T1 Digital Tuner Instructions Manual T1 Digital Tuner Instructions Manual T1 Digital Tuner Instructions Manual
Thank you for purchasing the T1 digital Tuner. We hope you find the
tuner to be an excellent tool which will provide you with years of
service. You’ll be delighted to know that this tuner comes with a two
year guarantee (see below for further details).
Instructions for use
Press the On/Off button to turn the tuner on & off.
Press the Mode button to change the operating mode. The default
mode is ‘C’. The modes are designed for different instruments and
operations. These are as follows:
C = Chromatic Mode
G = Guitar
B = Bass Guitar
V = Violin
U = Ukulele
As this is a clip-on tuner it needs to be clipped to the instrument to
operate as it uses vibration to pick up any tones. We recommend you
clip the tuner to the head of an instrument.
The digital display will show a meter reading which will be centred
when the correct pitch is reached. The display will also show you the
current note. The display changes colour from Orange to Blue once
you are in tune. If the meter is to the left you are flat and if the
meter is to the right you are sharp.
Do not disassemble, repair of reconfigure the tuner
Make sure the battery (CR2032) is correctly installed. Do not place
near a heat source or dispose of in a fire.
Keep the tuner out of direct sunlight or away from heat sources.
Keep away from water or dampness.
Use only a dry cloth for cleaning.
Remove the battery when the tuner is not in use for long periods.
The T1 Tuner comes with a two year guarantee. If the tuner fails
simply contact us via We will ask you to return the
tuner to us and a replacement will be sent to you. It is vital that you
contact us before sending a faulty T1 tuner back to us.
If the tuner becomes unresponsive or the display is dim please
change the battery. The tuner requires a CR2032.
Fully Chromatic
Direct contact pick-up via clip-on mechanism. Not affected by
background noise.
Orange back light display, turns Blue when in tune.
Tuning range: C0 (16.35Hz) to A7 (3520.HZ)
Accuracy: less than 1 cent.
Powered by 1x CR2032 battery (supplied)
Dimensions: 58mm High / 31mm Wide / 43mm Deep
Exclusive 2 year no hassle guarantee
We hope you enjoy using the T1 Tuner.
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