mate with Ultima loud-
balance in virtually any residential
speakers in stereo and multi-chan-
listening environment. Conventional nel systems. See page 22 for
subwoofers are usually equipped
only with simple frequency and
level controls. These controls cannot correct for the inevitable
room-induced frequency response
variations that will occur in every
cabinet finish options.
Ultima speakers are available in the
body and side
panel finishes
shown below.*
The Embrace is
available in
Matte Black or
Matte White
Side Panel
Sensitivity provides an indication of how much amplifier power is required for the speaker to
play at satisfactory volume levels. Conservatively-rated specifications indicate moderate
sensitivity and denote that REVEL speakers do not require huge amplifiers to achieve realistic levels in all but the largest rooms.
Impedance indicates whether the speaker system presents a “hard” or “easy” load on the
amplifier. A minimum impedance value of 3Ω, together with moderate phase angles, signifies that most any amplifier can easily drive REVEL speakers.
Black Ash
Filters (crossover)
Steep filter slopes ensure good acoustical behavior in the crossover regions, with a minimum of acoustical interference, along with low distortion and wide dynamic range. Revel filters feature point-to-point hand wiring with special selected components. Woofer and
tweeter filter boards are physically independent and include a provision for bi-amping or bi
wiring, while all models include rear panel compensation controls.
Frequency responses
In-room response is a breakthrough measurement that, in a single curve, closely correlates
to sound quality and has been a goal of speaker engineers for years. Research, and simple
observation, reveals that ubiquitous “on-axis” response curves often cannot distinguish
between two speakers with radically different sound quality. This specification for REVEL
speakers is even more powerful when it is taken in context with the other measurements
presented here.
A target response is the ideal response goal and is not flat at the frequency extremes and is
used when the ideal reference is not a “flat” line. A target response must be tailored to the
speaker’s intended application and takes into account the acoustic impact of the speaker’s
location, such as freestanding, or placement near a wall.
First reflections response is a measure of the response a listener hears that is contributed by
the first reflections from the walls, floor, and ceiling. This superb specification indicates that
REVEL speakers will remain accurate, even in the presence of strong reflections.
Embrace body and grille colors
Matte Black
Matte White
This improved “on-axis” measurement reduces the visual confusion of inaudible local interference, yet still retains full accuracy without using “spectral smoothing” which results in
significant data loss.
Studies have shown that the –10dB low frequency extension specification is the one that
best correlates to controlled listening tests. At low frequencies, most speaker/room combinations exhibit significant “room gain,” which is an increasing rise in level as frequencies
decrease. In addition, the –10dB specification reflects the steepness (i.e., order) of the lowfrequency roll-off, which is not significantly indicated in –3dB specifications.
* Cabinet and side panel finish representation is subject to the limitations of the full-color printing process. Actual cabinet finishes may vary.
**Heather Gray finish is available with Aluminum Side Panels only.
Finishes are subject to change.
86dB SPL, with 2.83V rms @ 1m
(4 pi anechoic)
6Ω (nominal), 3Ω (minimum @ 64Hz)
Filters (crossover):
4-way, 24dB per octave, (4th-order) acoustic
response @ 125Hz, 450Hz and 2.2kHz
Frequency responses:
In-room response;
±1.0dB from 25Hz to 12kHz
In-room response relative to
target response;
±0.75dB from 25Hz to 20kHz
First reflections response;
±1dB from 25Hz to 17kHz
Listening window response;
±1.5dB from 25Hz to 18kHz
Low-frequency extension;
–10dB @ 17Hz
–6dB @ 20Hz
–3dB @ 24Hz
50.937" (129.4cm)
(does not include spikes)
26.562" (67.47cm)
(includes grille)
Spikes add 1.5" (3.81cm)
to height
240lb (108.9kg)
Specifications are subject to change
without notice.
87dB SPL, with 2.83V rms @ 1m
(4 pi anechoic)
6Ω (nominal), 3Ω (minimum)
Filters (crossover):
3-way, 24dB per octave, (4th-order) acoustic
response @ 220Hz and 2.2kHz
Frequency responses:
In-room response;
±1dB from 31Hz to 12kHz
In-room response relative to
target response;
±0.75dB from 31Hz to 12kHz
First reflections response;
±1dB from 31Hz to 12kHz
Listening window response;
±1.5dB from 31Hz to 20kHz
Low-frequency extension;
–10dB @ 22Hz
–6dB @ 26Hz
–3dB @ 33Hz
12.75" (32.4cm)
43.875" (111.4cm)
(does not include spikes)
19.375" (49.2cm)
(includes grille)
Spikes add 1.5" (3.8cm) to
164lb (74.4kg)
Specifications are subject to change
without notice.
87dB SPL, with 2.83V rms @ 1m
(4 pi anechoic)
6Ω (nominal), 4Ω (minimum)
with ± 45˚ maximum phase angle
Filters (crossover):
2-way, 24dB @ 2.7kHz;
Frequency responses:
In-room response;
±1.0dB from 46Hz to 16kHz
In-room response relative to
target response;
±0.75dB from 46Hz to 20kHz
First reflections response;
±1.5dB from 45Hz to 15kHz
Listening window response;
±1.5dB from 45Hz to 16kHz
Low-frequency extension;
–10dB @ 33Hz
–6dB @ 38Hz
–3dB @ 44Hz
Cabinet (no pedestal)
8.375" (21.27cm)
(includes pedestal/feet)
17.375" (44.132cm)
(includes grille)
With pedestal (optional)
11.437" (29.05cm)
(includes pedestal/feet)
47.625" (120.9cm)
(includes grille)
Spikes add .5" (1.27cm)
to height
Cabinet (without pedestal)
45lb (15.9 kg) net (without packing)
With pedestal
90lb (31.8kg) net (without packing)
Specifications are subject to change
without notice.
