Instructions for Installing the HQ Pro-Stitcher Update

Instructions for Installing the HQ Pro-Stitcher Update
Instructions for Installing the
HQ Pro-Stitcher Update
Updating from Versions 12.08.0012 or newer
ATTENTION: Before beginning the update process, please confirm that this update is
compatible with your HQ Pro-Stitcher computer. You must have either an ASUS Eee PC
Netbook computer (identified by the “Eee PC” logo as shown in Figure 1) or an Acer Iconia
Tab computer (identified by the Acer logo as shown in Figure 2).
For all other HQ Pro-Stitcher computers/monitors (including the IEI, Lilliput and Innovatek
brands), DO NOT install this update without purchasing an HQ Pro-Stitcher computer
upgrade. Installing this update on one of those systems could cause the Pro-Stitcher
computer to stop functioning.
Figure 1
Step 1 - Download
the HQ ProStitcher Update File and the
Art & Stitch Installation File
1.1 Click the download links one at a time to
begin downloading each of the installation
files. If you have previously downloaded
and installed the Art & Stitch update
from the Handi Quilter website, it is not
necessary to download the Art & Stitch
update again until a newer version is
Figure 2
HINT: Instead of left-clicking on the link, rightclick and select either Save Target As (for
Internet Explorer users) or Save Link As (for
Google Chrome users). Then save the file
directly to the USB flash drive instead of the
default Downloads folder.
1.3 C
onfirm that you have version 12.08.0012
or later. The version information can be
found by going to Settings, Advanced,
About. If you have a different version,
please refer to the instructions for that
1.2 Save the files (PSUpdate.12_10_0020_H.
exe and ArtStitchSetup2526.exe or newer)
to a USB flash drive. Do not select
the option to Run the file or you will be
installing on your desktop computer.
Instructions - Installing HQ Pro-Stitcher Update 1
Step 2 - Installing Art & Stitch
2.1 If you have already installed the latest
version of Art & Stitch (version 2526 or
newer), there is no need to re-install
Art & Stitch. Otherwise, from the Windows
desktop, follow the instructions in step
3 to open the keyboard and open a file
browser window.
3.4 F
ollow the instructions on-screen for
installing the HQ Pro-Stitcher software.
Screen 1: P
ress Start
Screen 2: S
elect your system type and
press Next
2.2 L
ocate the ArtStitchSetup2526.exe file
or newer and double-tap it to begin
2.3 F
ollow the instructions to install the latest
Art & Stitch software.
2.4 R
e-boot the HQ Pro-Stitcher computer
from the Windows Start menu.
Screen 3: P
ress Confirm
Step 3 - U
pdate Instructions for
version 12.08.0012 or newer
3.1 If version 12.08.0012 or newer has already
been installed, it is possible to update
to the latest version using the Update
function within the Pro-Stitcher software.
Choose Design, File and then select
3.2 Browse to find the update file on your USB
flash drive. Either double-tap the file or
single tap and press Run.
3.3 Find the Pro-Stitcher installation file (i.e.
PSUpdate.12_10_0020.exe) (change
drive letter and/or folder if necessary) and
double-tap to start the HQ Pro-Stitcher
Instructions - Installing HQ Pro-Stitcher Update 2
Screen 4: A new window will pop up. Read and
accept the license terms by marking
the check box and then press
Install. Do NOT mark the bottom
box to send information to Microsoft.
Screen 5: W
hen Visual C++ is complete,
select Finish.
Screen 6: Press Close when finished.
If the Visual C++ 2010 files are already
installed, you will get a prompt to Repair or
Uninstall. If this window appears, just select
3.5 R
e-boot the HQ Pro-Stitcher computer
from the Windows Start menu.
You will get another prompt asking if you are
sure you want to cancel. Select Yes.
NOTE: Alternatively, if the update file is saved
to the root directory of the USB flash drive
rather than in a folder on the USB drive, simply
insert the USB flash drive into an available
USB port on the HQ Pro-Stitcher and turn on
the computer (or re-boot if it is already on).
When the Pro-Stitcher computer boots up, it will
recognize that there is a new update version
and prompt to install the update.
For further questions, please contact us at: 877-697-8458 or 801-292-7988
445 N 700 W North Salt Lake, Utah 84054
Instructions - Installing HQ Pro-Stitcher Update 3
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