TELUS StorageCloud

TELUS StorageCloud
TELUS StorageCloud
Putting the cloud on a solid footing.
Your business is dealing with an exponential explosion in data, a load that
increases with every compliance requirement, every collaboration tool or project
and every incremental backup. To add to the challenge, you need to retain files
for longer, make them more accessible to more people in more places, and
do it all without exposing your data to unauthorized eyes. Which means that
data storage and retrieval now require a careful balancing act to achieve the
maximum availability and security, together with the utmost in cost-efficiency.
That’s why cloud-based storage solutions make so much sense. They can grow with your
data so your organization isn’t burdened with excessive unused capacity, and they eliminate
concerns about where to safely place your storage infrastructure. All you need is a solution
that delivers true business-grade resiliency, scalability and security.
TELUS StorageCloud does it all – and keeps it in Canada. The entire solution is Canadian
from end to end, so your data never leaves the country, even though it’s securely accessible
from anywhere in the world.
Anchored at our proven Intelligent Internet Data Centres, TELUS StorageCloud offers scalability
and high-security to deliver on the most demanding business continuity solutions, at costs
much lower than traditional data centre solutions. Plus, to ensure that your costs are aligned
with your actual usage, you can access virtually any depth of our pool of storage capacity in
small increments, over the Internet.
Tailored for every business.
While cloud-based storage is inherently flexible, TELUS StorageCloud goes above and beyond,
with three interface options and three different tiers of data protection, all wrapped in a single,
simple transparent pricing plan. This allows you to choose how you use it: to upgrade your
existing storage solution or as an add-on to your corporate IT strategy.
StorageCloud is served by an all-in-Canada, fully redundant infrastructure, and supported
by our expert client-care specialists. Its modular design allows you to customize your
TELUS StorageCloud for multiple types of access. For example, TELUS CloudDrive gateway
software can allow your StorageCloud to appear as a virtual Windows drive letter on your server,
allowing you to connect to it directly with automated back-up or other file management utilities.
The virtual drive letter can also enable simple drag/drop file storage or other use cases possible
with a physical drive. Alternatively, you can connect to StorageCloud via a simple browser-addon, or the industry-standard REST API.
Loading data.
Data can be loaded through
your Internet connection, or the
TELUS Bulk-Load service via
USB devices.
Flexible interface options:
CloudDrive gateway
for Microsoft Windows
AtmosFox browserbased access (multi-OS)
interface options
coming soon
TELUS StorageCloud
Protect and maintain control over your data.
TELUS CloudDrive: get there easily and safely.
We know how important data security is to you. As Canada’s
largest IT hosting provider, we’ve been providing leading-edge IT
solutions from our Intelligent Internet Data Centres across Canada
for more than 20 years. We serve clients of every size and we’re
proud to have earned the trust of the most demanding enterprises,
including large financial institutions and government organizations.
TELUS CloudDrive is a software-based local gateway that
simplifies connections over the Internet between TELUS
StorageCloud and your Microsoft Windows Server , and
provides a local virtual drive letter and CIFS file share. In
addition, this gateway intelligently manages your bandwidth
during transmission, provides ‘write-once-read-many’
(WORM) file control, simplifies the setup process, and
enables cloud storage for many file-based storage use
cases – including file-sharing, drag-and-drop capability,
and serving as a virtual CIFS mount-point for many
Windows applications. TELUS StorageCloud simply
becomes another drive on your computer.
Our data centres and our network are fully owned and operated by
TELUS, and backed by a team of over 1,000 certified professionals
– and ITIL best practices achieve unsurpassed reliability and security.
To ensure the privacy and security of your data, TELUS
StorageCloud uses an advanced object-based storage system.
Unique usernames, passwords and file-level metadata separate
your data from that of other clients, while still leveraging the
operational and cost advantages of shared utility storage. In addition,
you can encrypt your data stored on TELUS StorageCloud and
protect it in-flight using secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption.
It’s cloud-based storage,
the way business needs it to be.
TELUS StorageCloud storage solutions:
data volume protected using RAID
centre bandwidth appropriate to allocated capacity
TELUS IT Service Desk for hands-on customer support
StorageCloud Basic
(All Basic features plus)
(All Protection features plus)
synchronized data copy at another TELUS data center
Geographic data redundancy
99.7% availability service-level agreement
additional copy at the primary data centre (total of three synchronized data copies across two data centres for faster
access using drive mirroring)
99.9% availability service-level agreement
REST API Toolkit
clients to write custom interfaces using industry-standard REST API
programmer guide, helpful community links, unique user ID, and logon credentials
Hands-on customer setup support by TELUS IT Service Desk
license for software gateway to interface with TELUS StorageCloud as a virtual drive letter for Microsoft Windows
be used with various back-up utilities, including supported products such as SyncBack, SuperFlexibleFileSynchronizer
Hands-on customer setup support by TELUS IT Service Desk
TELUS CloudDrive
TELUS Bulk-Load
USB drives to load large volumes of data without transferring over the Internet
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TELUS continuously offers innovative value-added features and functions.
For more information, contact your TELUS Account Executive, visit
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