A-16R Personal Mixer
New Product Data Sheet
A-16R Personal Mixer
The A-16R Personal Mixer is designed to meet the demanding requirements of touring and studio pros alike. The A16R retains all the features of the A-16 Personal Mixer, and adds many new connectivity options. There are balanced
outputs on the rear panel (with both XLR and ¼” jacks), stereo balanced insert points, and an auxiliary stereo mix
input with a front-panel level control. Also new is the ability to store and recall User Presets via MIDI. There are MIDI
In, Out, and Thru jacks on the rear panel of the 1U-high unit. The A-16R can also accept the A-16CS Control Surface
as an option.
The new A-16R Personal Mixer expands on the Personal Monitor Mixing System™ concept. It allows the performer to
create a custom monitor mix tailored to his/her individual needs. Each A-16R Personal Mixer gives a performer
control over channel volume, grouping, pan, stereo spread, and master volume. Users can save and recall up to
sixteen custom mixes saved as presets in their A-16R Personal Mixer. The stereo output from all Personal Monitor
Mixing System mixers can be used to drive floor wedge monitors, in-the-ear monitors, headphones, or spot monitors.
The A-16R can be used in any combination with the other Personal Monitor Mixing System components, the rack
mountable A-16T Transmitter, the A-16D A-Net Distributor, and the table-top or mic stand mounted A-16 Personal
A-16R Personal Mixer Features:
Sixteen channel select buttons with dual LEDs
Dedicated Recall, Group, Solo, and Mute buttons
Sixteen user preset memory locations
Channel volume and Pan/Spread controls with LED readouts
Headphone output with volume control
Master Volume, Treble and Bass controls
Mix In volume control
Balanced outputs / Balanced insert points (stereo)
Stereo/mono switch for rear channel balanced outputs
MIDI In, Out, and Thru jacks for preset storage and recall
Optional A-16CS remote control surface
The list price of the A-16R is $799.95. (prices in US Dollars) The A-16R is scheduled to ship in Q2, 2003.
Pricing for other A-16 Personal Monitor Mixing System™ components:
A-16T Transmitter $749.95; A-16 Personal Mixer $439.95; A-16CS remote control surface $399.95
A-16R Personal Mixer Specifications
A-Net Inputs
A-Net Outputs
A-Control Output
LED Indicators
Channel LED Indicators
Category 5 (RJ45 connector)
Category 5 (RJ45 connector)
Connects to A-16CS
Volume, Pan, Solo, Mute, A-Net Active
DC Power Active
One per Channel
19” wide x 6.7” deep
1U high
6.8 lbs
1157 Phoenixville Pike • Suite 201 • West Chester • PA • 19380-4254
Voice: 610.738.9005 • Fax: 610.738.9950 • www.aviom.com
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