Data Sheet -- Tecom Challenger V8 Control Panel

Data Sheet -- Tecom Challenger V8 Control Panel
TecomTM Series / Control Panels
Challenger Control Panels
Interlogix’s Challenger V8 integrated security platform is widely
considered the leading commercial security system in Australia
and New Zealand. Challenger is used in universities, financial
institutions, retail stores, supermarkets and prisons, to name only
a few.
The Challenger system consolidates access control, intrusion
detection, video surveillance, and communications in one
platform. Combined with modular hardware, distributed
intelligence, and powerful software, a Challenger security
platform can be scaled for any application.
Cardholders enjoy the convenience of one-card operations,
using the same card action to open doors while disarming areas
(or locking doors while rearming areas).
Challenger panels can report alarms and other programmed
events in Contact ID format (CID) to the central station and/
or management software via the onboard dialer. The optional
TS0898 IP interface provides 128-bit encrypted IP connections
for alarm reporting and for system management, in which case
the panel’s onboard dialer can be used as a backup in case IP
communications are lost.
Local annunciation and detailed reporting are also available,
by user- selected schedules and areas, so that security
professionals can install custom intrusion detection systems for
every client.
Up to 16 remote arming stations (keypad or reader) can be
Up to 256 inputs and 64 doors with use of expansion
Up to 255 freely programmable relay outputs
Memory expansion modules enable a Challenger panel to
store 1,000 each of alarm events and access events (100
for standard memory)
Memory expansion modules enable a Challenger panel to
accommodate up to 65,535 users
Programmed via LCD keypad arming stations or via
Interlogix Security management software
Arming and disarming can be automated to occur at
particular times, days and/or when particular events occur
in a system
Programmable holidays modify existing access restrictions
Management software computers may be connected locally
via direct RS-232, by modem, or via IP connection
Built-in dialer for monitoring or for remote system
Optional interfaces for IP or RS-232 connections
Permissions for individual users to arm and disarm areas,
permission to access doors, lifts, and floors (or other
equipment) in Challenger’s access control system
System input devices can be monitored for tamper
Extensive macro logic functionality can be used to program
complicated sequences of events (for example, to prevent two
doors from being opened simultaneously).
Challenger constantly polls devices on the RS-485 data bus to
check for online status.
The system’s input devices can be monitored for tamper
conditions (open or shorted) in addition to the default monitoring
for sealed or alarm conditions.
Powerful System Architecture
The TS0816 Challenger panel is the heart of the system, and comprises a modular ‘Add as you go’
design. You can cost-effectively add capacity and function as it is required, by adding intelligent
door or lift controllers, input/output expanders, memory expanders and LAN devices. Multiple
panels can be linked together in one system via management software.
Challenger uses a cost-effective and reliable RS-485 data bus for communications between
Challenger hardware that is capable of running long distances while minimizing cable runs.
Challenger data can even be carried by optical fibres (optional interface modules required.
System Block Diagram
Memory expansion modules
expands users to over 65,535 IUM users
Backup PSTN line to
monitoring stations
Monitoring Station
Monitoring Station
System Features
System areas
Inputs on board
Max. system inputs
Outputs on board (relays)
Door control on master control panel
12 VDC auxiliary power output
Supports access control
Supports lift control
Max. access control doors
(when using TS0867 or TS0866)
Exterior siren, interior siren, strobe
700mA (max.)
Yes (requires TS0866 or TS0867 Intelligent 4-Door Controllers)
Yes (requires TS0869 Intelligent 4-Lift Controller)
16 on panel plus 48 on 4-Door Controllers
IP connectivity
Yes (requires TS0866/TS0867)
Yes: TS0882 (1 MB), TS0883 (4 MB IUM), TS0884 (8 MB IUM) and software IUM are
IP connection using TS0898 Ethernet Interface
RS-232 serial connection using TS0091 Computer and Printer Interface
RS-232 serial connection using the Challenger panel’s onboard serial port (temporary
connection only, typically used by installers)
Modem connection using the Challenger panel’s onboard modem (dialer)
Modem connection using an external modem connected to TS0091
Yes (requires TS0898 Ethernet Interface)
Onboard V.22bis modem (300 or 2400 baud)
Input voltage
16V, 1.5A from supplied transformer (space for 7 Ah battery allocated)
Operating Current
200mA maximum (no peripheral devices fitted)
Battery test
Dynamic battery testing
Relays or outputs
Use expansion modules and DGPs to add up to 255 relays or outputs
Macro logic programs
Two 8 Ohm sirens, internal and external. The external siren is monitored for tamper
Reporting formats
CID, Extended high speed, Serial STU, Tecom Dialler, Direct Line and more
Communications bus
Maximum cabling distance
1,500 m (unless extended by LAN Isolation Interfaces)
Memory expansion
Management software connection options
System Capacity
Alarm groups
Door groups
Floor groups
Alarm log
Access log
Holidays/Special days
Time zones
Physical and Environmental
Operating temperature
Dimensions in enclosure (W x H x D)
Regulatory Compliance
50 (expandable to 65,535)
128 to 245
10 to 255
10 to 128
100 to 1,000
100 to 1,000
24 to 46 ‘hard’ time zones plus 16 ‘soft’ time zones
0 to 500c
345 x 450 x 73 mm
ACMA: C-Tick for Australia and New Zealand
ACMA: A-Tick for Australia
New Zealand Telecom: Telepermit for New Zealand
Ordering information
Challenger V8 panel with plug pack in TS0307 enclosure
Challenger V8, board only
Challenger V8 panel with plug pack in TS0307 enclosure, 8 inputs
EPROM with current version of firmware
National Sales Enquiries
1300 361 479
271-273 Wellington Road
Mulgrave Vic 3170
T +61 3 9239 1200
F +61 3 9239 1298
Challenger Control Panels
Offering industry-leading solutions designed for a
wide range of applications, Interlogix products are well
suited for residential and commercial environments.
With ongoing partner support and a commitment to
technology that addresses current and future needs,
you can count on Interlogix to deliver global security
solutions to meet the demands of the modern world.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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