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C o n t rols and Indicators
The DT200 is a portable, battery operated temperature measuring
device. With its triple display screen, it allows you to measure two
inputs simultaneously, and record critical time stamped information.
Since the DT200 accepts type J, K, or T probes, you can use the probes
you have without changing your existing process technology. The backlit
display makes reading the LCD easy even in low light areas.
Features include
• -328 to 2498˚F (-200 to 1370˚C)
• Triple display
• Backlit display
• Dual input
• Differential temperature (∆T)
• Relative function displays temperature change
• Accepts K, J and T thermocouples
• Data hold
Safety Notes
Before using this meter, read all safety information carefully. In this
manual the word "WARNING" is used to indicate conditions or actions
that may pose physical hazards to the user. The word "CAUTION" is
used to indicate conditions or actions that may damage this instrument.
Safety precautions
These are a few common safety practices for those working around
temperature critical environments:
• Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance procedures when
servicing equipment
• Place ONLY thermocouples (type K, J, or T) in the DT200
thermocouple ports
• Make sure your DT200 is set for the proper thermocouple type
you are using
• Be sure the thermocouple you use can withstand the temperature
extreme it may be exposed to in your service task
• Properly maintain your DT200 and calibrate it regularly
International Symbols
1. Power Switch: Powers instrument on and off.
2. Hold/Relative Switch: Freezes primary screen data or
establishes a relative zero for the primary screen information.
3. T1-T2 Switch: Toggles screen information from T1 (Primary)
and T2 (Secondary) to T2 Primary and T1 Secondary then to
T1-T2 (differential) on Primary and alternating T1 and T2
temperatures on Secondary.
4. Back Light Switch: Turns back light on. Automatically turns
off in 30 seconds.
5. K/J/T Thermocouples Select Switch: Selects proper input
reference for thermocouple in use (T1 and T2 must be the
same type).
6. ˚F/˚C Mode Select Switch: Toggles display data from degrees
Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit.
Record Mode Select Switch: Starts record mode (relative
clock), displays maximum and minimum temperatures
recorded on the Primary screen along with the relative time
they were recorded.
8. Thermocouple Ports: Positive and negative polarized plugs for
the thermocouple probes used (Blade type); T1 on the left, T2
on the right.
9. LCD Displays: Displays three screens of function and data
10. Primary Data Screen: Displays T1, T2, or T1 minus T2
(temperature differential - TD) or a relative zero of T1, T2 or TD.
11. Secondary Data Screen: Displays time in hours and minutes
when Record is pressed and the relative time that NIM or MAX data
was recorded.
12. Relative Clock Screen: Displays time in hours and minutes when
record is pressed and the relative time that MIN or MAX data
was recorded.
P. 1
Functional Description
The DT200 will display all LCD segments when it is first turned on, for
approximately 3 seconds. It will provide information with either one or
both thermocouples plugged in.
Numerous viewing combinations are available. The LCD is divided into
three distinct sections; one large (Primary) top screen and two smaller
bottom screens (Secondary and Relative Clock). The three display areas
keep you constantly updated with the temperature measurements and
relative time information. You have a number of options regarding how
and what information is presented on the LCD.
Turns instrument of (Default setting) and off
Press momentarily and the Primary display
(T1, T2 or T1-T2) freezes; Press for two or
more seconds - REL appears on top of LCD
and the Primary display indicates the relative
zero (Relative zero causes the value of the
primary display to show as “000.0” - only
the amount of temperature change will be
indicated); Relative temperatures can be
recorded. Press momentarily again and
the unit returns to default
• Temperature readings area easily toggled between Fahrenheit
and Celsius
• The back light illuminates the LCD for viewing in low light areas
• The HOLD button will freeze the upper display data while
allowing the lower displays to continue updating
• Information about selected functions along with a low battery
indicator is also displayed as appropriate
• The DT200 will default to the last mode selected when used in
that setting for 10 seconds or more
Back Light
NOTE: If no thermocouples are plugged in, four dashes will appear
in the temperature data screens. This instrument operates and
updates silently.
Auto Power Off
This instrument will shut off automatically in approximately 90 minutes.
For recording or operating over longer periods of time you can defeat
the auto power off function by holding down th on/off button and the
hold button at the same time when turning the unit on. An “N” will
appear in the middle of the screen at which time you can release the
hold button. when the screen flashes over to its normal measurement
mode, release the on/off button.
Mode Options
Delete and replace with Programmable user selectable start-up mode.
The display will default to the mode last used if it was displayed for
10 seconds or more. For your convenience the DT200 defaults to the
settings used during the last operation. The following table lists the
modes of operation that can be invoked by pressing the buttons
indicated. The table assumes your instrument has been powered on
with two thermocouples installed and is set to display (default) T1 on
the primary display, type K thermocouple, and Record off.
Press momentarily and the Primary display
changes to T2 (Secondary screen displays
T1); press momentarily again and it displays
T1-T2; Secondary display alternates between
T1 and T2; Press momentarily again and
the instrument returns to default
Press momentarily and the back-light
illuminates for approximately 30 seconds
then turns off
Press momentarily and the unit
cycles through K (the default), J and T
thermocouple types; The current mode is
displayed on the left of side of the LCD
Press momentarily and the unit toggles
between Fahrenheit (the default) and Celsius
temperatures; The current mode is indicated
on the right side of the LCD
Press momentarily and the Relative
Clock start in the lower right screen, REC is
displayed in upper left of LCD - All other
button functions are locked out except
Power and Back-light. T1, T2, or T1-T2 is
displayed on the Primary screen; The
Secondary screen continues to update.
