trouble shooting guide template

trouble shooting guide template
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Swing Breastpump
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1. Q: I have low or no suction
A: Minimum vacuum is always automatically set at 50 mmHg
If there is low or no suction make sure:
> the breastshield forms a complete seal around the breast
> all connections of the kit and breastpump are secure
> the white valve head is lying flat against the yellow valve head.
> Check that the valve head is clean and not damaged
> the ends of the tubing are fit securely into the backs of the breastshield connector and into
the port on the breastpump
> the ends of the tubing are fit securely into the backs of the breastshield and into the port
on the Breastpump
2. Q: I had no problems and then last time I used it I felt that the vacuum is not as strong
A: check valve head and membrane assembly
Wash the components thoroughly to remove any milk residue
Ensure that the tubing is assembled and fits snugly into the motor port and breastshield
If in battery mode – replace the batteries
3. Q: I’m not getting as much milk out as previously
A: see frequently asked questions on milk supply advise
Discuss the possibility of the breastshield size being too small or too big
4. Q: what do I need to sterilize?
A: all components that come into contact with breastmilk :- bottle, breastshield, valve head and
membrane, breastshield connector
5. Q: Do I need to sterilise the tubing
A: We do not recommend sterilization of the tubing. Microwave sterilization is not suitable for
the tubing
6. Q: Milk has accidentally back-flowed into the tubing and pump
A: turn off the pump and unplug from the power source use a damp cloth and proceed as
> Open the battery cover; remove the expanded – plastic liner
> Wash the expanded plastic liner with clear, lukewarm water and squeeze out well. Allow to
dry out thoroughly
> Pour about 10mls of warm soapy water into a container
> Connect the tubing and power cable onto the pump
> hold the end of the tubing that is not connected to the pump into the container with the
soapy water
> Hold the breastpump (Medela swing face up) over a dry bowl and switch on. The water is
pumped through the tubing into the device and flows out again through the opening
beneath the battery cover.
Allow it to pump until all the water has been flushed through
> repeat this procedure again with 10mls of clear, warm water
> then leave the device switched on for a further 3 minutes, so that the pump can dry out
> as soon as the expanded plastic liner is dry, put it in place again and close the battery
> the pump is ready to use again
7. Q: There is condensation in the tubing
A: > check that the customer is not sterilizing the tubing
> It may be that the customer is storing her breastpump in a dry cool area / or is connecting
up to a breastshield and kit that has just been removed from the sterilizer
> When moist warm air comes into contact with cool dry air – condensation occurs
> To resolve - let the pump run after you have completed pumping with tubing only attached
for 1- 2mins or until dry
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0870 950 5994
Weekday: 8.30 - 4.30pm
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