Don’t let the Nissan X-TRAIL’s sleek, stylish design deceive you. Beneath the immaculately
presented exterior beats a no-nonsense heart, packed full of practical features ready to make
every day driving a joy – whether it’s the school run or this weekend’s family adventure.
An interior as comforting as Mum’s cuddles, the latest tech to keep the kids happy, and all
the power and performance you need to get you there and back again. Family proof and
just a touch too cool for school, the Nissan X-TRAIL is ready for anything you can throw at it.
X-TRAIL Ti in Ivory Pearl.
X-TRAIL Ti in Diamond Black.
The scenery may be rugged, but the accommodations of the Nissan X-TRAIL are anything but. Big
and little hands alike will love the luxurious feel of double stitched leather accented appointments.^
Cleverly designed tiered, theatre style seating means even the littlies can always see the road
ahead, while gloss black trim with metallic accents, and atmospheric LED front passenger interior
lighting add to the theatrical mood. More than a few in your family? Both the Nissan X-TRAIL ST
and ST-L are available as 7-seaters.* After all, everyone should have a room with a view.
Available on ST-L, Ti and TL models only. Leather accented features and upholstery may contain synthetic materials.
*7 seat variant not available on 2.0L ST.
X-TRAIL Ti 4WD Interior.
Designed to make driving easier, the Nissan X-TRAIL has everything you need close at hand.
All models feature a Nissan Intelligent Key ® and Push Button Engine Start, NissanConnect™*
Smartphone Integration (both iOS & Android), Bluetooth® phone and audio, AUX in and USB/
iPod# audio connectivity and a 6 speaker audio system. The Nissan X-TRAIL ST-L, Ti and TL
variants feature Satellite Navigation, with 7” display and touch screen.
*Features and functions may vary by grade.
iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
X-TRAIL Ti Interior.
There’s nothing more inspirational than wide, open spaces - whether it’s
star gazing at the heavens or luxuriating in the interior earthly delights of
the Nissan X-TRAIL.
Power Panoramic Sunroof.* Enjoy the sublime feeling of warm sun
and bright blue skies overhead. All aboard will enjoy a breathtaking view.
Quick Comfort Heated Front Seats.^ Nissan innovation to the
smallest detail. These clever comforters work by focusing on key areas
of the body and heating them in sequence, to get you get warmed up as
soon as possible.
8 Cup Holders. Such a little thing… but so important! The Nissan
X-TRAIL has 8 cup holders to keep everyone happy, and drinks and
smiles upright at all times. And for hot and bothered Mums and Dads
the two front holders are coolers too.
X-TRAIL Ti model shown.
*Ti and TL models only
^Available on ST-L, Ti and TL models only.
EZ Flex™ Seating System. A truly first class 2nd row, with 40/20/40 split
seats that slide forward for easy access, adjusts to give you more cargo
space or leg room, and can also be reclined.
Easy to access 3rd Row.* Mum’s taxi? A 50/50 split folding 3rd-row seat
fits all their little friends, with a range of flexible options, including folding
down to a flat cargo floor.
Rear 80º Wide Opening Doors. Clunky kiddie seats or cumbersome
surfboards, the Nissan X-TRAIL makes it easy to get it all in - and out - with
rear doors that obligingly swing open to 80º.
Sensor activated tailgate.# Got your hands full? No problem.
Simply wave an object by the motion sensor and the tailgate opens for you.
*Available on 7 seat ST and ST-L 2.5L CVT 2WD variants.
Available on Ti and TL models only.
X-TRAIL 7 seat ST Interior.
Divide-N-Hide™* storage system.
Divide and conquer your
trickiest storage dilemmas with
adjustable, sliding shelves that
let you configure your precious
cargo to perfection; whether
it’s keeping the dog separate
from the kids, keeping the kids
separate from the ice-cream or
concealing the ice-cream from
the sun, Divide-N-Hide™* is so
easy you can do it with one
hand. Here are just some of the
1. Big shop or small, you can
section to perfection to stop
your bags rolling about.
