Kiosk Printer

Kiosk Printer
Modular Kiosk Thermal Mechanism
Kiosk Printer
The Epson EU-T300C is a fast, reliable drop-in
printing solution designed specifically for smaller
kiosks and basic applications.
The EU-T300C printer features best-in-class components,
high-quality thermal printing, industry-leading reliability,
support for a variety of paper stock and easy installation all
at a great price.
The EU-T300C. The right choice
for smaller kiosks
• Supports 2.4mil receipt paper to 7mil ticket stock
Compact and cost-effective, the
EU-T300C kiosk printer is ideal for
smaller kiosks and basic kiosk printing applications. Built with Epson’s
industry-leading printing technology and quality, the EU-T300C has
proven its reliability in both indoor
and outdoor environments.
•Easy paper loading with semiautomatic loading
Wide range of features
• Small, compact size 5.5"W x 7"D x 5"H
• Uses standard 80mm POS paper roll
• Fast printing speeds up to 6 inches per second
• Modular design for easy maintenance
• USB interface
• Wide range of cost-effective service options
The EU-T300C is a complete dropin printing solution and comes
with all the features you need most
including: print speeds up to six
inches per second, use of the same
standard 80mm paper roll as POS
printers and support for 2.4mil
receipt paper to 7mil ticket stock.
Other high-quality features include
easy paper loading with semiautomatic loading function, near-end
paper sensor, and a modular design
for easy maintenance.
Compatible and ready-to-go
The Epson EU-T300C kiosk printer
comes with Windows® drivers, a builtin USB interface and a command
protocol based on the ESC/POS
standard. In addition, it features flash
memory for logos and graphics.
Industry-leading reliability
and service
The EU-T300C has an MCBF of
37 million lines, an autocutter life
of 1 million cuts, a rugged all-metal
chassis and remote status monitoring
for centralized maintenance. All of
which adds up to a low total cost of
ownership. And it is covered under
Epson’s ExpressCareSM service program to ensure that you get the best
service available when you need it.
Proven in the marketplace
Epson kiosk printers are being used
successfully worldwide for a wide
variety of kiosk applications from
banking and quick-service restaurants to entertainment and retail.
Modular Kiosk Thermal Mechanism
EU-T300C Kiosk Printer
Kiosk Specifications
EU-T300C Series
Thermal Kiosk Printer
Dimensions (W x D x H)
5.5" x 7.0" x 5.0"
Weight 2.5kg (5.5lbs)
Power input 24 vdc
Construction Environmental All steel chassis and high quality components
0 –55 deg C, 10 – 80% humidity
Certification CSA/TUV/UL/CE
Printing speed 150mm/sec. (5.9 inches/sec.)
Paper widths Paper thickness 80mm (3.1 inches) standard, widths from 58mm –82.5mm available
56–183um (2.4–7mil)
Number of dots
640 dots – 80mm to 82.5mm
Dot density 8 dots/mm (203 dpi)
Head motor: 24 vdc ±10%, Circuit 5 vdc ±5% (supplied by board)
Print speed control for low power consumption model
Paper end, black mark and paper low: photosensor;
Platen open, cutter blade position: micro-switch; Print head temperature: thermresistor
Mechanism (MCBF) 37 million lines
Thermal head 100km/100 million pulses
Autocutter Exceeds 1.0 million cuts
Control Board
Power supply
Uses PS-180, low-cost 24 vdc power supply
32-bit 20 MHz Toshiba TMP 94 Series
4 Mbit flash ROM, host or network upgradeable
User memory
192k usable for non-volatile for downloadable logos and special characters
Thermal Historical control
Paper feed
Semiautomatic loading or manual, back feed is possible
Software compatibility
Epson industry standard ESC/POS®, WIN 95/98/2000/NT 4.0/XP, Linux and
exclusive Windows Status Monitor Program (API)
USB interface
Paper Supply
Maximum roll size
83mm (3.3) inch outside diameter, uses standard POS roll
Paper loading
Semi-auto load
Paper out, Black mark, Paper low
Part Numbers
PS-180 power supply
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