pcProx® RKE
UHF Long Range
Single Badge Solutions for Identification and Access
pcProx RKE
Click-operated remote keyless entry
for long-range access
The pcProx RKE product consists of a click-operated wireless key fob with up to 100 ft. of read range for the reader.
The technology is unidirectional, therefore the user does not need to aim at a reader or have a direct line of site. The fob
has two buttons to allow the user to access entry and exits. Only one Wiegand output reader is required for entrances
and exits when they are close in proximity to each other.
•Long range access control
•Gated parking
pcProx RKE
Convenient for user: Click operation, unidirectional read
range up to 100 feet. Only one key fob is needed for
parking lot and building access, which conveniently attaches to standard key ring
Compatibility: 100% compatible with installed base of
Wiegand panels
Security: Employs 16 bit code-scrambling technology
generated by a non-linear algorithm which ensures security.
Eliminates potential for code scanning; code capture and
resend schemes. All scrambled data is stored in EEPROM
which is inaccessible through external connections
Simple design and makeup: Entry and exit factory
programmable buttons, standard 26 bit Wiegand format
output reader.
Typical maximum read range: 100 foot (30.48m) long
range RKE fob transmitter to RKE receiver
Dimensions: 4.5” x 5.0” x 1.75”; 11.4cm x 12.7cm x 4.4cm
Weight: .7 lbs. (317.5g)
Power requirements and interface: +12V DC
Part Numbers
Part Number
Transmitter 315 MHzTransmitter with 26 bit
Transmitter 418 MHz
Transmitter with 26 bit
Receiver 315 MHz
Receiver 418 MHz
Transmit frequency: 315 MHz or 418 MHz
Operating temperature range: -40° to 140°F
(-40° to 65°C)
Operating humidity range: 0% to 95% relative humidity,
Certifications: FCC Class B, CSA, CE
Warranty: One year for material/workmanship defects; see
complete policy for details
Specifications—Key Fob
Dimensions: 1.38”(H) x 1.97”(W) (key fob); 3.5cm(H) x
Weight: .05 lbs (22.6g)
Power requirements and interface: Standard 12V alkaline
LED: Standard red indicator
pcProx RKE reader
with 2 Wiegand
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Single Badge Solutions for Identification and Access
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