ORBOT Micro Orbital Dual Driver Tool OPERATION

ORBOT Micro Orbital Dual Driver Tool OPERATION
Orbital Dual Driver Tool
WARNING: Read all safety instructions completely and carefully before the first use of operation.
Ignoring the instructions can lead to serious consequences, such as electric shocks, fires and serious injuries.
• Do not use the ORBOT Micro in conjunction with flammable liquids, gases or other substances.
• Keep away children and bystanders during use.
Working with electricity
• Check the compatibility between plug and outlet.
• Do not use the ORBOT Micro in rain or extreme wet conditions.
• Be cautious with the power cable. The power cord must never be used for carrying, pulling or removing the machine
from the power outlet. Keep the power cord away from heat, oil, sharp edges and moving objects. Damaged or twisted
cables increase the risk of electric shock.
• In outdoor applications, an appropriate extension cord should be used.
• It is recommended to use residual current devices for any application.
Personal Safety
• Be careful and attentive when operating. The machine should not be used when feeling fatigue or under the
influence of alcohol and drugs.
• We recommend the use of safety glasses, mouth and noise protection for certain applications.
• Make sure that the machine is turned off before plugging the power cord into the outlet.
• Avoid unintentional contact with the start switch and turn off the device during transport.
• Remove all objects and tools such as for changing the accessories before putting the machine into service.
• Dress appropriately, avoid wearing loose clothing and jewelry. Long hair should be tied back.
• The use of suction devices reduces the risk of health impairments affected by dust.
Before the operation
• Use the ORBOT Micro exclusively for the intended applications.
• If the on-/off-switch should fail, have the machine repaired immediately. Do not use the machine with a defective on/off-switch, even if it works with the power supply.
• Remove the power cord from the outlet and read the instructions carefully. Everyone who operates the machine or
gets close to it should take appropriate safety precautions.
• Always check the machine for any damage or mechanical defects before operating it. If damaged or defected, have
the machine repaired before the next use.
• Use only HOS accessories and attachments recommended only by HOS.
• The ORBOT Micro must be repaired exclusively by HOS or an authorized HOS dealer. Ensure that all HOS
replacement parts are used.
Safety and Cleaning instructions
• Use only official HOS ORBOT Micro accessories an attachments.
• Always make sure that all accessories are fit and intact for a safe operation.
• Never use a damaged accessory. Check each item before mounting it to the machine. Always keep the machine in a
position in which you and others are safe from other moving parts.
• Keep the power cord at a distance to all moving parts.
• Do not use the ORBOT Micro in the vicinity of flammable materials to avoid sparks or fire.
• Do not use attachments for which liquid coolants are needed. Using liquid coolants or other fluids can cause fatal
electric shocks.
Take precautions when running against boarders!
• Defective or worn threads or essays may cause setbacks and uncontrollable movements of the machine.
• Always hold on to the machine tight to be able to react to unexpected setbacks and uncontrolled movements.
• Never get your hands close to the rotating drivers.
• Be particularly attentive when working around corners and edges.
Information about the ORBOT Micro Motor
• The motor is suitable for a power supply of 120/230 volts, depending on the model. Please ensure an adequate
power supply, because deviations may result in motor damage.
Cleaning surfaces
• Remove loose dirt, sand and dust from the surface to be cleaned. Ideally, vacuum the surface before you start
cleaning with the ORBOT Micro.
• Moist the surface to be cleaned thoroughly before each use.
• Use cold or warm water, if needed with a cleaning solution.
• To apply the cleaning solution to the surface, use a spray bottle or an appropriate sponge or cloth.
• Rinse the surface after the application with clean water if needed.
• When cleaning upholstery, use only very little water to avoid extensive drying times and water spots.
Cleaning the ORBOT Micro
• Clean the ventilation shaft regularly. The motor fan attracts fine particles which can impair its function and can
lead to short circuits or overheating.
• Clean the ORBOT Micro regularly with a soft sponge or cloth and a neutral cleaner.
• Ensure that no water gets into the motor housing. This can lead to short circuits or electric shocks and can damage
the machine.
Changing the ORBOT Micro attachments (brushes and pad holders)
• Before changing the attachments, make sure that the machine is turned off and the power cable is not connected
to the electrical outlet!
• To change the ORBOT Micro attachments, put the machine upside down and bring it into a stable position.
• Hold each the hex head nut (located behind the driver or brush) with the supplied HOS hex wrench and remove
each attachment by turning it counterclockwise.
• To mount the attachments to the machine, hold the hex head nut and turn the attachments clockwise.
• Screw the attachments on tightly, but do not over tighten.
• Check the new exchanged attachments and connect the machine to the power supply. Use the start button to turn
on the machine.
• WARNING: The use of inappropriate tools can damage the screws and nuts permanently.
Pad drivers
• To use the ORBOT Micro pads, attach the two blue driver plates to the machine as described above. Make sure
that the power cable is not connected to the wall outlet to avoid the risk of injury.
• After you have installed and securely fastened the driver plates put the desired pads on the floor.
• Center the Velcro drivers over the two pads and apply pressure to the floor. The machine can now be turned on.
• To prevent the pads from detaching beneath the driver plates, always turn the machine off before lifting it from
the floor.
• To use the ORBOT Micro SuperZorb Pads, wrap the pads elastic bindings over the velcro driver plates.
• To avoid damages, make sure that the pads are suitable for the intended surfaces.
• Use only HOS authentic accessories.
• Variations in size, thickness and texture of the accessories can compromise the cleaning performance and may lead
to possible machine or floor damage.
• Select the brushes according to the surface to be cleaned.
• Attach the brushes to the machine as described above.
Attaching the ORBOT Micro handle
• For an easier cleaning posture or to clean hard to reach areas, locate and screw the pole into one of the provided
threaded inserts. Ensure that the pole is securely fastened by turning in a clockwise motion.
The ORBOT Micro is suitable for cleaning and maintaining stairs, upholstery, leather furniture, and most porous and
hard floors such as PVC/Linoleum, tile, brick, concrete, stone, wood, etc.
SuperZorb Pads (use for carpet, upholstery, and all mopping and cleaning applications)
• The absorbent HOS SuperZorb Pads consist of a mix of cotton and microfiber.
• Attach the pads by wrapping them around the velcro driver plates. Pads can be flipped inside out for a second use.
• Remove loose dirt before starting the cleaning process to increase productivity.
• The Micro SuperZorb pads can be washed with a standard detergent in a washing machine and can be re-used
multiple times before disgarding. Always pre-wash new SuperZorb Pads before using them the first time.
AkwaStrip Pads
• Recommended for various coatings on hard floor types such as PVC, linoleum, wood, etc. Pads may be used to
clean and scrub micro ceramic type floors. Use water only.
StoneFlash Pads
• Recommended for honing and polishing stone floors, stone stairs, walls, and countertops.
Grey brush
• Extra soft, recommended for upholstered furniture and delicate fiber and/or hard surfaces.
Aqua brush
• Recommended for gentle carpet cleaning and delicate carpets and upholstery
White brush
• Recommended for more aggressive cleaning on commercial rugged carpet and hard floors such as tile and grout.
Black brush
• Recommended for cleaning and scrubbing durable surfaces, such as some tiles, stone, concrete, etc.
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