P1000 manual
Users Manual
The GOLD LINK DAC provides an unparalleled sound experience with virtually any
available digital source. Four internal stereo DA converters give improved signal-to-noise
and channel separation characteristics, providing outstanding signal quality to your
preamplifier. The Gold has little output filtering for the best possible sound, electromagnetic
shielding of all the key components and high performance, high slew rate operational amplifiers.
This DAC delivers incredible “focus” and depth of soundstage to the listening environment.
MSB Platinum Link DAC
This 24 bit - 1.5 Mbit/sec sign magnitude R2R ladder DAC with four independent discrete
converters goes way beyond any other DAC. It can handle greater resolution and higher
sampling frequencies than any existing format, for maximum S/N and channel isolation. The
Platinum upsamples lower sampling rate sources to 24 bit - 192 kHz. It has up to 5 digital
inputs ( Toslink optical, Coaxial SP/DIF, Balanced AES/EBU and two MSB Network
Inputs) as well as balanced and single-ended analog outputs. Selectable digital filter response
(interpolation and slope) give you complete control. The painstaking detail, care and phenomenal sound you demand from a high-end DAC.
The P1000 is
now voltage switchable
between 120V and 240V. It powers
all MSB products.
P1000 Users Manual
Congratulations on your purchase of the MSB
P1000 power supply. This MSB power
supply has been optimized to provide excellent
performance with any MSB products which
use an outboard power supply. The P1000 is
designed to sit under the MSB product. A
short DIN cable is provided, as is a heavy
duty AC power cord. Plug the short DIN
cable into the DIN output of the P1000. Plug
the other end into the DIN input of the MSB
product. Plug the AC power cord into the
P1000 and an AC power source. The P1000
can be rack mounted or placed in a stack. No
special ventilation is required as the transformer
and power circuits are thermally coupled to
the heavy metal case.
Changing The Fuse
Replace the fuse with a 3A 5mm x 20mm
miniature fuses. Fuses may blow during
unusual power surges or disturbances.
Customized Use with other Products
The MSB power supply can be adapted to
operate other DC products. The pin output
configuration is as follows:
Analog +22V,
0.9 Amp
120V/240V Operation
The P1000 can be configured for 120V or
240V operation by switching the VOLTAGE
switch on the back panel. The P1000 can
handle a wide range of voltages at each of these
settings. Line voltages can drop below 90V
at the 120V setting without a problem and
below 180V at the 240V setting. The
transformer is rated for either 50 or 60 hz.
Digital Ground
Digital +12V,
1.8 Amp
Analog -22V,
0.9 Amp
Analog Ground
Digital -12 Volt,
0.9 Amp
Power Connector - Looking at end of CABLE
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