3CX Phone User Guide
3CX Phone User Guide - Grandstream Phones Only
How to Use your Grandstream Phone
Handset, Speakerphone and Headset Mode
The GXP2100 and GXP2110 phones will allow you to make phone calls via handset, speakerphone, or
headset mode. During the active calls the user can switch between the handset and the speaker by
pressing the speaker key. For headsets to operate, the user must plug the headset to an RJ9 port on the
phone, which allows the user to pick-up, speak, or hang-up calls.
Making Phone Calls
There are many ways to complete a call:
1. DIAL: To make a phone call.
• Take Handset/SPEAKER/Headset off-hook or press an available LINE key (activates
• Enter the phone number
• Press the SEND key
2. REDIAL: To redial the last dialed phone number.
When the phone is on hook, press SEND key directly to redial.
3. USING CALL HISTORY: To call a phone number in Call History
• Press the MENU button to bring up the Main Menu.
• Select Call History and then “Answered Calls” “Dialed Calls”, “Missed Calls” “Transferred
• Calls” or “Forwarded Calls” depending on your needs
• Select phone number using the arrow keys
• Press OK to select
• Press OK again to dial.
3CX Phone User Guide
- Grandstream Phones Only
4. USING THE PHONEBOOK: To call a phone number from Phonebook
Go to the phonebook by:
• Pressing the phonebook button (bottom, left-hand side of phone), or
• Pressing the DOWN arrow key, or
• Pressing the menu button and selecting “Phone book”
• Pressing MENU
Select the phone number by using the arrow keys
Press OK so select
Press OK again to dial.
Answering Phone Calls
1. Incoming single call:
Answer call by taking Handset/SPEAKER/Headset off hook or pressing SPEAKER or by pressing the
corresponding account LINE button.
2. Incoming multiple calls:
When another call comes in while having an active call, the phone will produce a Call Waiting
tone. Answer the incoming call by pressing its corresponding LINE button. The current active call
will be put on hold.
Phone Functions during a Phone Call
Disconnecting a Call
To disconnect a call, hang up receiver or press the hands free key if using hands free.
Call Waiting/ Call Hold
1. Hold: Place a call on hold by pressing the “HOLD” button.
2. Resume: Resume call by pressing the corresponding blinking LINE.
3. Multiple Calls: Automatically place ACTIVE call on “HOLD” by selecting another available LINE to place
or receive another call.
3CX Phone User Guide - Grandstream Phones Only
1. Press the MUTE button to enable/disable muting the microphone.
2. The “Line Status Indicator” will show “LINEx: SPEAKING” or “LINEx: MUTE” to indicate whether the
microphone is muted.
Call Parking
The Multi-Purpose Key buttons can be configured for Call Parking. To park a call, check for an un-used
park key, press the park key you want to use, and then notify the person who the call is parked for. To
recover a parked call, press the park key that the call is on.
Call Transfer
The phone supports both Blind and Attended transfer.
1. Blind Transfer: To transfer a call un-announced.
Press “TRANSFER” button, then dial the number and press the “SEND” button.
2. Attended Transfer: To announce a call to be transferred.
• Press an unused line to call the person the call is being transferred to. This will automatically
place the active call on HOLD.
• Once you establish the new call and announce the call being transferred, press the “TRANSFER”
key then the LINE button of the waiting call.
• Hang up the phone call after “Transfer Successful” is displayed in the screen.
Conference Calls
The phone can host conference calls and supports up a 4 party call.
To Initiate a Conference Call:
• Establish a connection with each of the parties using the line keys (each call will be on hold but
• Press CONF button
• Choose the next line to join the conference by pressing the corresponding LINE button.
• Repeat previous two steps for all other parties that would like to join the conference.
Busy Lamp Field
The Multi-Purpose Key buttons can be configured for Busy Lamp Field function with a specified account.
When BLF is configured on one of the multi-functional buttons, the Speed Dial function will work when
that line is not in use. Call Pick Up is supported when user presses a flashing BLF key.
3CX Phone User Guide
- Grandstream Phones Only
Do Not Disturb
Press the “DND” button to enable/disable “Do Not Disturb” (for GXP2110) or set DND in MENU>Preference (for GXP2100), the corresponding icon will be on the right hand side of the screen. When
DND is enabled, the phone will not ring and send caller directly to voicemail.
GXP2100 Keypad Buttons
Key or Button
Multi-Purpose Keys
0 – 9, *, #
Line keys with LED, can be configured to different SIP profiles
Place ACTIVE call on hold
Press to dial out the number or redial when the phone is idle
Transfer an ACTIVE call to another number
Press CONF button to connect Calling/Called party into conference
Mute an active call
Press HEADSET key to answer/hang up phone calls while using headset.
It also allows user to toggle between headset and speaker
Enable/Disable DND (Not applicable on GXP2100)
Press to use intercom if intercom user ID is configured in web GUI
Press to enter menu when phone is in idle. Use it as ENTER key
Used for Parking, BLF, Speed dials, etc.
Standard phone keypad
Enter to retrieve voice mails or other messages
Brings phonebook on screen
Enable/Disable hands-free speaker
Enable/Disable handset mode ; or used as SEND/REDIAL
Navigation keys “Up” “Down” “Left” and “Right”
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