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"Protect-a-Tow" is a unique towing
protection device that will protect your
Car and Motorhome from flying debris,
stones, mud, etc..... This universal design
will fit most towing configurations. It
will hook up in less than a minute
between your Car and Motorhome .
"Protect-a-Tow" will also protect your
hitch, wiring harness and safety cables.
"Protect-a-Tow" is lightweight and can
be easily stored away in the storage case
Initial Installation
Install two eye bolts on the bottom rear
of your Motorhome as far apart as
possible. Hook up your “Protect-aTow” using the two previously
installed eyebolts and mark the two
inside eye bolts on the bottom of your
motorhome and install. You should
now have four eyebolts under your
Motorhome. Now install two eye bolts
on the bottom of your towed vehicle
54”apart or more.
Eye Bolt installation diagram
Hooking Up your Protect-a-Tow
Under your tow bar, hook up the wide
part of your “Protect-a-Tow” to your
Motorhome and the narrow part to your
towed vehicle. Make sure elasticized cord
is slightly stretched. Unfold the cross bar
and slip into the couplings to expand to
full length. Feed the cross bar through the
centre bungee loop in the middle of your
protector. Hook the ends of the cross bar
onto the exposed elasticized cord at the cut
outs of the mesh on each side. The cross
bar should be on top of your tow bar. The
cross bar will prevent the protector from
dropping down on sharp turns. To remove
your protect-a-tow, reverse procedure.
Cleaning and Storage
To keep your Protect-a-Tow unit clean and
extend the life of components periodic
cleaning with a soap and water solution is
advisable. It is also recommended to rinse
the seam in which the elasticized cord
travels with a water hose periodically to
remove any grit accumulation in the seam
and extend the life of the elasticized cord.
Protect-a-Tow should be dry before storing
in the supplied storage bag. If visible signs
of wear occur on the elasticized cord it
should be replaced, replacement cords are
available from Protect-a-Tow.
NOTE: Be sure when mounting Protect-a-Tow that
it does not come into contact with rear exhaust pipes
and/or exhaust. Protect-a-Tow is constructed of a
PVC coated polyester mesh that will be damaged
from direct contact with hot exhaust pipes. If you
have concerns regarding use or installation contact
Protect-a-Tow toll free at 1-888-264-5444.
90 day limited Manufacturers Warranty against defects in
material or workmanship.
498 Rall’s Island Rd.
Box 3775
The Pas, MB R9A 1S4
Toll free 1-888-264-5444
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