KIP 7100 - Source Graphics

KIP 7100 - Source Graphics
Multifunction Performance
Single Footprint Configuration
Color Touch Controls
Integrated Top Stacking
2 Media Roll Capacity
6 ‘D’ Size Prints Per Minute
KI P 7100
The productivity of the KIP 7100 system is designed to satisfy the most demanding needs of decentralized
users. The versatile KIP 7100 may also be expanded as a centralized network printer and simultaneously
provide workgroups with multifunction convenience.
KIP 7100 Precision Design
KIP 7100 System Expandability
The 7100 delivers fast and accurate copies and prints
The KIP 7100 provides operators with the flexibility to direct
using toner based imaging technology that produces UV
prints and copies to a preferred output destination – the
stable prints. 100% toner efficient KIP High Definition Print
integrated top stacking system and/or to an optional rear KIP
Technology ensures rich blacks and smooth gradients.
stacking system for increased production. KIP 7100 systems
Superior print, copy and scan resolution captures fine details
deliver the best of both worlds: walkup convenience and
with remarkable tone clarity, keeping reproductions true.
production printing!
Premier Performance & Quality
Smart Eco2 Design
Color Touch Controls
High Definition Print Technology
100% Toner Efficient- Zero Waste
Energy Star Qualified System
Recycled Paper Approved
Components 97% Recyclable
MFP - Single
Footprint System
Print Stacking
Auto Stacking
& Folding
KIP 7100 Touchscreen Printing
KIP 7100 Color Advanced
KIP 7100 provides the power
of touch controls to view, scale,
software provides versatile color
organize and print file sets from
scan, copy and print applications
USB drives, CD’s DVD’s and
designed to meet the demands
network locations. Total operator
efficiency is achieved through use of
the KIP 7100 central touchscreen,
The ultimate in copy
copy, scan
and print technology
is right at your fingertips.
of advanced operators from the
Touchscreen Color Print
KIP 7100 Touchscreen. KIP Color
Advanced features powerful color copying and printing to wide
the intuitive interface that displays
format inkjets. KIP Color Advanced Scanning, Printing & Copying:
all system control settings on one
Integrates with single or multiple printers
Color RIP system for graphic and technical files
Professional output options, include nesting, paneling,
screen to enhance productivity.
KIP 7100 Print Management Software
collated sets printing & cropping
KIP 7100 systems include powerful print management
applications and certified drivers that can be accessed from
Scan to Email, USB drives, mailboxes or network
an unlimited number of seats. A full featured web based print
Supports a full range of color file formats
management application utilizes standard browsers to print to
KIP 7100 Cost Reporting
the KIP 7100 via a corporate intranet or over the internet. A full
featured PC based printing application is provided to submit jobs
via networks or FTP sites with the same powerful feature set.
KIP Cloud Printing Web App
KIP Cloud Scanning Web App
Web & PC Based View & Print
Windows 7 Certified 32 & 64 bit Driver
AutoCAD 2011 Driver
Cost Reporting for all Functions
Dependent on system administration preferences, detailed
reports may be generated to include times, dates, user names,
job names, media used and related costs.
Smart Eco2 Design - Economical & Ecological
The Energy Star® qualified 7100 employs adjustable sleep
modes to keep power consumption to a minimum while
providing fast print times to keep busy workgroups moving.
High yielding, 100% efficient high definition toner delivers on
the promise of maximum system uptime.
Ultimate Document Mobility
The integrated USB port provides convenient access to files
Environmental Responsibility
stored on USB drives for instant viewing & printing of single
documents or full collated sets. Originals may be scanned
directly to a USB drive in a variety of file types, including
multipage PDF, TIF & DWF formats.
Conveniently integrated with KIP 7100 touchscreen
Print sets from & scan to integrated USB port
Streamlines mark-up document workflow
Color scan with quality presets
1530 N. Harmony Circle
Anaheim, CA 92807
Toll Free: 800.791.9042
P: 714.701.1500
F: 714.701.1505
KIP 7100 Certifications
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