2. Create a long, flat floor with
under-floor storage for big
items you’d like to keep hidden.
3. Lower the floor to give added
depth to fit your latest not-soflat-packaged D.I.Y. project.
4. Create a tall box that keeps
valuables tucked out of sight,
with a handy shelf on top.
5. An open space for under
storage underneath,
with a shelf to keep things
in easy reach.
*Divide-N-Hide™ available on 5 seat variants only.
Fitting the family in is one thing – but the real challenge is fitting in all their essentials too. With a whopping 1520 litres of
overall space and clever 40/20/40 split folding seats, the Nissan X-TRAIL makes it easy to get the whole kit and caboodle in.
X-TRAIL ST-L in Burning Red.
It is possible to have the best of both worlds with the Nissan X-TRAIL - you get all the
adventure ready performance you can handle, neatly packaged in a car that’s naturally as
fuel efficient as it is economical. From top to bottom the Nissan X-TRAIL has been designed
to enhance driving efficiency; with an advanced engine, excellent aerodynamics, virtually
gearless Xtronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), and a host of other features that
work seamlessly together to give you a drive the whole family can feel good about.
Engines. Just like families, one size never fits all. The Nissan X-TRAIL gives you the choice of
advanced petrol or diesel engines, available in either 2WD or 4WD, with each and every one
delivering responsive power and outstanding fuel economy. The fuel economy benefits of the
super-efficient diesel powertrain are further enhanced by Idle Stop/Start technology, which
stops the engine when stationary, to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions.
Xtronic CVT. The Nissan X-TRAIL is fitted with Nissan’s very latest version of CVT, which
reduces friction by up to 40% while improving acceleration at low speeds and improving
highway fuel economy.
X-TRAIL ST-L 2WD in Burning Red.
The Nissan X-TRAIL is engineered with a range of innovative technology that
enables it to have an intuitive response to every driving situation, for a smoother
and more controlled ride. Designed to keep you and yours safe, it also helps to
stop your cargo moving unexpectedly about – whether it’s the dog, your golf
clubs or the new flat pack cubby house for the kids - giving you the confidence
to stay cool, calm and collected on every drive.
Intuitive 4x4. The ALL-MODE 4x4-i system makes the
Nissan X-TRAIL capable on-road and off. For maximum
fuel efficiency choose 2WD. In Auto Mode conditions are
constantly monitored, and the balance of power between
front and rear wheels is adjusted for best traction.
Challenging conditions? 4WD Lock Mode is your choice.^
Active Engine Braking*. Whether slowing
for a corner or coming to a stop, Active Engine
Braking uses the CVT to apply engine braking
(like shifting to a lower gear in traditional
transmissions) to deliver smoother deceleration
and more confident driving experience.
Active Trace Control (ATC). A turn for the
better, this innovative technology improves
control when cornering, and can brake each
wheel individually to help you steer through any
turn with confidence.
* Available on CVT models only. ^Available on 4WD variants only. ~Available on 4WD CVT variants only.
Active Ride Control (ARC). Lets you and
your Nissan X-TRAIL down gently. ARC
automatically applies braking and adjusts
engine torque after you hit a bump to smooth
out your ride.
Hill Start Assist (HSA). Up, up, and smoothly
away. HSA helps prevent rollback when starting
on an incline.
Hill Descent Control (HDC).~ Descend on a
steep decline safely, as HDC controls the brakes
for you, letting you focus on steering.
Active Brake Limited Slip (ABLS).^ Provides
better grip in slippery conditions, ABLS works
to apply braking to individual wheels if they
start to spin.
X-TRAIL Ti in Brilliant Silver.
