CDJ-400 Software Update Ver

CDJ-400 Software Update Ver
CDJ-400 Software Update Ver. 1.30
Applicable Models: CDJ-400
 System version later than Ver. 1.30 do not require this update.
Use the following procedure to confirm the system version.
To Confirm the CDJ-400 System Version
1) Turn power ON.
2) Press and hold the RELOOP/EXIT button for ten (10) seconds.
The system version appears in the display
Ver 1.30
3) Cycle the power OFF than ON to return the CDJ-400 to normal operation.
Update Contents
 Improved detection time of the USB Memory device
 Decreased time between USB Memory device insertion and track selection
 Significantly increased reliability when using a USB hub (USB 2.0-compatible) to a computer
 Recommended update when using a PC application (Pioneer DJS, Serato Scratch LIVE, etc.)
Program Update Procedure
1) Remove any discs, connected USB memory device or computer cables.
2) Turn the power OFF.
3) Press and hold the TIME MODE/AUTO CUE and RELOOP/EXIT buttons while turning the
power ON.
4) Insert the USB memory device or disc containing the update into the CDJ-400.
The update takes approximately one (1) minute. The status appears on the playingaddress display. Do NOT turn the power OFF while the update status is in progress.
5) When the display changes to “COMPLETE”, take the appropriate action for your method.
Disc: Remove the disc when it is automatically ejected then turn the player OFF.
USB Memory: Turn the player OFF then remove the device.
Notes Regarding Firmware Updates
 Follow the above procedure closely to perform an update.
 Never turn OFF, disconnect the power cord, or remove the update disc during the process.
 Contact Pioneer Service if you have any questions about updating the player.
 If “ERROR” appears on the display, stop the operation and turn the power OFF. Consult with
Pioneer Service at (800) 421-1404 for further instructions.
Published by Pioneer Corporation
Copyright ® 2008 Pioneer Corporation
All rights reserved.
CDJ-400 Ver. 1.30 En
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