Color Document Scanner - Image One Corporation

Color Document Scanner - Image One Corporation
Color Document Scanner
Versatile document handling for today’s business needs
• Virtually any type of paper
• ID cards — including embossed hard cards
• Mixed paper and hard card batch scanning
• Long paper scanning (EKG & monitoring systems)
• Double feed prevention roller system
Advanced image enhancement and processing
Easy to operate — Auto application launcher
The Ideal
Choice for Your
Front Office
Desk Side
Sleek and feature-rich, the KV-S1025C/
KV-S1020C can easily be set up on your desktop
or at your desk side for convenient access and maximum efficiency. Not only can you scan
standard color business documents, but also business cards, multi-part forms, heavy-stock
or thick originals, and even documents of different sizes and thicknesses can all be scanned
at the same time — smoothly and easily.
Virtually any type of document, from business card
size to legal size, from thin onion skin paper to thick
hard ID cards, single sided or double sided, the new
KV-S1025C/KV-S1020C can scan them all in color
or black and white. Fast and reliable, these compact
The KV-S1025C/KV-S1020C’s small
but powerful scanners come with intelligent RTIV™
footprint allows it to conveniently fit into
image capturing software that maximizes the
small spaces, such as reception
potential of document scanning with precision
counters. And since small, thick
documents such as ID cards or credit
reproduction and versatile processing. All of this in a
cards can be scanned continuously, you
quiet, space saving design that will fit comfortably in
can electronically capture the card’s
most front-office environments — even tight counter-
data providing increased accuracy and
a more efficient process. These
tops and reception areas. The KV-S1025C/
powerful scanners can even combine
KV-S1020C from Panasonic — the ideal front-office
paper documents; such as registration
document filing solution.
forms, records and signed releases,
with a hard ID card in a single scan.
Versatile applications
Reduced storage space
No need to pre-sort
Auto Color/Monochrome
Thanks to Auto Color/Monochrome
Distinction, you can mix color and
monochrome (B/W) originals at the
same time for greater efficiency and
reduced data storage.
No more fuzzy background
Smooth Background
Blank Page Removal
Double Exposure
Blank pages are automatically deleted
during scanning to keep the scanned
file size to a minimum. This allows you
to scan a batch of documents that
include blank pages without the need to
eliminate them during a pre-sorting
Double Exposure automatically scans
then saves two-sided documents into a
single page file; ideal for ID cards such
as driver’s licenses and insurance cards,
as well as checks and receipts.
*3 Duplex scanning function works KV-S1025C only
Image data
Two-in-one convenience
Image data
*2 This function is only available on the KV-S1025C.
Smooth Background analyzes images at
scan time for background color content
and outputs images with the
background color solidified. It increases
viewing clarity and reduces JPEG output
file size.
Image data
High Speed Color Scanning
Advanced Imaging
26 ppm/50 ipm High Speed
Duplex* Scanning
Thanks to a 3-line color CCD (charge-coupled
device) image sensor with wide-range focusing
capability and a high-performance, long-life
fluorescent lamp, documents can be clearly
imaged and scanned at high resolution. With the
KV-S1025C’s dual CCD image sensors, both
sides of the document are captured
simultaneously, effectively doubling its speed.
Despite its compact size, the KV-S1025C is ready to scan full-color
double-sided originals at a high speed of up to 26 ppm/50 ipm.
Thanks to its high-resolution 3-Line Color CCD and advanced image
processor, these scanners quickly create clean, crisp, clear and safe
digital documents for your electronic filing and content management
KV-S1025C only
On-board Image
Mixed Documents & Multiple
ID Card Feeding
Many different types of documents can be scanned thanks to the
scanner’s advanced automatic document feeder and feed roller system.
In fact, multiple documents with thicknesses ranging from 11 lb to 55 lb
bond and up to 115 lb index (40 g/m2 to 209 g/m2) can be scanned at
the same time. And these scanners were designed to be able to
combine paper documents along with a hard ID card; such as a driver’s
license, in single batch. You can even scan a stack of hard cards,
including embossed cards continuously via the auto document feeder.
