K-series axial fans features

K-series axial fans features
K-series axial fans
K-series axial fans are designed for application in
factory assembled cooling towers and air-cooled heat
exchangers. This is a pure Howden quality product, with
superior performance at lowest power consumption and
with timesaving features.
K-series fan blades, with the innovative “Aerotip”
(patented) and the radius-cut inboard edge, have been
designed for a high power recovery providing excellent
aerodynamic performance.
Howden Cooling Fans
The Netherlands
The resilient and damped connection of the fan blades
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silently without vibration problems.
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to the hub guarantees the fan will operate smoothly and
K-series axial fans features
• Assembly of a complete fan in 15 minutes.
• Blades can be assembled onto the hub in any sequence.
• Blade pitch angles are factory pre-set to match customers’ actual duty points.
• No need to re-pitch blades after start-up due to reliable fan selection data.
• Easy fan diameter reduction for out-of-tolerance fan casings.
• Reduced vibrations transmitted to cooler structure.
• Variable frequency drives (VFDs) can be used at any speed, except at cooler
structure’s natural frequency.
• Fan diameters range from 5 ft. to 16 ft. K-series fans are designed for
operation in both horizontal or vertical position.
• Standard operating temperature range from –46 °C to +120 °C
(–5 °F to +248 °F).
• Extruded aluminium master-balanced fan blades are supplied pre-assembled.
• Resilient and damped connection of the K-series fan blades to the hub.
• High quality carbon steel fan hub for fitting to drive shaft with either a
cylindrical bore or taper-lock bushing.
• Steel parts are cataphoresed (as for automotive suspension components) or
powder coated for high-grade corrosion protection.
• Fan is packed in one box per cooler.
Top: Assembly of
the K-series fan
Bottom: KNF fan in
our parallel test unit.
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