Snitch Installation Guide

Snitch Installation Guide
Installation Guide
Install GPS
Important! Proper mounting and positioning of the GPS is critical to
optimal performance of the Snitch.
Note: The GPS can be unplugged from Snitch for easier cable routing.
Mount the GPS under a window face up (as in picture above), normally either the front or rear
screen, as these generally provide the maximum view of the sky. Secure the GPS with Velcro
or suitable glue. The GPS has a magnetic base for mounting directly onto a metal surface.
► The top of the GPS must point towards the sky and should be horizontal ie as flat as
► The GPS must not be obscured by any metallic object (including front windscreens with
heating, UV filters or metallic tints).
Typical GPS mounting positions
For covert installations the GPS can be mounted under plastic, carpet or fibre glass;
eg inside a dash or the topside of a parcel tray.
► Snitch Inc recommends covert installations be carried out by an approved Snitch installer.
Covert GPS mounting positions
GPS signals will penetrate plastic dashboard, upholstery, carpet, etc, but not metal panels or
An ideal location is under the dashboard, as high and close to the front windshield as
Install Snitch
Note! If you plan on installing backup batteries 5 then make sure you can still access your
Snitch as the best time to insert these is after testing 6
Mount the Snitch in a location that minimises the likelihood of damage to the stubby antenna
and cabling.
► Ensure the antenna is not obstructed by metal.
► Make sure the stubby antenna is in a vertical position after mounting the Snitch.
► Avoid locations of excessive heat (ie proximity to heaters)
► Ensure Snitch is mounted where it is protected from moisture.
GSM/GPRS signals will penetrate plastic dashboard, upholstery, carpet, etc, but not metal
panels or brackets.
An ideal location is under the dashboard, as high and close to the front windshield as
You can use a 021 cellphone with a signal indicator bar as a guide for signal reception.
Connecting Power (4.4V to 36V)
Important! Snitch must be connected to a continuous power source for proper operation.
Connect the brown wire to the vehicle battery Negative supply (Ground / Earth).
Connect the brown-white wire to the vehicle battery Positive (+) supply.
►This line should be fused at the source to provide protection against shorting of
the cable, (Snitch is internally fused).
Alarm sense (optional)
Important! This input requires a ground for 5 seconds to send an alarm notification.
Connect the orange wire to an active ground output of the alarm system.
Backup batteries (optional)
Important! Install batteries last to avoid unnecessary backup battery drain.
Using an Allen key, unscrew the 2 screws at the bottom of Snitch, and remove the bottom
panel. Fit 4 AA energizer batteries into the battery holder observing the markings for correct
Note! The GPS can take up to 10 minutes to acquire a fix on first power up.
Make sure that power is connected to Snitch.
For the first test, the vehicle should be outdoors in an open area where GPS signals can be
readily received.
Snitch will now need to be configured, please see users guide included with Snitch on how to
do this…
See for troubleshooting.
Installation Tips:
o Inventory all parts on receipt. Check for damage or missing components.
o Always use a 2-amp in-line fuse to protect Snitch from damage and prevent damage not
covered by warranty.
o Always use a multi-meter.
o Make sure wires are not pinched.
o Do not place the GPS antenna behind tinting that may have metal in it.
o Make sure your Snitch gets constant power even when the ignition is off by testing with a
multi-meter. Watch the power when the vehicle is started and shut down. Some power
leads can loose all power during starting which will cause problems with the GPS
systems. It should not dip below 6 volts.
o Fuse taps are a fast and easy way to get power from the fuse panel.
o Do not block or cover the GPS antenna with metal.
o Make sure the GPS antenna is facing up and laying as flat as possible. Secure the
antenna in place with glue, velcro or zip ties.
o Secure antennas placed inside the dash so they don't shift at a later time and create a
communication issue.
o Make sure your Snitch is operating correctly before closing up the dash.
o Never tap into wires that may impact the safety of the vehicle such as an airbag wire.
o If in doubt contact a professional Snitch installer. Damage caused by incorrect installation
is not covered by the Snitch warranty.
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