Traffic jams. Hot, tired kids. What to cook for dinner? With so much to think about, and so much going on around you, it’s
easy to get distracted. Advanced Drive-Assist Display (ADAD) is a full-colour 5” display, that sits between the speedometer and
tachometer, to help you stay on track and on top of things when you’re on the go in your Nissan X-TRAIL.
From turn-by-turn directions* to caller ID and so much more, ADAD gives you all the information you need directly in front of you,
keeping you focused on the road ahead.
iPOD #
iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
*Available on ST-L, Ti and TL models only.
Available on Ti and TL models only.
NissanConnect™^ is smart technology that keeps your world within reach when you’re on the move. And with NissanConnect™ Apps,
your Nissan X-TRAIL becomes your smartphone’s best friend, with music, information and apps you and your family love, coming
together through the Nissan X-TRAIL’s display and audio system.
Nissan Navigation System (ST-L, Ti and TL). The latest maps, the most direct routes and the smartest way to get to your
destination on time and fuel efficiently. Comes with a 7” touch screen display.
Pandora® radio capability #. Looking for something new? Explore the latest tunes using Pandora® radio capability. Connect your
Pandora®-equipped smartphone through the audio system to listen to Pandora® free internet radio, and use the ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs
down’ icons to rate songs.
Online search - powered by Google®#. Based on the latest information, Google® Online Search helps you pinpoint your desired
destination, even if you don’t know the name or category – so you can find that new restaurant or brilliant beach in a snap.
Facebook®. Launch the Facebook® app and your Nissan’s got room for 200+ of your closest friends. Follow your news feed to find out
what everyone’s up to, check in with your network on arrival at your destination - you can even update your status to suit.
Available on ST-L, Ti and TL variants only. ^Features and functions may vary by model grade.
Driving is serious business. Only use NissanConnect™ services when safe to do so and in accordance with local Road Rules. Never program while driving. Use of NissanConnect™ services is subject to agreeing
to a Subscription Agreement containing important restrictions, terms and conditions (see nissan.com.au/nissanconnect for details). 36 month subscription starts on vehicle registration date, subsequently a paid
subscription is required at the then current rate. Standard data usage charges apply. Availability of specific features is dependent upon the phone’s Bluetooth® support. Please refer to your phone owner’s manual
for details. Google® is a registered trademark of Google Inc. Pandora® is a registered trademark of Pandora Media Inc.
The perfect pull in. When in Drive, camera 1
gives both a front and overhead view so you can
confidently go all the way in to your parking space.
X-TRAIL Ti interior.
Complete the picture. Camera 4 is located under
your driver’s side mirror, to give you on the ground
coverage in either Drive or Reverse, completing your
virtual 360º birds-eye view.
Don’t scratch your wheels. In Drive or Reverse,
choose to switch to camera 2 for a side view - brilliant
for seeing just how close you are to the kerbside.
360º OF SAFE.
The Nissan X-TRAIL ST-L, Ti and TL are fitted with 4 cameras, to give you a complete panoramic,
360º view of everything that’s in the immediate vicinity of your vehicle, including low down blind
spots - real peace of mind when you’ve got little kids and pets running around. The virtual view
is displayed via a selectable split-screen showing close-ups of the front, rear, and kerb views,
so you can see exactly what’s what. The system also works at low speed, brilliant when you’re in
challenging off-road conditions.
And as not all objects are helpful enough to stay still, (hello shopping trolleys) there’s the added
safety of a Moving Object Detection System,^ which will warn you with a helpful audio alert if it
detects movement. Every Nissan X-TRAIL model is fitted with a rear view camera, to help you see
exactly what’s behind you when reversing.
*Around View® Monitor is a drivers’ aid only and may not cover all blind spots. Moving object detection may not detect every object. Always check surroundings before moving vehicle. Not available on ST or TS models.
^Moving object detection is only available on Ti and TL models.
Cover your back. In Reverse, camera 3 shows what’s
directly behind you, whilst the overhead view helps with
lower objects that can’t be seen out of your window.
