Exponent Game - TI Education

Exponent Game - TI Education
Compare AB and BA, add and subtract
integers, problem solving
Activity 11
TI-30Xa SE or TI-34
Exponent Game
Students informally compare powers and
decide whether to add or subtract values to
a cumulative total so that the total stays as
close to 0 as possible.
Paper clips to use as spinners
Getting Students Involved
Point out that in most games the winner is the player with the most points.
But in this game, the winner is the player whose cumulative total is closest
to 0.
♦ How might this variation in
game rules alter how you
You have to think about letting the
cumulative total be either positive or
negative. Since M2 is closer to zero than
+5, you might have a negative
cumulative total at some point during
the game.
Making Mathematical Connections
Ask students whether they think 98 or 89 is greater. Ask for justifications for
their choices. Then let students use their calculators to check.
♦ Why is 89 greater?
There are more factors to multiply.
Repeat the discussion for 24 and 42.
♦ Why do these two powers have
the same value?
The base of 4 in the second expression
can be factored as 22 so 42 = (22) 2 = 24.
Investigating Mathematics with Calculators in the Middle Grades
♦ Repeat the discussion for 51
and 15. Discuss why 51 is
1 to any power is always 1, and any
number to the power 1 is that number,
so 51 is greater.
If necessary, review the use of :, @, H or m, and g keys.
➠ Transparency Masters A: Find the Sum of Numbers
B: Store and Recall Values
I: Exchange Memory with Display
Carrying Out the Investigation
Go over the rules of the game. You may want to play one or two rounds as a
demonstration of the rules.
Making Sense of What Happened
After playing one or two games, have students discuss strategies that they
think help them win. Discuss how they decide which power is greater.
Continuing the Investigation
Encourage students to make their own spinners.
♦ What numbers would make the game more challenging?
♦ How could the rules be changed to make the game more challenging?
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