SG-Ultra Max Ex Petrol Density Meter

SG-Ultra Max Ex Petrol Density Meter
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SG-Ultra Max Ex Petrol Density Meter
Model # SG-Ultra Max Ex Petrol
Product Overview
The SG-Ultra Max Ex Petrol density meter is designed for petroleum testing
applications. This portable tester is commonly used in refineries, fuel terminals,
offshore and transportation applications. The SG-Ultra Max Ex Petrol is intrinsically safe in hazardous testing environments. All wetted parts and the special
housing are resistant to petroleum samples and similar solvents. The leak-proof
sealed housing is safe against humidity and spills and makes the unit suitable for
harsh industrial and field conditions. The SG-Ultra Max Ex Petrol is an officially
accepted field method for the new ASTM Standard “D7777-12” which describes
the “Test Method for Density, Relative Density, or API Gravity of Liquid Petroleum by Portable Digital Density Meter” with a minimum accuracy requirement of
99.999% Accurate, tests density and temperature simultaneously
Designed around testing of fuels
Robust, rugged, & intrinsically safe
Ships with protective carrying case. Sustains tough field environments with
leak-proof housing
Wireless Communication Infrared data interface for data exchange with a
PC and data export to a printer
Stores up to 1,024 total measurement results including time stamp
SG-Ultra Max Ex Petrol
Digital Hydrometers
Technical Specifications
Measurement Range:
API Measurement Range:
(@ 15°C or 60°F)
Density: 0.000 – 3.000 g/cm3
Sample Temperature: 01 – 80 °C (321 – 176 °F)
Viscosity: 0 – 1,000 mPa
Gravity A/B/D: -50.0 – 100.0 °API
SG A/B/D: 0.5000 – 1.5000
Density A/B/D: 0.5000 – 1.5000 g/cm3
Density: 0.001 g/cm3
Temperature: ±0.2 °C (±0.4 °F)
Resolution / Repeatability:
0.0001 g/cm3 / 0.0005 g/cm3
Minimum Sample Volume:
2 mL
IrDA Interface
Internal Storage:
1024 Results
Operating Environment:
Power Requirements:
Product Advantages
SG-Ultra Max Ex Petrol Kit
Kit Includes
10 – 50 °C (-15 – 122 °F)
(2) AA Batteries
140 x 138 x 27 mm (5.5 x 5.4 x 1.0 in)
368 g (13 oz)
(1) Sample must not freeze in the measuring cell.
SG-Ultra Max Ex Petrol
180 mm Sample Tube
2 mL Plastic Syringes
Luer Adapter 1/4” UNF
IrDA Adapter
Interface for Exporting Data to PC
Carrying Case
Electronic User Manual
Ordering Information
Model #
SG-Ultra Max Ex-Petrol
Intrinsically Safe Digital Hydrometer, Data-Logging, Range: 0.000 - 3.000 | Tel: 1-877-805-3377 | Fax: 1-414-962-3660 | | V1.0
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