Panasonic has developed a new generation and
highly integrated ASIC (Application Specific
Integrated Circuit) which is combined Image Input,
Image Correction, Image Processing and Image
Output.This architecture enables advanced
imaging functionality to reside inside the scanner.
The result is a powerful set of on-board image
processing capabilities in a very compact design.
Double-Feed Prevention
Roller System
Automatic Application
While some scanners emphasize double-feed paper detection,
Panasonic’s emphasis is double-feed prevention. A newly developed
roller material and document feed mechanism effectively prevents
most paper jams and double-feeding. And should a feeding error
occur, sensors are incorporated to detect the error and warn the
At the touch of a button or simply by inserting a
document into the feeder, the scanner can be
configured to automatically launch one or more
document capture software applications
including Panasonic’s RTIV utility. How much
easier can it be?
Easy Maintenance
Auto Erasure Security
Designed for the business environment, its clam-shell design makes it
easy for the operator to clean and maintain. And when the long-life
rollers are in need of replacement, they can be exchanged in seconds.
It even incorporates a replaceable lens cover to keep potential service
costs to a minimum. And it’s backed by Panasonic’s limited 1-Year
Advance Exchange Warranty.
Security is a key concern for many businesses,
institutions and government agencies. That’s why
Panasonic has incorporated a technology that
automatically erases the scanned data stored in
its image memory.
Pre-printed form scanning
Single pass for dual output
No post-processing
Readability and accuracy
Multi Color Dropout
The MultiStream™ function generates
both color and monochrome scanned
data with a single scan. You can produce
binary data for OCR (optical character
reader) and save in color at the same
time. This effectively doubles the
scanner’s output to 50 ppm/100 ipm.
Auto Color Cropping/
Dynamic Threshold
With Multi Color Dropout, you’re no
longer limited to removing only reds,
greens and blues from pre-printed
forms. Any color or color range can be
selected for removal for more accurate
OCR processing. And you’re not limited
to only one color — you can select up
to three or even drop all colors saving
only black.
Documents of various sizes can be
scanned without having to pre-sort the
documents by paper size. Auto Color
Cropping crops the scanned image to
its actual size while Auto De-Skew
automatically corrects skewing. No need
for post-processing or re-scanning.
With the Dynamic Threshold function,
the background density is automatically
detected section by section and the
scan setting (brightness control) is
automatically adjusted for clearer results
as well as OCR accuracy.
Image data
Image data
KV-S1025C/KV-S1020C Specifications
Scanning Face
Scanning Method
Scanning Speed*1 (Letter, Portrait)
Duplex (KV-S1025C), Simplex (KV-S1020C) Sheet Feed Scanning
3-Line Color CCD with white fluorescent lamp
Binary 200 dpi Up to 26 ppm/50 ipm (KV-S1025C)
Up to 26 ppm (KV-S1020C)
Color 200 dpi Up to 26 ppm/50 ipm (KV-S1025C)
Up to 26 ppm (KV-S1020C)
Optical Resolution (Color and B/W) 100 - 600 dpi (1dpi step)
Automatic Detection
Double feed detection, Document feeder detection, Page length detection
Image Compression
Grayscale JPEG
Image Output
Binary, Gray scale, Color, MultiStream™ (Color & Binary or Gray & Binary)
Binary Mode Halftone
Dither, Error Diffusion
Image Control
Auto Binary/Color Distinction, Multi Color Dropout, Black Page Removal, Double Exposure, Smooth Background,
Automatic Cropping and De-skewing, Dynamic Threshold, Automatic White Level from Paper,
