Rear mounted disc mowers
Rear mounted disc mowers
The SB-series · Working width: 2.0 m - 2.8 m
Reliable disc mower with
excellent ground following abilities
The SB disc mowers are JF-STOLL’s
range of reliable rear mounted plain disc
mowers. The machines are intended for
farmers who need a small mower for
grass harvesting for feed or hay. There is
a good flow through the machine and the
crop is placed in an airy swath.
The machine is 3-point suspended and
equipped with a strong, adjustable spring
which relieves the ground pressure of the
cutter bar. This gives the mower exceptionally good ground following abilities.
The machine can also work on slopes and
along ditches and dikes with inclinations
of up to +/- 40 degrees!
The SB in transport position
Easy Lift means quick turning
and it spares the machine
The SB range is equipped with Easy Lift
which ensures quick and easy turning on
the headland. By means of a cylinder the
mower is lifted from the ground when turning on the headland. This means that it is
not necessary to lift the link arms and you
avoid deviation of the PTO shaft with risk
of vibrations that wear the shaft.
Easy Lift
Easy lift
The Easy Lift cylinder raises the machine from the ground during headland turns - without
using the link arms. The machine is placed in transport position by lifting the stop pawl by
means of a cord from the tractor cabin.
Smooth cutter bar means
clean cut and faster regrowth
The SB disc mowers are equipped with
the smooth JF-STOLL cutter bar. The
JF-STOLL cutter bar is characterized by:
Perfectly smooth underside
- Spares the field and ensures quicker
The JF-STOLL cutter bar has a perfectly
smooth underside. The large bearing
surface gives a low ground pressure
which spares the field and the crop during
mowing and ensures quicker regrowth.
Low cutter bar
- Ensures a uniform stubble and a good flow
With the JF-STOLL cutter bar it is possible
to leave a low and even stubble down to
40 mm since you can adjust the cutter
bar to a low cutting angle of only 3º. You
obtain a lower cut and thereby a uniform
stubble height and a better flow in the
Integrated stoneguard
- Protects the cutter bar and ensures
longer life
A stoneguard and guide shoes are integrated in the whole width of the cutter bar.
This provides optimal protection of the
gears of the cutter bar and ensures longer
The underside is
100% smooth which
ensures a clean cut
and protects the plant
“crown” to ensure
quick regrowth.
The integrated stoneguard ensures that
the cutter bar has no weak points in case
of collision with protruding stones.
The Top Service design of the cutter bar makes it possible to check and replace gear and bearing on each
disc module. No need to go to a workshop. The repair
is so simple that you can do it yourself.
The cutter bar can be equipped with high guide
shoes for topping of fallow fields. This increases
the theoretical stubble height by approx. 30 mm.
To ensure a good flow through the machine, the SB is equipped with flow caps at both sides. Furthermore, there is a swath roller at the
right-hand side and a swath board at the left-hand side. These gather the crop in an airy swath and ensure that you avoid driving on the
crop when mowing the next swath.
Technical data
SB 2005
Working width
2.00 m
Swath width, standard
1.40 m
Swath width with extra swath disc
1.10 m
JF-STOLL cutter bar
Easy Lift
Tractor size, min.
30 kW/40 HP
Power take-off
540 RPM
Oil outlets required
1 single-acting
Hitch pins cat. II
Sideways adjustable hitch pins
Number of discs
Number of blades
Guide shoes
Covering the whole width
High guide shoes for topping
Stone release
Hydraulic conversion to transport position
460 kg
SB 2405
2.40 m
1.80 m
1.50 m
35 kW/48 HP
540 RPM
1 single-acting
Covering the whole width
480 kg
SB 2805
2.80 m
2.20 m
1.90 m
40 kW/56 HP
540 RPM
1 single-acting
Covering the whole width
520 kg
Some photos may show products with additional equipment. See price list for current standard and additional equipment.
We reserve the right to change the construction and specification details without notice. Printer’s errors excepted.
Specialist in grassland machinery and complete diet mixers
When it comes to green feed techniques, JF-STOLL has gained a reputation as
one of the world’s leading suppliers and specialists. As a specialist manufacturer for
over 50 years we have gained a vast amount of experience from right around the
world and, more importantly, unique regional requirements.
We also receive important inspiration in our development work through a close
and continuous dialogue with customers, dealers and agricultural researchers.
No matter which JF-STOLL machine you choose, you can be sure to obtain a top
result – in the shape of high performance and operational reliability, minimum maintenance, flexible working possibilities and optimal operating economy.
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