Buy middle or top of the range Aastra and Yealink

Buy middle or top of the range Aastra and Yealink
Free Yealink headset!
Buy middle or top of the range Aastra and Yealink phones and you
will receive a Yealink headset as a gift!
Buy any one of the products listed below and you can have a fully compatible, high quality Yealink YHS32
headset with a comfortable headband for free!*
Yealink YHS32 is the over-the-head style headset which is made for office worker, SOHO, or call center staff. It is compliant
with the full range of Yealink enterprise IP phones. It features professional design, with large size ear pad, padded T-bar,
pliable steel headband, 330 adjustable microphone boom and ultra light weight with only 50g. This is ensuring user
remarkable comfort even wearing all day long. The ultra noise cancelling technology improves excellent voice quality.
Moreover, the Quick Disconnection jack enables user quick leave for a short time or switch to other sound equipments.
Yealink YHS32 stands its unique position in the market with the combination of comfortable experience, durable life cycle,
superior voice quality and competitive price.
The list of products included in this promotion:
Aastra 6735i
Aastra 6737i
Aastra 6739i
Price: HUF 60 060 + VAT
Price: HUF 66 454 + VAT
Price: 115 787 + VAT
Aastra 6755i
Aastra 6757i
Yealink T26P
Price: HUF 53 393 + VAT
Price: HUF 59 787 + VAT
Price: 33 878 + VAT
Yealink T28P
Yealink T38P
Yealink VP530
Price: 44 158 + VAT
Price: 60 514 + VAT
Price: 91 315 + VAT
*The offer is valid for orders received by Assono Hungary Ltd. on or before 31st July 2013. Discount schemes cannot be
combined. The prices can change depending on the exchange rate.
For further information please write to or call us at +36 1 801 8500
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