X-TRAIL Ti in Brilliant Silver.
At Nissan safety is more than just a philosophy; it’s an integral part of every vehicle we make. Our comprehensive approach to safety guides the
engineering and development of all our cars – and it not only works to keep you and your family physically safe, it gives the driver the self-assurance to
know that they can rely on their vehicle, and confidently handle unexpected situations.
Respond sooner. If you need to hit the brakes hard or make a sudden manoeuver, these standard technologies help you respond better.
Vehicle Dynamic Control assists in maintaining your steering path.
Blind Spot Warning.* If there’s a vehicle in your
blind spot, a light will illuminate on the driver
or passenger door mirror. If you’re indicating
to change lanes and a vehicle is dangerously
close, the light will flash and you’ll hear a
warning too.
Traction Control System reduces wheelspin in low-traction situations.
Anti-lock Braking System maintains steering control when braking heavily.
Electronic Brake Force Distribution varies the braking force in accordance with load distribution to maximise stopping power.
Brake Assist helps apply maximum braking force when it detects emergency hard braking.
Helping protect you. When a collision is unavoidable, Nissan’s Zone Body Construction helps absorb impact as the advanced seat belt and air bag
systems protect passengers.
6 air bags standard. Dual front, dual side and dual curtain SRS airbags that extend to the second row will protect the driver and passengers in the
case of a front or side impact.
*Available on Ti and TL models only.
Lane Departure Warning (LDW).* If the
Nissan X-TRAIL detects that you’re straying
from your lane, the LDW system will give both
an audio and visual alert. The system is so
smart, it stops the warnings whenever
your turn indicator is engaged.
Moving Object Detection.* When the Around
View® Monitor is in use and detects something
moving by the vehicle, it gives you an audio and
visual alert.
X-TRAIL Ti in Burning Red.
A complete ownership
experience to help you get
the most out of your Nissan.
It includes the following:
3 YEAR/100,000KM
Receive assurance with a
3 year/100,000kms warranty ~,
with the option of extending your
warranty for up to a further 3 years.
No matter where you’re planning to
journey, you’ll have the peace of mind
of knowing that if you lock your keys
in the car, have a flat tyre or battery,
or run out of fuel, we’ll help get you
back on the road at no charge†.
With Capped Price Servicing,
you’ll know the maximum price
you’ll pay when you come in for
your next Scheduled Service at
any Nissan Dealer.*
˜New Vehicle Warranty expires 36 months from date of first registration or after 100,000 km (whichever comes first). Conditions apply. See nissan.com.au for more details. NOTE: Our goods come with guarantees
to have the goods repaired or replaced if goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. † Terms and conditions apply, please visit nissan.com.au/roadsideassistance.
Using dedicated diagnostic
equipment and genuine parts they’ll
keep your vehicle in top condition.
Your Nissan Dealer can show you
a variety of accessories to protect,
enhance and personalise your
Nissan X-TRAIL.
Choose from a range of finance
options at very competitive rates
and terms, as well as various
insurance solutions to protect you
and your vehicle.
that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled
*Ask your Nissan Dealer or visit nissan.com.au/cpstcs for exclusions, eligibility and full details.
ST/TS Features
Desert Dusk (EAR)*
Ivory Pearl (QAB)
Burning Red (AX6)
Brilliant Silver (K23)*
Tempest Blue (RAQ)*
Gun Metallic (KAD)*
Black Cloth Trim. Available on ST and TS models only.
