Hobart HTi Scale Brochure

Hobart HTi Scale Brochure
A food retail scale so powerful and innovative,
you’ll accomplish tomorrow’s initiatives today.
Meet tomorrow’s scale…today.
Introducing a level of innovation, intelligence and technology never seen before in a retail scale.
Meet Hobart’s new HTi scale. A scale so advanced every department, every store and every
level of your organization will benefit.
Balancing high-tech with high-touch. A 10.1” touch screen operator display projects the
most innovative user interface you’ll find in the market. Leveraging universal gesturing controls
and a three-screen layout, your operators have access to 80% of what they need within one
or two quick swipes.
Blending customization with intuitiveness. The user-interface can be customized and
configured to meet the required demands of a specific department or even a specific scale.
Design your screens to include flashkeys, best seller keys, the Internet or even internally
managed software programs.
Swiping to the right brings you to the
left screen. This screen is completely
customizable. You choose between
category or PLU flashkeys, best seller
keys, Internet/Intranet connection or
internal web-based software programs.
The center screen, or Main screen, is
where everyday tasks take place. This
screen layout can be updated to fit the
needs of different departments. The
keypad can be static or collapsed, certain
text fields can be hidden and flashkeys
populate open areas.
By swiping to the left, you gain
access to the right screen. This screen
contains additional information on
a specific item; such as, frequent
shopper pricing, labels, graphics,
recipes, and nutritional data.
> A
Possible left screen
design option
Possible center screen
design option.
scale so
intelligent and
advanced, it
makes easy so
much easier.
Proudly supporting you for
years to come.
Built-in Wired and Wireless. The HTi provides superior communications flexibility right out
of the box. Connect either wired or wirelessly, with no additional accessories required, no
additional costs and no more adding wireless kits to your scales.
high resolution
customer display offers
you additional interaction
with your end consumer.
Perfect for promoting and
communicating specials.
Cutting Edge Speed. With significant storage and utilizing a modern processor, this scale
can store thousands of PLU’s and completes an item search in a fraction of the time
compared to other retail scales.
A communicator. A training partner. The HTi enhances your customer’s in-store experience
and helps improve efficiencies by training employees right at the scale.
• Easily and dynamically engage your customers with a brilliant 7”
customer display. Promote weekly specials and in-store events in
addition to everyday products.
• Instill loyalty and reinforce your store’s brand with images, slideshows
he printer is the high
quality, reliable Hobart
printer with a new 8
dot/mm print head for
improved graphics printing.
Label stock is compatible
with all Hobart scales. It
accepts labels up to 9.5”
in length.
and videos. Educate your customers with cooking instructions, recipes and tips.
• Equipped with HTi training videos, you can also upload proprietary videos and
use the scale to better communicate and train in other areas.
• Capable of playing one video on the operator display and a second video on
the customer display simultaneously.
Reduce Service Costs. With improved remote diagnostics capabilities, you’re in an even
Additional alerts and
warnings immediately
notify operators of food
recalls, printer issues,
planogram updates and
network connection issues.
better position to get answers more quickly, reduce scale downtime and yes, continue to
upgrade remotely. With alert icons built into the interface, you are immediately aware of any
issues and can often prevent the need for an in-person service call.
he HTi comes equipped
with a full-service Help
menu in addition to
operator and supervisor
training videos.
Hobart Service. Always On Call. We support our customers when and where it counts the most, in the field,
at your place with nearly 200 locations and 1,700 factory trained service representative across the country.
We’re always close by to install, maintain and service your equipment.
• Extensive OEM training for our technicians
allows us to be your one-stop service provider
on all of your kitchen equipment
• A variety of service plans to fit your needs and
budget, including extended warranty coverage
• Unparalleled commitment to safety keeps your
people safe as well
• Specialized water treatment solutions to improve
equipment efficiency & longevity
• Direct access to manufacturer information and
genuine OEM parts for Hobart, Traulsen,
Baxter, Vulcan, Berkel, Wolf and more
• We are local – we are where you are
Accomplishing tomorrow’s initiatives. The HTi is designed to accommodate your ever-changing business needs
and give you room for future growth. The most intuitive and innovative user interface and the fastest processor with
generous storage capacity work together to ensure the HTi continues to be a powerful partner for years.
701 South Ridge Avenue
Troy, Ohio 45374-0001
937 332-3000
888 446-2278
F40347 (01/14) © 2013 Hobart
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