Image Emphasis (5 steps), Gamma Correction, Automatic Separation, Noise Reduction, Shadow Removal,
Mirror Image, Monochrome Reversing and much more
Other functions
Patch code detection, Control sheet, Separation sheet
Documents*2 Size (ADF)
Minimum 1.9" x 2.8" (48 mm width x 70 mm) length
Maximum 8.7" width x 101.6" (216 mm x 2,540 mm) length
11 - 55 lb bond (40 - 209 g/m2), Up to 115 lb index
Continuous 11 - 55 lb bond (40 - 209 g/m2), Up to 115 lb index
11 - 55 lb bond (40 - 209 g/m2), Up to 115 lb index
Continuous 11 - 55 lb bond (40 - 209 g/m2), Up to 115 lb index
Up to approx. 1/32" (0.76mm) in thickness + embossing
(ISO standard 7810 ID-1 card scanning including embossed card)
Automatic Document Feeder
Up to 50 sheets (20 lb, 80 g/m2), 3 hard cards (ISO 7810 ID-1)
Long Paper Mode
Up to 100 inches (2.54 m)
High-Speed USB 2.0, Up to 480 Mbps transfer rate
Power Requirement
AC 100 - 120 V 50/60 Hz, AC 200 - 240 V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
Scanning mode 32 W (KV-S1025C), 24 W (KV-S1020C)
Idle mode
22 W (KV-S1025C), 14 W (KV-S1020C)
Sleep mode
Less than 12 W (KV-S1025C, KV-S1020C)
Operating Environment
59˚F - 86˚F (15˚C - 30˚C)
30% RH to 80% RH
Storage Environment
32˚F - 95˚F (0˚C - 35˚C)
10% RH to 80% RH
External Dimensions*3
Without Stand
12.5" x 6.8" x 7.6" (312 mm x 170 mm x 191 mm)
(W x H x D)
With Stand
12.7" x 7.8" x 8.6" (317 mm x 196 mm x 218 mm)
KV-S1025C: Approx. 9.3 lb (4.2 kg with stand)
KV-S1020C: Approx. 9.1 lb (4.1 kg with stand)
CD-ROM : Drivers and Utilities for Windows
Driver software
ISIS® (AIIM MS161S standard)/TWAIN
Application software RTIV, Quick Scan Pro, ABBYY® FineReader 7 Professional
Feed Tray, Mixed batch card guide, AC adaptor & Power Cord, USB Cable
Roller Exchange Kit KV-SS030 (Double-feed prevention roller x 2, Paper feed roller x 1)
Double-feed prevention roller: 50,000 sheets life
Paper feed roller:
100,000 sheets life
Roller Cleaning Paper KV-SS03
System Requirements
IBM® PC/AT or compatible PC with a CD-ROM drive
Pentium® III 1 GHz or Higher
High-Speed USB 2.0
Operating System Windows® 2000/XP
256 MB or more
Hard Disk
Min. 60 MB free space
*1: The scanning speed depends on the test environment. The
scanning speed differs depending on the host computer
operating environment or application.
*2: “Weight in pounds” of paper represents the weight of 500 (17 x
22 inches/432 x 559 mm) sheets.
*3: Dimensions and weight are approximate.
ENERGY STAR® and the ENERGY STAR® certification mark are
registered US marks.
RTIV™ is a trademark of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
MultiStream™, ISIS® and ISIS-Certified™ are trademarks of Pixel
Translations, a division of EMC Corporation.
Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
All other brand or product names are the property of their respective
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
(Including attached stand)
(218 mm)
7.8"(196 mm)
(313 mm)
As an ENERGYSTAR® partner, Panasonic has determined that this
product meets the ENERGYSTAR® guidelines for energy efficiency.
ISO 9001 Quality
Management System
Our business processes which
produce document, information
and network products, from
manufacturing to marketing,
conform to ISO 9001 Quality
Management Systems standard.
Design, development,
manufacture, installation, repair and maintenance of document,
information and network products, their associated devices and
consumables. In addition, the plants outside Japan have acquired ISO
9001 certification.
Panasonic Digital Document Company
Unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America
One Panasonic Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094
For a local dealer, please call 1-800-742-8086
MG-C472US 0604 Printed in Japan
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