PMW-500 Ver.1.1 Release Note

PMW-500 Ver.1.1 Release Note
May 2, 2011
PMW-500 Ver.1.1 Release Notes
Please see the following notes regarding version 1.10 firmware for the PMW-500
camcorder. The previous firmware revision of the PMW-500 was V1.01.
New Optional Features Available for the PMW-500
1. The following new features will be enabled in the PMW-500 when the CBK-HD02
option is installed in the PMW-500 running version 1.10 firmware:
The digital extender feature will be activated if the CBK-HD02 option is installed
The HDCA-702 MPEG TS camera adaptor can be used with the PMW-500 if the
CBK-HD02 option is installed
The external video input recording capability of the PMW-500 will be activated
when the CBK-HD02 option is installed. The SDI In connector will be able to
accept SD or HD-SDI video with embedded audio to record to memory. The
Genlock In connector can be configured to record composite video to memory.
2. The PMW-500 will accept the Sony USB Wi-Fi Adaptor (note: both the CBK-UPG01
and CBK-WA01 options are required to add Wi-Fi capability to the PMW-500)
New Standard Features Added to the PMW-500
1. The 26-pin viewfinder connection on the PMW-500 is now active. This will enable a
new color viewfinder option, the CBK-VF01 viewfinder to be utilized. This viewfinder
is currently bundled with the PMW-320 and PMW-350 camcorders. A future product
announcement about the availability of the CBK-VF01 as a standalone product will
be forthcoming in the summer of 2011.
Histogram, Brightness Level, and Depth of Field indicator – these indicators
are only viewable on the LCD if you are using a HDVF viewfinder (you cannot
not see these indicators on a viewfinder connected to the 20-pin HDVF
viewfinder interface). You can only see these new indicators on viewfinders
connected to the 26-pin interface (i.e. if you attach the viewfinder which
comes bundled with the PMW-320 / PMW-350 at the time of this writing).
2. The resolution of the image viewed in the HDVF viewfinder is improved.
3. ”Live & Play”function is available.
4. User menu and User file functions are available
5. Shot Display function is added
Various information (i.e. date, camera model, as well as one user defined
line of text called Shot ID) can be superimposed over video when camera
is set to output color bars from its signal generator.
6. Set clip flags (OK/NG/KEEP) from an assignable switch (UDF mode)
Note: if you are shooting in FAT-32, you should assign the “OK Mark” to an
assignable switch rather than one of the clip flag functions.
In the optical disc XDCAM format mode (UDF / MXF), setting the clip flag
just switches a metadata value to one of the following settings: <none>,
OK, NG, or Keep, but does not change the read/write status of the clip.
There is a separate function to write protect clips.
In the XDCAM EX format mode (FAT / .MP4/.AVI), the OK Mark function in
XDCAM EX camcorders changes the read/write status of the clip so it is
write protected.
7. Indication of clip name with user-specified prefix (MP4/AVI)
You can set the camcorder to display (in the viewfinder, LCD, or both) the
file name which will be used the next time you press the record button.
8. Planning metadata files can be used with the PMW-500 to:
Set the file name used to name clips as they are shot
Create customized names for essence marks
9. USB interface on the camera handle will accept USB thumb drives and provide
additional functionality:
In UDF mode (MXF), proxy files can be simultaneously recorded to the
USB flash drive during shooting
Camera setting files can be stored on USB thumb drive (in addition to SxS
Planning Metadata can be loaded from USB thumb drive as well as SxS
10. Information from DWR-S01D, digital wireless receiver is recorded to disc as
11. Camera menu pages are now numbered making it easier to describe (over the
phone, for example) which menu page is being used.
12. Made the AWB adjustment behavior consistent with the PDW-700.
13. Level of cross color in Detail (SD Mode) menu is now adjustable.
14. 100% marker has been added to the Marker menu
15. Made the TC EXT-LK release behavior after POWER OFF/ON consistent with the
16. Added SMPTE color bar selection to the “Color Bars Select”menu.
Limitations of New Functions
If a recording is started immediately after power is turned on, Planning Metadata might
not be updated because the camcorder prioritizes the start of recording over the
updating of Planning Metadata.
A planning metadata file cannot be loaded via CBK-WA01 (Wi-Fi adaptor), if the
camcorder is set to Clip Continuous record mode (“Cont” is indicated in viewfinder) –
even if the camcorder is in REC Pause mode.
Bug Fixes
1. The auto black balance (ABB) adjustment did not always complete correctly
because the iris was not closed soon enough. This error has been corrected.
2. Cache Recording did not always work correctly when cache was set to 13-15 sec
and an i.LINK signal was being output. This error has been corrected.
3. When the “Filter White Memory” menu was turned on and the setting of the electrical
CC filter was assigned to an assignable switch, the ND Filter settings (“1”, “2”, “3”,
“4”) were sometimes displayed as the White Memory settings instead of the
electrical CC filter settings (“A”, “B”, “C”, “D”). This has been corrected.
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