AMT, Tandem Force Sensing Treadmill
AMTI Tandem Force Sensing Treadmill
This tandem treadmill has been installed with the belt surface flush with the
existing floor for easy entrance and exit. (shown in a partially raised position)
Both belts can be run in a
synchronized mode or speeds
can be controlled independently
Handrails can be removed
«Computer controlled speed
and incline
Tandem belt design eliminates
the requirement for the test
subject to remain centered on
the medial lateral axis
Tandem belt design eliminates
loss of data caused by “double
support” during walking
Either front or rear belt can be
used independently for running
‘Single belt and side-by-side models
with and without incline are
available, consult AMTI
Tandem treadmill side view
(schematic representation)
Removable handrail
Sensing Sensing
Elements Elements
: ue roller Belt Rollers
adjust t
an DAS Baseplate attached to casters
Treadmill frame
Top view
ISO 9001:2000 certified
rugged construction T] | | |
designed and built bo
for the long run....... Г] +1 |
General Specifications
(tandem treadmill)
Vertical force capacity 8800 №
Horizontal force capacity 4500 №
Speed 0-20 Kilometers per hour *
Installed force platform resonant
frequency 200 Hz
Linearity +/- 0.2 % FSO
Hysteresis +/- 0.2 % FSO
Elevation (each end) to 25% grade
for uphill and downhill walking and running.
One instrumented force platform, Fx, Fy,
Fz, Mx, My and Mz under each belt.
Analog and digital outputs available for
each force platform through MSA-6
Removable side handrails
Each belt measures 61 X 132 cm
* Total belt coverage 61 X 264 cm
*Overall dimensions (including handrails)
113 X 349.25 X 126.4 cm
Power requirements: 240 VAC, 3 phase
30 Amp. (Other voltage configurations
available, consult factory)
Weight: 1000 Kg /
* Models up to 64 Kilometers/hour y
ISO 9001:2000 certified
Tel:617-926-6700 + Fax:617-926-5045
Specifications subject to change without notice E-mail: +
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