Login as the computer`s local Administrator Installation of KeyScan

Login as the computer`s local Administrator Installation of KeyScan
Installation of KeyScan Software XP
NOTE: If the user tries to run the Keyscan Install file while the user is not logged on as the computers local Administrator, a message will appear asking them to log on as the administrator. The user will not be able to continue the install process until the user is logged on as the local administrator. Login as the computer’s local Administrator
Make sure the USB cord that came with the keyboard is plugged into both the keyboard and the computer. And make sure the power is not connected. Make sure there is a flashing green light on the back of the keyboard
Is there a flashing green light on the back of the keyboard? Download Latest KeyScan Software: If the KeyScan software is already installed on the user’s computer, the user can find out which version the user using by opening KeyScan Imaging and going to top menu Help‐>About KeyScan. Open Internet Explorer
Go to www.KeyScan.com
Once the page has loaded, on the top menu go to Support‐>Downloads.
Follow the download instructions and save this file in a location where you can find it, such as the Desktop.
Once the download is complete, go to the location where the file was saved
Follow the KeyScan Installation instructions: Click Run for “Do you want to run this file?” Select a Language click Next Wait while KeyScan prepares the Setup Click Next for “Welcome to the KeyScan Wizard for KS_V…” Click on “I accept the terms for the license agreement.” Click Next Enter a user name and company name Click Next Select ‘Complete’ installation, click Next Choose a Destination location, click Next Click install for “Ready to Install the Program” Click Finish for “Finish to gather Information” Wait while the Install Wizard Installs Select the user account with Administrative privileges, click OK NOTE: The user may receive an error message indicating that they do not have the proper Microsoft.Net Framework installed. The user can click Continue to finish the installation process and then download and install .Net 2 sp2 from Microsoft. The install process will put data in to the registry into the following locations: 32 Bit: HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Keyscan\ 64 bit:HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\WOW643Node\KeySCan. The FOLDERS entry will show the folders that the KeyScan software uses. If a “Check Power Connection Window appear” then Unplug the power cord and click OK (This message may appear being the Install shield wizard making it so the user cannot finish the install process.) Enter XXXX‐XXXX‐XXXX‐XXXX for the license number, click OK
Click Next for KeyScan Confirmation for installation of a XX bit Driver. Click OK for Installing KeyScan XXbit Driver (Win7, Vista or XP)
Click “Continue Anyways” for the “Software you are installing has not passed Windows Logo Testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP.”
Close out of the Read Me Notepad
Click Finish on the “KeyScan Wizard is Complete”
When the activation code was entered improperly the following error will pop up. Re‐enter the code (case sensitive). If you do not have the code, then fill in support Request Plug the Power cord into the back of the Keyboard Check for the red light in the scanning slot
A new hardware wizard opens: If the wizard does not open then Install the device drivers through Device Manager If the wizard wants to connect to Windows update Select “No, not this time” click Next
Select “Install the software Automatically ”. This wizard helps you install software for: KeyScan KS810‐P USB 2.0 Scanner
Click “continue Anyway” for the software you are installing for this hardware: KeyScan KS810‐P USB2.0 Scanner has not passed Windows Logo Testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP. Click Finish for Completing the Found New Hardware Wizard.
Double Click on the KeyScan Imaging on the Desktop
Calibrate Scanner Installation complete 
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