Stereoins1 - Antique Automobile Radio

Stereoins1 - Antique Automobile Radio
Connecting Options to your radio
Your radio has a pair of RCA input jacks installed that allows other audio
sources to play through the radio. To install a CD changer, XM receiver, or
other accessory simply plug the audio outputs into the female RCA jacks
provided on the radio. You may also want to use the orange wire to provide 12
volt power for accessory. The orange wire is a 12 volt source that is only “on”
when the radio is on. Follow the manufacturers instructions for installation, and
disregard the part about antenna plugs (if applicable). That’s all there is to it!
Switching between the radio and an accessory connected to the RCA jacks is
done automatically when an audio signal is present at the inputs. When the
accessory is put into the “play” mode, or the XM receiver is turned on, the
radio will switch off, and the RCA inputs will become active. When no audio is
detected at the inputs for more than 10 seconds, the accessory is assumed to be
turned off, and the radio will resume playing. If your radio has an LED status
indicator, it will be off while the radio is in the auxiliary input mode. The
volume, tone, and hardware controls for balance and fader (if present) will be
functional in this mode, but if your radio uses alternate (software) balance
and/or fader controls, they will not be accessible in the auxiliary input mode.
(Alternate controls can only be adjusted in FM mode).
Release date
January 2006
Follow the manufacturers instructions for adjusting the audio input level. For
example, the audio output level from the XM receivers can be adjusted from
the XM controller via the options menu. See the XM instructions for details.
When the radio is turned off with the radio on/off switch, the accessory will
automatically turn off if the orange wire is used for power.
If your radio incorporates a factory 8 track or cassette tape option, it will begin
playing as soon as a tape is inserted just as it did originally even if the radio is
in the auxiliary input mode when the tape is turned on. The LED status
indicator (if present) will be turned off while the tape is playing. The order of
priority is tape/auxiliary input/radio.
You’ve come a long way, baby!
Caution! The orange wire is a 12 volt control line that is powered directly from
the main switch in the radio. It is intended to be an output only. The maximum
current it can safely source is 5 Amps continuous. If the orange wire is shorted
to ground serious damage may occur!
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