• Available in 2WD or 4WD
• ALL MODE 4x4-i system (4WD only)
• 2.0L petrol with 6-Speed Manual (2WD only)
• 2.5L petrol engine with Next Generation Xtronic
CVT with Manual Mode
• 1.6L Turbo Diesel Engine with Idle Stop/Start and
Next Generation Xtronic CVT with Manual Mode
(2WD only)
• 1.6L Turbo Diesel Engine with Idle Stop/Start and
6-Speed manual transmission (4WD only)
• 5 and 7 seat options (7 seat option available with
2.5L 2WD CVT only)
• 17" alloy wheels
• Daytime running lights
• 5" LCD colour audio display
• Rear view camera
• Nissan Intelligent Key® with Push Button Start
• MP3, USB, AUX, Bluetooth®, NissanConnect™*
Smartphone Connectivity
• Flexible seating system with 2nd row 40/20/40
split fold-down
• Divide-N-Hide™ Flexible cargo system (5 seat only)
• Cruise control
• 6 airbags
• Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
• Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)
• Brake Assist (BA)
• Active Trace Control (ATC)
• Rear roof spoiler
• Carpet mats
ST-L Features
ST-L contains all of the ST features
• Roof rails
• Privacy glass
• 7" LCD colour QVGA monitor
• Around View® Monitor (AVM)
• Satellite navigation
• Digital Radio (DAB)
• Leather accented seats and steering wheel^
• 8-way power adjustable driver’s seat including
lumbar support
• 4-way power adjustable passenger seat
• Heated driver and front passenger seats
• Dual zone climate control
Leather accented features and upholstery may contain synthetic material.
Diesel engine not available in ST-L.
Ti/TL Features
Ti contains all of the ST-L features
• 18" alloy wheels
• LED headlights
• Sensor activated tailgate
• Rain sensing windscreen wipers
• Auto levelling headlights
• Nissan Intelligent Key® with power tailgate function
• Power tilt and slide sunroof
• Rear view mirror with auto Anti-Dazzle
• Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
• Blind Spot Warning (BSW)
• Moving Object Detection (MOD)
7 seats not available.
*Features and function may vary by grade.
For more information please visit nissan.com.au/owners, ask your Nissan Dealer or phone 1800 035 035 during normal AEST business hours.
Diamond Black (G41)
Black Leather Accented Trim†.
Available on ST-L, Ti and TL models only.
In some cases the printed colours may vary from the actual paint colours.*Indicates premium paint, which is available at extra cost. Minor trim variations may occur from time to time.
†Leather accented features and upholstery may contain synthetic material.
All illustrations, information and specifications presented and referred to in this brochure were correct at the time this brochure was approved for printing. The colours in the photographs may vary from actual colours. However,
Nissan Motor Co (Australia) Pty. Ltd. reserves the right, subject to the laws of Australia and/or the regulations of any competent authority which may apply from time to time, at its discretion at anytime and without prior notice to
discontinue or change the models, features, specifications, designs and prices of the products referred to in this brochure and any optional equipment therefore without incurring any liability whatsoever to any purchaser or prospective
purchaser of any such products. Some of the items referred to herein are optional at extra cost. Some options may be required in combination with other options. Always consult your Nissan Dealer for the latest information on models,
specifications, features, prices, options and availability. Nissan Motor Co (Australia) Pty. Ltd. ACN 004 663 156. Updated December 2014. NXT0497
The Nissan X-TRAIL not only looks sleek and stylish – it’s designed to make every day driving a joy.
Packed full of practical features, it’s a whole new school of thought in family proof. Here are just some of the reasons why…
Sensor activated tailgate.^ Got your hands
full? No problem. Simply wave an object by the
motion sensor and the tailgate opens for you.
Around View® Monitor†. Fitted with 4 cameras,
to give you a complete panoramic, 360 degree
view of everything that’s in the immediate vicinity
of your vehicle providing peace of mind.
Divide-N-Hide.™* Divide and conquer your
trickiest storage dilemmas with adjustable,
sliding shelves that let you configure
(and keep hidden) your precious cargo.
^Available on Ti and TL models only. †Around View® Monitor not available on ST or TS models. AVM is a drivers’ aid only and may not cover all blind spots. Always
check surroundings before moving vehicle. *Not available on 7 seat versions.
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