16 Years in business - Endzone Video Systems

16 Years in business - Endzone Video Systems
16 Years in business
The EVS35 combines the best of all our towers. Not only is it a towering
35 feet high but it also has a portable base that is our sturdiest ever while
also being the easiest to move around.
Same ONE HAND operation
Same PROFESSIONAL design and construction
Same UNBEATABLE service
plus shipping
Ask about camera options & pricing
Like all of our towers the EVS35 is raised
and lowered by using our easy lift winch
System Includes:
35 FT Mast
Winch System
Tripod Base w/Wheels
Patented Pan/Tilt
Custom Cables
EVS Remote
7 Inch Color LCD
Extended Life Battery
Protective Hard Case
5 Year Warranty
Top selling for over a decade because of its versatility
and ease of operation. The EVS25 has stood the test of time
with standard options such as the unbeatable winch system,
the patented pan/tilt, and other features that set it apart
from all others.
System Includes:
25 FT mast/tripod combo
Winch System
Patented Pan/Tilt Custom
EVS Remote
7 Inch LCD Monitor
Extended Life Battery
Protective Hard Case
plus shipping
Ask about camera options & pricing
12 FT Mast
Data Cable
The EVS12 allows for a more
precise placement of the camera
to guarantee you get the practice
video you need.
12 lbs
plus shipping
Shown with OPTIONAL
Tripod Base.
EVS Wide/Tight
Cart Extension
Allows you to capture the wide
and tight angles using only one
tripod and one person to operate
Simply add Bogen
to your Tripod
existing cart or base to make your EVS tower
even more portable.
It will make
moving the tower a one person,
Duel Camcorder
one handed2job.
Compatible with all EVS25 Towers.
plus shipping
Rain gear package is custom fitted
for the EVS25 & EVS35. Help protect
your investment by providing some
protection from the elements. Protects
the three electronic components: remote,
camcorder, and monitor.
Camcorder Cover
Monitor Hood
Remote Sleeve
Draw String Travel Bag
EVS Travel Case
The case is designed to help protect the EVS25
and EVS35 whil shipping or flying. It is custom
made for our towers and will make travelling
It is compatible with any EVS25 from 2009 to
present and the EVS35 from 2014 to present.
EVS Bag Cart
Although your tower comes with wheels, the travel bag
does not. You can have all the mobility with the travel
bag by adding the EVS bag cart. It is quickly and easily
added to the bag for easy transporting.
(Cart not included)
EVS custom made cables are designed for our towers to
be connected directly to Sony cameras They are coiled to
avoid ground contact and prevent tangles and damage.
This remote is specifically designed for tripods. The
handle design makes controlling the camcorder functions
and pan/tilt a one hand operation.
7 Inch LCD monitor is custom made for outside use. It is
constructed with a metal outer shell for durability and
has a sharp, bright picture that shows up in most
lighting. It uses a Sony lithium ion battery that gives you
up to 8 hours of use.
The Sony QM 91D battery is a long lasting power source
for the 7 inch LCD monitor . It is a quick charging info
lithium battery pack that will keep your monitor running
for up to 8 hours.
The EVS sun hood provides the monitor protection
from direct sun light allowing the operator to always
have a sharp bright picture. It quickly and easily
velcros to the monitor.
Custom designed retractable reel provides the
operator the ability to tilt the camcorder. It is
retractable so that there aren't any long cables laying
on the ground when the tower is in the down position.
Water tight case to help protect the electronics while
you are traveling or the system is not in use. Fully
lined foam insert to absorb the shock.
EVS HC-10.........$125.00
Sony extended life lithium ion battery. Provides
power to camcorders for up to 8 hours. Check
compatibility with camcorder.
Sony NP-FV100 ...$139.00
The Monitor Charger charges the QM91D battery
which is the battery used for our monitors. It has
retractable prongs for placing into outlets.
Monitor Charger ...$70.00
“Because I want the best product for our team, I trust Endzone Video
Systems to provide our #1 coaching tool, the EVS25 Endzone tower. ”
- Brett Favre
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