TRAC-Lock BT Smart

TRAC-Lock BT Smart
TRAC-Lock BT Smart Data Sheet
TRAC-Lock BT Smart
TRACcess® wireless intelligent locking device
aluminum in
silver powder
coat paint finish
withstands dirt,
grease, and
harsh cleaners
Main Features
• Audit trail of activity
• Secure wireless operation
• Easy to install or retrofit
• Rugged exterior
• 800 events stored in the lock activity record
TRAC-Lock BT Smart replaces a standard lockset
with a wireless, intelligent entry-management
system. The product consists of a Bluetooth®
interface mounted on a door’s exterior to
communicate with wireless TRACcess® electronic
keys, and a controller module on the door’s interior
to control the lockset. When the unit is opened with
an authorized wireless TRACcess key, the lock is
updated with keyholder, date, and time. The key is
updated with site ID, date, and time, and transmits
the data to the TRACcess Manager system for
a comprehensive audit trail of site usage and
keyholder activity.
Easy installation — TRAC-Lock BT Smart is
installed by replacing a standard mechanical
lockset on a door. No power or communications
wiring is needed. To retrofit a standard
TRAC-Lock BT Smart, installers replace the bezel
interface with the new wireless bezel interface.
Rugged Construction — TRAC-Lock BT Smart
is durable with a tough, powder coat paint that
withstands fingerprints, dirt and grease. It resists
heavy rain, humidity, snow, and ice. A plastic
enclosure protects the electronics in the controller
mounted on the door’s interior.
Battery Power — Power is supplied by three
9-volt, user-replaceable batteries located in the
controller unit on the door’s interior. The key
and the TRACcess Manager software generate
warnings when the batteries should be replaced.
The TRAC-Lock BT Smart uses an electrified
lockset. The interior door handle is continuously
unlocked. The exterior door handle remains
continuously locked until the user initiates a valid
“open” sequence with the TRACcess key. During
the access window, signified by a flashing LED,
the exterior door handle is free to rotate and open
the door. There is also a manual mechanical key
override. Access gained with the mechanical key
will not be recorded in the TRAC-Lock BT Smart.
Control of the electrical lock mechanism is
managed by a microprocessor. There are no
external mechanisms that allow the solenoids to
activate without valid authorization. The manual
key locking system works independently of the
electrical lock mechanism. If all power is removed
from the electrical lock mechanism, the TRAC-Lock BT Smart functions as an ordinary
mechanical door lock.
Product Use
1. Turn on Bluetooth.
2. Select Open Device.
3. Enter a valid PIN-code.
4. When the green LED flashes,
the door knob or handle may be
turned to open the door.
• Dimensions, exterior plate: (WxHxD): 4.3 x 7.2 x 1.2 in
(109 x 183 x 30 mm)
• Dimensions, interior assembly (WxHxD): 4.0 x 6.0 x 1.22 in
(110 x 183 x 31 mm)
• Weight, exterior plate: .85 lb. (386 g)
• Weight, interior assembly: 1.1 lb (499 g)
• Operational Temperature: -22° to 167°F (-30°to 75°C)
• Storage temperature: -40° to 185°F (-40° to 85°C)
• The TRAC Lock BT Smart is mechanically compatible with
all standard 1-1/8 to 1-7/8 inch metal and wood doors. A
drill template is provided with the installation instructions
for placement location and size.
• TRAC-Lock BT Smart may be opened with
TRACcess DisplayKEY electronic key or with the
TRACcess eKEY® application on a smartphone. Visit
the TRACcess eKEY page on
traccess for the current list of compatible phones.
• Lockset — The Best® lock DEU Series, in both ADA and
knob-styles, is specified for this system.
• Communications Signal: Bluetooth 4.0 or infrared
• Humidity: 10 to 95% relative humidity, condensing
• Water Resistance: Exterior components withstand heavy
rain (more than l.5” per hour) while mounted. Not intended
for direct water immersion.
• Battery Power (standard): three (3) standard 9-volt alkaline batteries supply 150 to 300mA (interior assembly)
• Snow/Ice: Exterior components function normally when
submerged in snow or crushed ice.
Regulatory and Certification:
• Electrostatic discharge: IEC 801-2, Severity Level 3 ESD:
6KV contact discharge and 8 KV air discharge
Order Information
• Chemical resistance: no functional or cosmetic damage
from exposure to common cleaning materials and
PN 002184 TRAC-Lock BT Smart, Best ADA
4001 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE
Salem, OR USA 97302
T 800-547-0252
PN 002185 TRAC-Lock BT Smart, Best Knob
PN 002180 TRAC-Lock BT Smart, Without Lockset
PN 002174
TRAC-Lock BT Smart Wireless Interface, Bezel Retrofit
PN 002208
TRAC-Lock BT Smart Wireless Interface, Surface Mount Bezel Retrofit
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