ENER002 Radio Socket User Instructions Issue 5 V2

ENER002 Radio Socket User Instructions Issue 5 V2
Using the hand controller to switch the sockets
• Plug your appliances then use the numbered button pairs
you have selected to switch the required socket ON or OFF
• Use the ALL button pair to switch all sockets paired with
this controller ON or OFF at the same time.
Using the green button on the housing to switch the
• Press the green button on the housing to toggle the socket
ON/OFF during normal operation.
Add a new hand controller
The socket can remember upto 2 hand controllers. Put the
socket into learning mode again as indicated in the Setting
-up procedure and follow the same procedure for the new
hand controller.
Setting up - Learning remote controller key codes
1. Remove the battery protective tag from the hand controller - the battery is pre-installed.
2. Insert the plug into a powered mains wall socket. The red
indicator light near the ON/OFF button should flash at 1
second intervals indicating it is ready to learn a key code
from the hand controller.
If the light is not flashing, ensure the socket is off, then
press and hold the green button on the front of the socket
for 6 seconds or so until it starts to flash.
3. Point the hand controller at the socket and press and hold
briefly one of the pairs of numbered buttons you wish to use
to control the socket. The red indicator light on the extension lead will flash quickly and then turn off to indicate the
socket was successfully programmed.
al con
• Radio controlled Socket with controller for use with domestic appliances.
• Conveniently switch off appliances, reduce Standby usage and save money
• The remote control does not require direct line-of-sight to operate. It can work even when
the socket is hidden behind furniture or in an adjacent room.
• 4 channel remote control with all On/Off buttons.
• Dual controller option, a socket can now be controlled by two remote controllers
• 13 Amp rated sockets to BS5733, indoor use only.
Radio Controlled Sockets
3V CR2032
Dual Controller Option
The socket can be controlled by two
remote controllers can be purchase
through our website.
• When an attempt is made to link a
third controller with a socket, it will
automatically overwrite the memory
of the first controller.
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