Vision Net M504

Vision Net M504
Vision Net M504
The VisionNet M504 is a router and DSL modem combo unit. It is a DSL modem and will also work with the fiber network
using port 4 the ‘Omni-Port’
To log into a VisionNet, set the of the laptop or PC LAN connection to DHCP and the Ethernet cable is plugged into ports
1,2 or 3
Open a browser and type press ‘enter’ the user id is admin the password is 0123456789
VisionNet M504
Page 1
The welcome screen looks like this
Click on the ‘WAN’ link on the left
VisionNet M504
Page 2
It will expand, click on ‘WAN Services’
Click on the ‘edit’ button for the atm0 Interface
VisionNet M504
Page 3
Click on the ‘Next’ button
Ensure the ‘Obtain an IP automatically’ is enabled
VisionNet M504
Page 4
If not then, click in the radio button then click next
Click ‘Next’
VisionNet M504
Page 5
Click the ‘Apply/Save’ button
Click the ‘Apply/Save’ button
VisionNet M504
Page 6
Your done setting up the router for DHCP, while you are here check the firmware and update it if it is older than
Older versions are
and GAN5.CZ56T-B-DQ-R4B056-US.EN
The firmware version is on the QuickView screen
VisionNet M504
Page 7
To update the firmware, click on the ‘Management’ link
Click on ‘Firmware Upgrade’ link
VisionNet M504
Page 8
Click the ‘Browse’ button and find the software then click the ‘Upgrade Software’ button
The software will update then reboot the router
VisionNet M504
Page 9
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