Neotek`s Élan console series brings exceptional power and

Neotek`s Élan console series brings exceptional power and
Neotek’s Élan console series brings exceptional power and productivity
to artist-oriented and project studios. The Élan combines outstanding
sonic performance, high technical standards, and solid construction
quality with a full complement of professional features.
The Élan console series brings professional
power and performance to artist-oriented
project studios, whether you are tracking,
mixing, sampling, or editing. Its design is
focused on features that offer engineers real
benefits. You’ll find in-place solo and three
overlapping mute groups. Your mics or
samples start in Neotek’s best discrete mic
preamp, not the one-chip solution you might
expect. The Élan's remarkably musical
equalizer offers four bands with
sweep frequencies. And the Élan
monitor control doubles the size of
the console or creates a total of thirty
auxiliary sends. You can order your Élan
with any popular automation system: VCA,
moving fader, or MIDI. The Élan is exceptionally clean and quiet, but it alone among its
competition produces the kind of solid
audio performance that makes it the
choice for back-to-analog purists. Its
crosstalk performance can handle the hottest
synthesizer tracks. Its bandwidth and
transparency give you complete confidence in
the material you send out. You won’t come
up short of features when you tackle complex
projects, and you won’t waste time working
around console compromises. The heft and
construction quality of the Élan also set it
apart. It has the advanced designs and top
quality components that maintain performance over the extra years of service
expected of consoles today. Your Élan studio
will produce work with the quality and
impact expected of the most expensively
equipped facilities.
Consoles for multitrack recording and
mixing in modern, multipurpose studios.
Introduction: why
we did it.
The Élan was designed specifically to bring classic professional performance to contemporary multipurpose studios.
To fit a budget it might be necessary to forego some of the
complexity of our more expensive consoles, but to our
designers it seemed unwise, in fact unnecessary, to sacrifice
audio quality for price. While a little more of your time and
attention can make up for the absence of seldom-used
functions, nothing can make up for poor sound, noise and
crosstalk, or build quality that isn’t there from the start.
How we did it.
To bring the benefits of Neotek performance to modest
budgets, we began with our Élite. We pared down the
architecture just a bit. We simplified the equalizer and
meters. And we reduced the order options and frame sizes.
We’ve never found an acceptable alternative to our microphone preamp, so the Élan enjoys our very best. You won't
find a 1-chip cop out where it matters most.
We built it right so
it serves you longer.
We made no compromises in component and construction
quality. Then you compare an Élan to other consoles nearits
price range, the difference is immediately obvious. Where
other consoles have a sheet metal feel and reveal components selected for price, the Élan feels substantial and fully
professional. It has the same all-alloy frame as the Élite and
the same interconnect system. The same high quality components are used throughout. Most importantly, when we
designed the Élan we made sure there were no compromises
in the high standard of technical and sonic performance for
which Neotek consoles are known.
A system architecture
for modern music.
The Élan architecture is a modern evolution of the American
style in-line monitoring console. Monitoring mix controls are
included on Input/Output modules to achieve a compact and
efficient layout. We have designed refinements that allow the
channel fader and monitor to be used interchangeably,
providing simultaneous access to the stereo bus and doubling the number of console mixing inputs. That’s important
for studios with lots of MIDI virtual tracks. The monitor can
also follow the fader as its signal source, making it an effects
send master and providing a total of thirty effects sends or
grouping buses when you are mixing.
We worked very hard to make the Élan efficient and friendly
Work on your music,
play on your console.
to use. There are no frustrating quirks or crosstalk paths
that must be worked around when artist engineers would
rather concentrate on their music. Isolation between fader
and monitor functions, between microphone and tape
inputs, and between multitrack buses are comparable to
digital standards and often 20dB or more ahead of higher
priced consoles that tout their audio performance and
balanced buses. You are free to exploit the full creative
power of the console in complex patches, tricky effects
mixes, and subgrouping. And your samples are super clean.