Press momentarily again and the unit
cycles through MAX and MIN (maximum
and minimum recorded temperatures) and
back to current temperature; The record
mode is displayed on the LCD. Press and
hold RECORD for three seconds to turn off
the record function
Operating Instructions
ACS1 Clamp Strap Adapter
For use with temperature testers
measuring the temperature of pipes
and tubes, e.g. super-heat measurements.
The adjustable Velcro® strip clamps the
probe tightly to pipes with diameters
from 1/4” to 4” (Fig 1).
(Fig 1)
P. 2
Use a damp cloth and mild soap to clean the case of your DT200. DO
NOT use harsh detergents or abrasives as these may mar the finish or
damage your unit’s case with an adverse chemical reaction.
DO NOT allow moisture to directly contact the thermocouple ports, or
enter the instrument’s housing. Remove the instrument from its boot to
ensure moisture is not trapped during cleaning.
Replacing the Battery
Replace your 9 volt alkaline battery when:
• The BAT icon appears on the right side of the LCD
• The instrument will not power on
• Use of the back-light causes the BAT icon to appear
Even if the battery was recently replaced, check its voltage level if
you get no response from your instrument. Remove batteries from
instruments that you do not plan to use for a month or more.
DO NOT leave batteries in instruments that may be exposed to
temperature extremes.
Dispose of batteries in accordance with local land use regulations
To replace the batteries:
Troubleshooting Fault Table
I should
check for
Then take this corrective
Replace low battery
Ensure clip grips battery
posts tightly
Dashes appear in
T1 and T2 data
Insert missing thermocouples
Dashes appear in
T1 and/or T2 data
screens with
Measure resistance of
thermocouples to ensure they
are not broken internally Replace if required
Clean corrosion or debris
off of thermocouple - Reinsert
Thermocouple type
Ensure thermocouple type
matches the displayed icon
Moisture, corrosion
or debris on
Clean and dry thermocouple
blades - Allow thermocouple
plug to air dry
Confirm defect with known
good thermocouple Replace if required
Relative clock will not
start when RECORD
button is pressed
properly inserted
Record will not start without
thermocouples inserted
Dashes appear
during review of
recorded value
Open thermocouple
Check for intermittent or
momentarily removed
Data continues to
update when
Proper operation
is not being
fully pressed
Hold and Record affect the
Primary screen of info only
Observe HOLD or REC icons
on LCD - Press button firmly
Instrument turns off
during recording
Auto power
off defeat
Follow procedures outlined
in operating instructions
If I see this
Instrument does
not turn on
Temperature drifts
from known value
in a controlled
1. Remove the thermocouples from the top of the instrument
2. Remove the rubber boot, by sliding the instrument out toward
the top faceplate cut-out
3. Lay the instrument face down on a clean, flat surface
4. Remove the battery cover
• Apply inward pressure on the side of the battery cover at
the recessed point, toward the slit, while lifting it out
5. Remove and replace the battery, observing indicated polarity
When properly maintained, your DT200 will maintain an accuracy
specification of up to 0.1% of the reading. To ensure your instrument
is performing at its peak, send it to the UEi factory or a qualified
instrument calibration facility for annual calibration.
This instrument contains no user serviceable parts beyond those listed
in the troubleshooting table. In the event your instrument is physically
damaged or does not function properly after taking the listed action,
please return the instrument to UEi following the warranty and
service instructions.
Operating Conditions
32 to 122˚F (0 to 50˚C) at 0 to 85% relative humidity (non-condensing)
T1-T2 Measurement, accuracy
±(0.2% T1-T2 reading + 1.7˚C) or
±(0.2% T1-T2 reading + 3.4˚F)
Ambient Coefficient
0 - 18˚C and 28 - 50˚C (Ambient temperatures) For each ˚C ambient
below 18˚C or above 28˚C, add the following tolerance into the accuracy
spec: 0.01% of reading +0.03˚C (0.01% of reading +0.06˚F)
P. 3
9 Volt battery x1
Table of Specifications
Measurement Range
-200 to 1370˚C
±(0.1% rdg +(0.7˚C)
-328 to 2498˚F
±(0.1% rdg +(1.4˚C)
-200 to 760˚C
±(0.1% rdg +(0.7˚C)
-328 to 1400˚C
±(0.1% rdg +(1.4˚C)
-200 to 390˚C
±(0.1% rdg +(0.7˚C)
-328 to 730˚C
±(0.1% rdg +(1.4˚C)
-200 to 650˚C
-640 to 1370˚C
-328 to 999˚F
1000 to 1400˚F
-200 to 499˚C
500 to 760˚C
-328 to 939˚F
940 to 1400˚F
All range
All range
P. 4
Digital Thermometer
Limited Warranty
The DT200 is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period
of five years from the date of purchase. If within the warra n ty period your instrument should
become inoperative from such defects, the unit will be repaired or replaced at UEi’s option.
This warra n ty covers normal use and does not cover damage which occurs in
shipment or failure which results from alteration, tampering, accident, misuse, abuse,
neglect or improper maintenance. Batteries and consequential damage resulting from failed
batteries are not covered by warra n ty.
Any implied warranties, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability
and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the express warranty. UEi shall not
be liable for loss of use of the instrument or other incidental or consequential damages,
expenses, or economic loss, or for any claim or claims for such damage, expenses or
economic loss. A purchase receipt or other proof of original purchase date will be required
before warra n ty repairs will be rendered. Instruments out of warra n ty will be repaired
(when repairable) for a service charge. Return the unit postage paid and insured to:
1-800-547-5740 • FAX: (503) 643-6322 • Email:
This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary from
state to state.
Copyright © 2007 UEi Automotive
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