priming the fuel system after the fuel change

priming the fuel system after the fuel change
C2045, T2140.T2145 with Detroit Diesel DD13
Connect the coupler from
your priming tank to the
priming nipple valve
Remove dust
cover priming
nipple valve
DAVCO Technology, LLC.
Shop Pro FXP
Step 1: Connect the Shop Pro FXP to
a power source. The 120VAC model is
shown below.
Step 2: Remove the fuel tank fill cap
and insert the pick-up wand into the
fuel tank. Open the pick-up wand ball
Step 3: Connect the priming hose to
the pressure hose quick disconnect
Step 4: Connect the Compucheck
fitting to the priming port on the engine
fuel module. Open the ball valve.
Step 5: Turn the Shop Pro FXP ON.
Step 6: Prime the fuel system for two
(2) minutes.
Step 7: When priming is complete,
turn the Shop Pro FXP OFF. Close the
ball valve on the pressure hose.
Step 8: Remove the Compucheck
adapter from the engine fuel filter
module. Use a shop rag to catch any
retained fuel when disconnecting the
priming hose from the Shop Pro
pressure hose. Return the priming
hose to the cart.
Step 9: Remove the pick-up wand
from the fuel tank. Allow the fuel to
drain back into the tank before closing
the ball valves. Return the wand to the
Priming the fuel system after fuel filter
change (Using J-47912 priming can)
1. Ensure priming canister is ¾ full (approximately
9 liters) of fuel.
2. Install fuel priming canister to the priming
port on the fuel filter module.
3. Ensure priming canister shutoff valve is closed.
4. Pressurize priming canister to maximum
5. Open shutoff valve and allow system to fill
for 60 seconds.
6. Close shut off valve.
7. Check for fuel leaks, repair as necessary.
8. Crank engine for no more than 20 seconds.
9. If the engine starts, go to step12.
10. If engine does not start, allow for a 60-second
cool-down and repeat steps 4-8. The starting
cycle can be repeated up to three times.
11. If engine still fails to start:
[a] Use DDDL to check for fault codes.
Repair as necessary.
[b] Repeat steps 4 through 9.
12. Remove priming canister from filter module.
13. Allow engine to reach operating temperature
60°C (140°F).
14. Increase engine speed to 1800 RPM for
three minutes.
15. Reduce RPM and check for fuel leaks or
service codes. Repair or clear if necessary.
Leaving the hose connected with the engine running will cause the holding tank to overfill.
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