LitePoint Bluetooth Advanced Brochure

LitePoint Bluetooth Advanced Brochure
Bluetooth Advanced
Bluetooth Smart Over-the-Air
Measurement Solution
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Bluetooth Smart is rapidly becoming one of the most widely deployed low-energy wireless technologies for IoT devices such as
wearables, home and industrial automation, and asset tracking. To be successful, these devices must provide reliable and consistent
performance, and often the only interface to these devices is through the wireless connection. Even for the lowest cost devices, RF
testing is an important part of engineering and manufacturing that can help ensure consistent quality and customer satisfaction.
To address this need, LitePoint has developed BT Advanced, a new Over-the-Air measurement technique specifically for BT Smart
peripheral and beacon devices.
IQxel-M Bluetooth Advanced Measurement System
The new LitePoint IQxel-M™ Bluetooth Advanced measurement system is a major advancement in the speed and efficiency
for performing over-the-air testing of BT Smart/BT Low Energy peripheral and beacon devices. Using LitePoint’s proprietary
measurement techniques, testing Bluetooth devices has been made simple and the system performs comprehensive transmitter
and receiver measurements in a matter of seconds. The solution is optimized for both engineering and manufacturing and works
with all BT Smart peripheral and beacon devices, regardless of chipset.
RF Enclosure
BT Smart is one of the fastest growing technologies in the Bluetooth family, and testing these devices quickly, with accuracy and
repeatability can be a challenge. Many low cost devices have no RF or digital connections, so over-the-air testing is the only method
available. On beacon devices, the IQxel-M can perform TX power and TX quality measurements, and on peripheral devices, TX power,
TX quality, RX sensitivity and RX Packet Error Rate are all available. The Bluetooth in your device is what makes it wireless. Relying on
basic go/no-go testing is far too risky to your product and your brand. With the Bluetooth Advanced measurement system, you can
quickly and accurately perform parametric measurements and verify results against pass/fail limits, providing you with confidence
knowing that your product will work in the real world…every time.
Advanced Measurement Methodology
BT Smart devices use dedicated advertising channels to transmit beacon signals or to establish a connection with a controller.
These advertising channels are distributed across the 2.4 GHz band, providing an excellent method to characterize a device at
multiple frequencies. The IQxel-M with BT Advanced measurement solution uses these advertising channels to perform transmitter
and receiver measurements, providing excellent coverage and confidence in the parametric performance of the device. The device
is tested using its normal commercial firmware, not test firmware, and therefore improves confidence that the results are correlated
with actual performance of real devices.
In an engineering environment, transmitter power, transmitter quality, and receiver sensitivity are important measurements to
perform and IQxel-M performs these quickly, with high accuracy and repeatability. Measurement results are reported on all
LitePoint Bluetooth Advanced: Bluetooth Smart Over-the-Air Measurement Solution 2
advertising channels, giving confidence in the RF performance across the 2.4 GHz band. In manufacturing, speed is equally as
important as the test coverage, and for most devices, a typical transmitter and receiver test can be performed in <5 seconds for
all 3 advertising channels. This is a very rapid test that ensures both the transmitter and receiver are functional and performing
within user defined specifications.
Turnkey, Proven Test System
The application software provided with BT Advanced is built on LitePoint’s proven IQfact+ software platform. IQfact+ is a test
manager that provides fast and easy setup to perform testing in either a benchtop or fully automated manufacturing environment.
IQfact+ allows engineers to configure the measurement parameters such as number of packets and test limits, and during
operation, IQfact+ manages the test flow, provides a pass/fail indication, and automatically logs actual measurement results in
simple csv or text files.
IQfact+ BT Advanced Test Item
Measurements Performed (channels 37, 38, 39)
BLE_TX_Only (for beacon devices)
Tx Power
TX Quality (FM deviation and Freq Drift)
BLE_TX_RX_PER (for manufacturing)
Tx Power
TX Quality (FM deviation and Freq Drift)
RX Packet Error Rate
BLE_TX_RX_Sweep (for design verification)
Tx Power
TX Quality (FM deviation and Freq Drift)
RX Sensitivity
IQxel-M: A Powerful platform for future wireless testing
IQxel-M is a powerful hardware platform with frequency coverage from 860 MHz to 6 GHz. This platform is widely used today in
manufacturing and engineering applications for Wi-Fi, BT, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and GPS. The hardware comes fully calibrated across
the entire frequency range and these additional wireless capabilities can be added to any test system through simple software
licenses. As technologies evolve, you can be confident that your measurement system can grow with you.
Ordering and Configuration
IQxel-M BT Advanced is available as a stand-alone software license or as a convenient bundle with hardware, software licenses,
and application software. For users that already have IQxel-M, this new capability can be added as a field upgrade.
BT Advanced Bundle
IQxel-M bundle for BT Smart
BT Advanced License
Adds BT Advanced to any
IQxel-M with BT license
Part Number
(field upgrade)
IQxel-M with 2 ports active for ping-pong testing
BT measurements License
BT Advanced License (enables Over-the-Air testing)
IQfact+ BT Advanced application software
BT Advanced License (enables Over-the-Air testing)
IQfact+ BT Advanced application software
* Requires IQxel-M with 1.16.1 FW
* Requires IQxel-M with BT measurements license (0300-IXLM-002)
LitePoint Bluetooth Advanced: Bluetooth Smart Over-the-Air Measurement Solution 3
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