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linea mini
linea mini
This Quick Start Guide is an overview of the basic
steps for using your Linea Mini, for a more in depth
discussion of these topics, see the manual.
Indicator Lights
Hot Water Activation Knob
Red: Power
Blue: Water
Cup Tray
Steam Activation Knob
Brew Activation Paddle
Adjustment Wheel
Brew Pressure Gauge
(under side lip)
Steam Wand
Power Switch
Stainless Steel Portafilter
Water Reservoir
(inside, behind drip tray)
Steam Pressure Gauge
Hot Water Spout
Drip Tray
view complete instructions online at www.lamarzocco.com
quick start
unpacking & set up
steaming milk
You will need a steaming pitcher and cold milk
You will need two people to lift the machine, it is over 70 lbs. (32 kg)
With two people, lift the Linea Mini from the
side and set on the counter (one hand under
the front, one hand rear corner).
Plug the machine into a wall outlet.
Remove the drip tray (lift up and
pull out).
Slide reservoir forward to access.
Take cap off of reservoir.
Pour water into reservoir. Replace
reservoir cap.
Fill the pitcher 1 cm below the spout
indent on the interior of the pitcher
with cold milk.
Purge the steam wand.
Insert wand into milk (at 15 degrees)
so the steam tip is just submerged
and the surface of the milk lines up
with the line on the steam tip.
Turn on the steam and start aerating the milk,
you’ll want to listen for a few pops that let you
know you are introducing air into the milk.
Purge the steam wand and
clean with a damp cloth.
special notes
Slide reservoir back into place.
Replace drip tray.
Turn on machine. Wait for the machine to
warm up. The blinking red power light will
turn solid when ready to brew.
Top red light blinks when the machine is heating up, and will become solid red when it’s ready to brew.
Tap the pitcher and swirl to pop any
bubbles and incorporate the foam
floating on top with the liquid below.
Pour into your cup with espresso.
Bottom blue light will be solid when water is above the minimum fill level. When the reservoir is below
the minimum fill level the blue light will start blinking.
The gauge on the left will read between
1.3 and 2.0 when ready to steam.
After the milk has expanded 30% - 50%,
drop the tip into the milk to create a whirlpool
motion. When the steam pitcher becomes hot
(135º -150º F / 57º -65º C ), turn off the steam.
The gauge on the right should never read above 12 bars of pressure, if it does please see the manual
for adjusting the expansion valve.
making coffee
You will need whole bean coffee, grinder, tamper, knock box and a scale (optional, but recommended)
You will need a short flat head screwdriver, medium sized bowl, hot water, Puro cleaning solution, spoon
Remove the portafilter from the Linea Mini
and wipe out the filter basket so that it is
clean and dry.
If using a scale, set portafilter on
the scale and tare it to zero.
Dose the appropriate amount of coffee
for the basket, if you are using the 17
gram basket, dose 17 grams or fill
basket and swipe extra off the top.
When you have dosed the desired
amount, level out your coffee mound.
Tamp the coffee in the basket,
applying 20 – 30 lbs. (9-14 kg) of
pressure with the tamper.
Fill bowl with hot water and add 6 grams
(half tsp.) of Puro cleaning solution to
water. Set aside.
Remove portafilter and lift out the filter
basket (may require use of screwdriver)
Drop filter basket into medium bowl with
cleaning solution.
Place “blind” basket with no holes into
portafilter. Add a little hot water and 3
grams of cleaning solution in to the
blind basket. Mix until dissolved.
Cleaning Cycle
a. 1x 15 seconds, wait 30 seconds.
b. 5x 5 seconds each, waiting 5
seconds in between.
c. Empty portafilter and turn on brewing
cycle to flush out cleaning solution.
d. Re-insert portafilter and run 10
times for 5 seconds each.
Flush the group by moving the paddle to
the BREW position and then STOP position.
Insert portafilter into Linea Mini
Push the paddle to the left BREW position to
start brewing. If your coffee is dialed in you
should achieve 28 – 34 grams (1 oz.) of
espresso in 25 – 30 seconds.
Push paddle back to the STOP position
to stop the shot.
Remove portafilter and discard the puck.
Place all parts (filter baskets and portafilter
head) into bowl of hot water with cleaning
After the parts have soaked for 20 – 30
minutes, they will need to be wiped out
and cleaned under running water.
When done rinsing, dry and replace
all the parts.
Run an espresso through the machine to
clean out any remaining cleaning solution.
Place your preferred cup(s) under the
portafilter spouts on top of your scale
and zero out your scale.
For more information on making coffee
visit lamarzoccohome.com and
navigate to the Education tab.
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