Universal amplifier
Universal amplifier
The CXE180 is the latest addition in our extensive range of amplifiers and it
might just be the best amplifier there is for distribution or line extender applications. The amplifier’s compact size and light weight brings out its usefulness,
while its proven technology gives it plenty of output muscle. It offers versatility
on output configuration and easy operation without the need of plug-in attenuators or equalisers. This new amplifier offers a remarkable combination of reliability and top performance in a small package. What would be better?
Versatility in a small package
If you are looking for a compact
solution for a modern distribution
network, we would like to introduce
the CXE180 amplifier.
CXE180 is a robust, well performing
1 GHz all-around amplifier, intended
for operators who appreciate high
performance, cost efficiency and
easy installation.
The new CXE180 is a dual output distribution amplifier for which
reliability and total economy have been the guiding principles. It
is based on our in-depth know-how in broadband amplifiers to
deliver performance and functionality on a scale that makes it
ideal for any distribution purposes at a competitive price.
CXE180 is a compact high performance, bi-directional distribution amplifier with 1 GHz
frequency range in the downstream and up to 85 MHz in the upstream. The amplifier
has a reliable and flexible power supply concept that allows it to be powered either
locally or remotely with up to 3 A feed through current per port. The high performance output stage uses latest technology to improve RF performance over the entire
47…1006 MHz frequency range and ensures low power consumption. The amplifier is
suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation as the rating for the class of enclosure
is IP54.
The CXE180 amplifier combines the advantages of two gain modes with the flexibility
of use a full range of output modules. Gain can be selected easily in the field according to wanted operation. Higher gain of 40 dB is designed to be used for distribution
purposes, while the lower 32 dB gain is suitable for line extender use.
The design of the CXE180 operational concept is based on the idea that the greatest
possible reliability and lowest maintenance requirement is achieved by abandoning the
use of variable attenuators. Therefore the gain and slope adjustments are based on
proven technology using electronical controls, thus eliminating the need for the usual
plug-in attenuators in system setup. The concept further offers increased robustness in
terms of repeatability and reliability, under all conditions.
• High output level
• Cable simulator option
• Plug-in diplex filters
• Fixed US amplifier
• All adjustments with
rotary switches
• Remote/local powering
• No additional accessories
In order to simplify configuration the amplifier was designed with an integrated upstream amplifier. An optional feature on the upstream path includes ingress blocker
CXF065 18. This is a diplexer with integrated high-pass filter which can be used to
eliminate undesired ingress noise which may appear from the distribution lines. Lower
ingress level guarantees the safe operation of the element management system (EMS)
and essentially prevents unnecessary overload of the upstream transmitter.
The amplifier is ready for future possibilities and options with a comprehensive plugin diplex filter selection with 85 MHz expansion in the upstream. A choice of several
diplex filter options and up to six output modules enhances the CXE180’s functionality,
and efficient ESD and Surge protection further more its dependability. Versatile, powerful and reliable, CXE180 is certainly the amplifier that can do the most under demanding distribution challenges.
No need for usual plug-in accessories
in system set-up.
Integrated upstream amplifier enables
extended operation up to 85 MHz
The CXE180 uses plug-in diplex filters which
can be changed for a different frequency split
as required:
• CXF30 – 30/47 MHz
• CXF42 – 42/54 MHz
• CXF50 – 50/70 MHz
• CXF65 – 65/85 MHz
• CXF85 – 85/108 MHz
It is possible to have two outputs using the
following separately orderable plugs:
• AC6124 – Splitter, 2 x 4 dB
• AC6128 – Tap, 2 dB / 9 dB
• AC6112 – Tap, 1 dB / 12 dB
• AC6116 – Tap 1 dB / 16 dB
• AC6119 – Tap 1 dB / 20 dB
Electrical adjustments with rotary switches
allow uninterrupted operation.
Proven and reliably technology
Simple and easy installation
Integrated upstream amplifier
1 GHz frequency range
in downstream
Up to 85 MHz frequency range
in upstream
Electronic adjustments with
rotary switches
No additional accessories
in system setup
Low power dissipation
Cable simulator option at input
Excellent ESD and Surge protection
High gain
Sloped 8 dB
Cable simulation
Low gain
0 dB
TP / -20 dB
TP / -20 dB
Technical specifications
Downstream signal path
Upstream signal path
Frequency range
47 / 54/ 70 / 85 / 108…1006 MHz
Frequency range
5…30 / 42 / 50 / 65 / 85 MHz
Return loss
18 dB
Return loss
18 dB
40.0 dB
27.0 dB
Input attenuator control range
0…-15 dB
Gain control range (output)
0…-15 dB
Input equaliser control range
0…20 dB
Gain control range (input)
0 / -10 dB
Cable simulator
0 / -8 dB
Slope control range
0…15 dB
Mid-stage gain slope
8 / 0 dB
± 0.75 dB
Mid-stage gain selection
40.0 dB / 32.0 dB
Noise figure
5.0 dB
± 0.5 dB
Output level, DIN 45004B
113.0 dBµV
Group delay
2 ns
Noise figure
7.0 dB
Output level, CTB 41 channels
112.0 dBµV
Output level, CSO 41 channels
114.0 dBµV
Output level, XMOD 41 channels
11.0 dBµV
Power consumption
14 W
Dimensions (h x w x d)
148 mm x 210 mm x 84 mm
Supply voltage / remote
26…65 V AC
1.5 kg
180…255 V AC
Operating temperature
-40…+55 °C
Max. current feed through
3 A / port
Class of enclosure
Input / Output
PG11 (several adaptors available)
EMC compatibility
Test point
F female
4 kV
Hum modulation
70 dB
6 kV
/ local
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