1. operating principle mondo
General operation
Cold water is evaporated using a throughflow element
and distributed over the filter basket, which is filled with
coffee, via the spray head. The coffee is collected in a
glass jug and kept at temperature by a PTC element.
Water dosing system
D Press the ON/OFF pushbutton.
D Machine emits an audible signal and the illumination
light goes on for one second
D The machine is now ready for use.
First use
Before the first use the appliance must be flushed. To
do this, fill the cold water reservoir with a full jug of
water and wait at least 2 minutes before switching on
the machine.
The quick filter works on the basis of the throughflow
principle. The throughflow system consists of the
following main components:
1. Cold water reservoir
2. Float
3. Throughflow element
4. Spray head with electrodes
5. Filter basket
6. Jug
7. PTC element
When the machine is switched on for the first time, the
cold water reservoir will be empty and the float at the
lowermost position.
D A full jug must be poured manually into the cold
water reservoir
D The water in the cold water reservoir flows to the
throughflow boiler
D After the water has pushed the float upwards, the
element is switched on.
D The indicator lamp in the switch starts to flash.
The water in the throughflow element is evaporated via
the spray head to the filter basket. The element
switches off when the float in the cold water reservoir is
back in its lowermost position again. After the element
has been switched off, the light in the switch will be lit
continuously. 70 then the light in the switch switches off
and a signal sounds 3 times.
Operating system
The operating system consists of a:
D Keyboard
D Main board
The keyboard is located behind the control panel at the
front of the machine. On this keyboard are the
illuminated pushbuttons and indicator lamps.
The water in the filter basket drains through the coffee 1.5.2
Main board
and the filter paper. A filter basket spring on the bottom
of the filter basket prevents the filter paper sticking to
The main board is located at the rear inside the
the bottom and the coffee not being able to flow to the machine and is fitted with various electronics for
controlling the machine. The supply for the keyboard is
controlled from the main board.
Descaling indication
Depending on the use and water hardness, in the
course of time scale forms in the spray head. The more
scale accumulates here, the slower the water flows out
of the spray basin. If the electrodes in the spray head
still make contact with the water 12 seconds after the
heating has been switched off, the descaling lamp
starts flashing. If the machine is descaled, the level of
the water lowers fast enough again in the spray basin
and the descaling lamp will no longer flash.
Temperature holding
The warming plate consists of an aluminium part with a
PTC element (Positive Temperature Coefficient)
underneath it. This PTC element is constructed from a
number of ceramic beads. The electrical resistance of
these beads is determined by the surface temperature.
Depending on the temperature in de coffee jug on the
warming plate, less or more power is fed through the
PTC element. In this way the coffee stays at the right
holding temperature regardless of the quantity.
Water container full
When the machine is off and the cold water reservoir is
filled, the water container indicator lamp on the front of
the machine will light.
Hardware protections
The machine is equipped with a number of hardware
protections. These protections ensure that no
dangerous situations can occur in the appliance.
Overflow protection
This protection is located in the cold water reservoir
and ensures that, if the water becomes too high,
excess water is passed through an overflow hose at the
bottom of the machine.
Boiling−dry protection
The boiling−dry protection consists of two thermal
protections (klixons) on the cover of the throughflow
boiler. These protections are connected in series with
the element supply cables. If, as the result of a fault,
the throughflow boiler is not switched off, the cover will
become warmer than 100_C. One klixon interrupts one
supply element cable if the temperature of the cover
rises above 110_C and thus prevents the element
boiling dry. This klixon reset automatically when the
cover has cooled down enough. The second klixon
interrupts the other supply cable if the temperature on
the cover rises above 140_C. This klixon must be reset
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