communicating - Aprilaire Partners

communicating - Aprilaire Partners
• Large 10.3 in2. backlit display
• One thermostat for all applications
• Programmable or non-programmable
• Direct connection of outdoor and
indoor sensors
The new Model 8800 communicating thermostat
adds a touch of class to any décor, provides comfort
your customers expect and is easy to install.
• Commercial or residential applications
• 5 year warranty
• Backward compatible
• Equipment maintenance reminders
Aprilaire Model 8800 Universal CommunicatingThermostat
Features of the Model 8800 Thermostat
Large, easy-to-wire terminal block
Optional temperature and relative humidity
support modules for elaborate applications
Adjustable differential for 1st, 2nd, 3rd
and 4th stages
Dual fuel operation (lockout of heat pump
w/ call for back-up fossil fuel heat)
Commercial and residential applications
(2 or 4 events per day)
Remote indoor sensor option w/ 8051/8053
Temperature offset ± 8°
Integrated dual fuel kit w/ high and low balance
point control (requires 8052 sensor)
Geothermal water to water friendly –
B & O de-energize in the off mode to
prevent unnecessary heating and cooling
of the buffer tank
2H/2C Conventional and 4H/2C Heat Pump
Universal Thermostat
- One stat fits all applications
Configurable manual heat/cool or
auto changeover modes
Configurable heating and cooling, heating
only or cooling only operation
Direct connect an outdoor and indoor sensor
On board Relative Humidity sensor
Configurable to control humidifier and
Maintenance reminders
- Humidifier, air filter, dehumidifier, HVAC
Global reports outdoor temperature to all
thermostats on the network
Circulate fan mode
Large 10.3 sq. in. touch screen
Large font size
Fully back lit w/ constant low intensity light
Exclusive message center (provides feedback
and real language instructions)
Displays outdoor temp (w/ optional 8052 sensor)
Programmable fan
Real language programming/set up —
no manual needed
Progressive recovery
Full or limited screen lockout
Built-in equipment protection
Equipment stage indication
High and low setpoint temperature limits
Five year warranty
“Copy” function for quick and easy programming
Multiple hold options maximizes comfort
and energy savings
- Vacation hold
- Customizable timed hold
- Permanent hold
Real time clock automatically adjusts for daylight
savings time
Permanent memory — programming and date
isn’t lost during a power outage
Real Language Programming!
No Manual to Reference
Battery back up maintains clock
Thermal Specifications
Display range: 32º to 99ºF (0º to 40ºC)
Electrical Specifications
Control range: 45º to 99ºF (7º to 32ºC)
4 15/16” High x 6” Wide x 1 5/16” Deep
Accuracy: ± 1ºF (± .5ºC)
24 VAC (18-30 VAC)
Storage temperature: -30º to 140ºF (-34.4º to 60ºC)
1 amp maximum load per terminal
Operating humidity: 5% to 90% relative humidity
2.5 amp total maximum load (all terminals)
Operating ambient temperature: 32º to 120ºF (0º to 48.9ºC)
Shipping temperature range: -30º to 140ºF (-34.4º to 60ºC)
AC Power: 18-30 Volt AC
DC Power: 3.0 Volts DC (2 “AA” Alkaline batteries included)
Standard systems gas, oil, electric
8052 Outdoor Temperature Sensor
Single stage/heat pump/multi-stage
8051 Flush Mount Indoor Temperature Sensor
Terminal Designations: Rc, R, W, Y, G, C, S1, S2, O, B, L, W2, Y2, T1, T2
C, B, O, Y, Y2, G, RC, R, W2, WL, S2, S1, T1, T2, A-, B-,
A+, B+, RSA, RSB
8053 Surface Mount Indoor Temperature Sensor
8081 Temperature Support Module
8082 Relative Humidity Support Module
Form No. 5211 03.11
Printed in U.S.A.
PO Box 1467 Madison, WI 53701-1467 • Phone–888.782.8638 Fax–608.257.4357
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