Superior sound
depends on superior
The circuits of the Élan were designed from inception to
gracefully accommodate the extreme in-band and out-ofband signals encountered in modern digital studios. It is not
by accident that the slew rate and power bandwidth of all
Neotek designs are about twice as high as other consoles.
Our mic preamp has exceptionally low noise—typically
within 1/4 dB of the theoretical minimum. It is the same
circuit as used in all Neotek consoles, because we know that
only the best is adequate for high quality vocals and quiet,
accurate sampling. The critical stereo combining amps are
discrete hybrids to keep noise and distortion at a minimum.
Neotek's Common Sense bus system is a much more sophisticated approach to big console design than balanced buses,
and the Élan's outputs are balanced—the hard way, with
cross-coupled .1% resistors. In direct comparisons of sonic
performance between manufacturers, Neotek consoles have
consistently proven superior. Élan circuit designs support
your own efforts to maintain audio quality leadership.
All these efforts and attention to details have not gone
unnoticed. The clean, solid sound of the Élan has made it the
secret weapon of a new generation of engineers. Whether it's
grunge or classical, Neotek consoles are chosen because they
offer performance that's simply unavailable elsewhere.
High quality
The components used in an Élan are instrument quality and
the controls and critical devices are all custom made. You
won’t find unpolarized electrolytic capacitors in the audio,
unbypassed power on ICs, or other common manufacturing
economies that degrade signal quality. The mic preamp uses
a precision DC servo circuit to eliminate the big electrolytic
cap that muddies up the sound of every other design. And a
look inside the frame will show that all audio voltages run in
shielded cables instead of the ribbon cable used in competitive designs. This is just one way we prevent the sonic dirt
that arises from crosstalk and radio signal pollution
The finest equalizer
in its class.
Professional features:
mute groups and
in-place solo.
Fader options and
master section with
The Élan is affordable.
Today’s recording techniques demand powerful equalizers. The Élan features a highly musical four band, sweep
frequency design. The shelving high and low bands use
sophisticated state variable circuitry to maintain their
musical performance at extreme settings. The mid bands
employ separate stages to avoid interaction and sonic
smear. The controls are easy to operate and easy to reset.
The Élan’s logic functions include three overlapping mute
groups with master controls. The mute circuit itself is a
highly refined ramped discrete FET design that is far less
sonically obtrusive than relays or CMOS chips. The fader
module provides in-place solo on designated mute
groups—a feature you won't find on the competition.
We don't lock you in to our choice of automation. The Élan
fader is on a separate panel for easily fitting or retrofitting
any popular VCA or moving fader automation system, but
you still keep our silent electronic mute. We offer VCA
faders of enhanced performance, or moving fader automation that exploits the full capability of both automation and
console. Neotek offers MIDI Direct mute automation as a
powerful but inexpensive alternative.
The Élan's monitor master provides an intelligent combination of features and convenience. In addition, Neotek's
new MultiFormat Monitor module option adds a full set of
features for monitoring in a multichannel environment—
both LCRS and 5.1 channels. Not only film soundtracks,
but even music albums are being produced in LCRS formats, while 5.1 has been adopted as the standard for HDVT
and the advanced layers of MPEG. Soon, even jingle studios
will need to monitor in surround sound. The Neotek
MultiFormat Monitor module, based on our successful film
consoles, provides a complete multichannel monitoring
system that includes insertion of an encode-decode processor like a DS4; volume, mute, and dim for three speakers
systems with up to six loudspeakers; and reference monitoring of encoded and mono-encoded signals—all at low
Cost is always a consideration. The Élan is a complete and
integrated audio system, with legs, meters, patchbay, and
a solid signal path. When you compare the cost of assembling a lesser console, adding outboard mic preamps, a few
good equalizers, and a professional patchbay, you end up
near the price of an Élan. But you don't end up with a
professional console that can attract quality clients.
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