87dB SPL, with 2.83V rms @ 1m
(4 pi anechoic)
6Ω (nominal), 4Ω (minimum)
@ –12˚ phase angle
Maximum phase angle = 28˚ @ 892Hz
Minimum phase angle = –35˚ @ 3kHz
Filters (crossover):
3-way, 24dB per octave, (4th order) acoustic
response at 300Hz and 2.2kHz
Frequency responses:
In-room response;
±1.0dB from 110Hz to 8kHz
In-room response relative to
target response;
±0.75dB from 70Hz to 20kHz
First reflections response;
±1.0dB from 110Hz to 6.5kHz
Listening window response;
± 1.5dB from 100Hz to 8kHz
Low-frequency extension;
–10dB @ 43Hz
–3dB @ 67Hz
With pedestal (optional)
29.5" (74.6cm)
(includes pedestal/feet)
27.81" (71cm)
10.937" (27.8cm)
Spikes add .875" (2.2cm) to
Without pedestal
(includes feet)
(includes feet)
12.375" (31.9cm)
(includes grille)
With pedestal
138lb (33kg) net (without packing)
Without pedestal
73lb (00kg) net (without packing)
Specifications are subject to change
without notice.
86dB SPL, with 2.83V rms @ 1m
(4 pi anechoic)
4Ω (nominal), 3.2Ω (minimum)
Filters (crossover):
3-way, @ 250Hz and 2.75kHz; provision for
bipole, dipole or Dual Drive™ connections
Frequency responses:
In-room response;
±1.0dB from 80Hz to 16kHz
In-room response relative to
target response;
±0.75dB from 90Hz to 18kHz
First reflections response;
±1.0dB from 75Hz to 15kHz
Listening window response;
± 1.5dB from 85Hz to 15kHz
Low-frequency extension;
–10dB @ 38Hz
–6dB @ 50Hz
–3dB @ 62Hz
23.75" (60.3cm)
11.375" (28.9cm)
9.625" (24.5cm)
(includes grilles)
96lb (43.5kg) per pair net (without packing)
Specifications are subject to change
without notice.
Low-frequency extension:
–3dB @ 18Hz (up to full-rated power)
Frequency response:
20Hz to fc ±0.5dB, –3dB @ 18Hz
True linear volume displacement:
275 in3
135lb (66.8kg) net (without packing)
23.25" (59.1cm) (includes feet)
23.75" (60.3cm) (includes grille)
Output power:
1,000W rms (1,400W peak)
EQ ALL/CONTOUR controls:
Engages all three parametric equalizers, or
bypass them/Selects Film, Music or External
Trigger Mode
Three independent parametric equalizers
Continuously variable from 18 to 80Hz
Continuously variable from 0.1 to 1 octave
Continuously variable from –14 to +6dB
Low-pass filter:
Low-pass with ON/OFF switch
Selectable 24 or 48dB per octave
Selectable 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or 80Hz
Continuously variable from 0 to 180°
Continuously variable
High-pass filter:
High-pass, always on
Selectable 12 or 24dB per octave
Selectable 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or 80Hz
Left and right balanced (XLR) and
unbalanced (RCA) line level
Left and right balanced (XLR) and unbalanced
(RCA) high-pass line level to main amplifier
Left and right balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) high-pass line level to auxiliary
Power (120V version):
120Vac @60Hz, 720Wrms with T6.3AL
SLO-BLO or Time-Lag fuse
120Vac @50Hz, 720Wrms with T6.3AL
SLO-BLO or Time-Lag fuse
Switch: 12V Trigger or AUTO
Specifications are subject to change
without notice.
Audio Revolution Best of 2002 Award; Revel Salon
Audio Revolution Best of 2002 Award; Revel Studio
Stereophile 2001 Joint Product of The Year; Revel Studio
Stereophile 2001 Joint Loudspeaker of The Year; Revel Studio
Stereophile 2000 Joint Loudspeaker of The Year; Revel Salon
Hi Fi Diapason D´or 2000; Revel Studio
International CES 1999 Design & Engineering
Showcase Award; Revel Salon
Hi Fi Review 1999 Loudspeaker of The Year; Revel Salon
Stereophile 1998 Loudspeaker of The Year; Revel Gem
Stereophile 1998 Editor’s Choice Platinum Award;
Revel Ultima Home Theater System
We devote a great deal of time and
attention to selecting the best people to represent our company and
products. The people we choose as
dealers and distributors share our
passion for music and video. They
are committed to providing their
customers with sound, accurate
advice about audio and home theater components. They are professionals who want to make your
high-end experience an enjoyable
one. More than ever, getting
expert advice on component purchase and integration is essential.
Our specialist dealers will ensure
proper installation, setup and calibration of your system. As much as
any other professional you deal
with, your music and theater specialist ensures your satisfaction.
The Revel experience is special.
Beyond the enjoyment of one of
the world’s most highly prized
speakers, it is about
the appreciation of fine detail
and high technology. The
Ultima series offers the
performance and beauty of the
world’s finest speakers.
SUB 30
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