Quick Copying Guide - Xerox Support and Drivers

Quick Copying Guide - Xerox Support and Drivers
Quick Copying Guide
Displays information and provides
access to printer functions.
Press to access services, such as copy,
scan, and fax, on the touch screen.
Press to view the list of active and
completed jobs on the touch screen.
Press to access the options for the
selected feature, such as copy, scan,
or fax, on the touch screen.
Press to view supplies status, printer
information, etc., on the touch screen.
Log In/Out
Press to view a help message about
the current selection on the touch screen.
Press to wake from Energy Saver mode.
Clears previous settings.
Press to change the touch screen language
and keyboard settings.
Press to pause a print, copy, scan, or fax job.
On the touch screen, touch Resume to
continue or Delete to cancel the job.
Press to enter alphanumeric information.
Press to interrupt printing.
Press again to resume printing.
Press to insert a pause in a fax number.
Press to delete numeric values or the
last digit entered.
Press to start a copy, scan, or fax job.
Basic Copying
1. Place the originals faceup in the document feeder, or facedown
on the glass.
Image Quality
Output Color
Paper Supply
Auto Detect
4. Select the number of copies with the alphanumeric keypad buttons.
2-Sided Copying
Job Assembly
Copy Output
2. Touch the Copy icon on the touch screen.
3. Confirm or change options (shown at right) as desired.
Output Format
Auto Select
1 Staple
1 2 Sided
4 8.5 x 11"
2 2 Sided
1 8.5 x 11"
2 1 Sided
3 8.5 x 11"
6. For more information, see Copying in the User Guide.
1 1 Sided
Black & White
5. Press the green Start button.
Rotate Side 2
Copy tab options
Other tab options
Output Color
• Auto Detect allows the printer to detect and copy in color or
black and white.
• Black & White copies in black and white only.
• Touch More for more options.
Image Quality
• Original Type
• Image Options
• Image Enhancement
• Color Presets
• Color Balance
Output Format
• Booklet Creation
• Special Pages
• Annotations
• Transparency Separators
• Page Layout
Layout Adjustment
• Original Orientation
• Original Size
• Book Copying
• Image Shift
• Edge Erase
• Invert Image
Job Assembly
• Build Job
• Sample Job
• Save Current Settings
• Retrieve Saved Settings
• Touch the minus (–) or plus (+) button to change the copy size
• Touch More for more options.
Paper Supply
• Auto Select allows the printer to select trays with the correct paper size.
• Touch one of the trays displayed to select a tray manually.
• Touch More for more information about tray settings.
2-Sided Copying
• Touch one of the listed options to copy one or two sides
of the original to one or two sides of the output.
• Touch Rotate Side 2 to rotate the second side of copies 180 degrees.
Copy Output
• Touch the desired options for collation and stapling.
The list will vary depending on the finisher configuration.
• Touch More for more options.
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