The LA-RAK is the central element of the L-ACOUSTICS® system architecture built upon the LA8 amplified controller. It offers an advanced
drive rack solution for all L-ACOUSTICS® systems covering signal and power distribution in a comprehensive plug-and-play touring package.
LA-RAK was created as a universal platform designed to facilitate cross-rental and to ensure compatibility with the legacy analog cabling standard
of L-ACOUSTICS® systems.
The LA-RAK module comprises:
• One 9U rack with LEXAN® front and rear covers.
• Three LA8 amplified controllers.
• Two 1/O panels for signal and L-NET distribution within the rack
and link out to other racks. The signal can be analog or digital
(AES/EBU). L-NET is the proprietary network dedicated to
remote control and monitoring of the LA8s.
• Available 1U space to include switches needed to configure the
L-NET network in the star topology.
An I/O power distribution panel for 3 LA8 and 3 auxiliary devices.
The LA-RAK working principle is entirely modular and the user can
physically assemble and interconnect multiple modules to fit numerous
applications. The LA-RAK configuration based on a multiple of 3 LA8 yields
the maximum flexibility and power resources for any L-ACOUSTICS®
system from compact coaxial enclosures up to KUDO® and K1 stadium
line sources.
Featured: 230V version
The 9U rack is a dual structure consisting of a rubber shock inner steel frame braced by
an external aluminum frame sided with highly resistant polyethylene panels. This ensures
structural integrity while offering decoupling and maximum protection of the electronics inside
the rack. Two retractable LEXAN® doors protect the internal components during transport.
On the front face, one extra U space can receive an additional switch, for L-NET network
star topologies for instance. On the rear face, two hinge-mounted panels cover and protect
the analog, digital, and network connectors of the amplified controllers and create a neat
and tangle-free cable environment. The rear central part of the amplified controllers remains
accessible with its CA-COM® and SpeakON® connectors, thus offering the same functionality
as a speaker output patch panel (see last page for cabling connections).
The RK 9U is equipped in standard with a detachable transport dolly board and two coupling
bars. These last also allow arraying several LA-RAK in flown or stacked configurations.
The LA8 amplified controller belongs to the generation of high-end integrated controllers entirely
dedicated to the comprehensive operation of L-ACOUSTICS® loudspeaker systems. The LA8
combines in a 2U lightweight chassis the resources of a 2 x 4 DSP engine driving four channels of
amplification delivering up to 1800 watts each at 4 or 2.7 ohms, a comprehensive library of factory
presets, a user-friendly front panel interface, two I/O Ethernet connection ports for network
remote control, a connection panel for analog and digital audio inputs, and speaker outputs.
A 19” front patch panel allows distributing analog audio signals using PA-COM® 19-point
connectors, ensuring that all available 6 analog inputs of amplified controllers can be used
within a single rack and linked out to the next one. These connectors are compatible with the
L-ACOUSTICS® standard analog audio cables (DOM2, DOM30, DOMM, and DOMF). The
panel also features 2 Ethercon® I/O connectors with built-in PCB for connection to L-NET. LA-PANEL AES3
A 19” front patch panel allows distributing digital audio signals using XLR connectors, ensuring
that all available 3 digital inputs of amplified controllers can be used within a single rack and
linked out to the next one. Each input conveys 2 audio channels, thus resulting in a capability
of 6 digital signals per rack.
Featured: 230V version
A 2U/19” I/O 230 V power distribution panel located on the rear features a 32 A three-phase
IN P17 plug and a LINK OUT socket to power a secondary rack. This configuration allows
the power to be automatically balanced with an even number of LA8 per phase. In addition to
the three AC sockets for LA8, two IEC and one “Schuko” sockets are available for powering
auxiliary accessories such as Ethernet switches, portable computer and the like. Each amp1,
2 and 3 power circuit is equipped with a discrete 16 A type C circuit breaker. The auxiliary
circuit features a 10 A breaker. Three LEDs help monitor the presence of each phase on the
front end of the mains circuit. The LA-POWER features 4 M5 inserts to receive an optional 3x
20 A Powercon plate in case the standard “Schuko” AC sockets are not wished to be used.
Contact an L-ACOUSTICS® representative for the 100 V and 120 V versions.
The LA-RAK BUMP is engineered to fly 4 LA-RAK for a drive capacity of up to 24 K1 enclosures.
It can be flown with a single pick-point and secured to an additional safety point. Its structure
features a bolted assembly for better visual safety verification and is protected by a weatherresistant coating.
LA-RAK power capability (one system driven by all 3 LA8)
6 K1
12 dV-DOSC + 4 dV-SUB
12 KARA + 8 SB18
12 115XT HiQ (6 circuits)
12 SB28
LA-RAK flexibility (tops + subs driven by a same LA-RAK)
4 K1-SB + 4 K1
6 KUDO + 4 SB28
12 KARA + 4 SB18 + 4 12XT (Passive)
8 ARCS II + 4 SB28 (Stereo)
Analog audio
Signal IN
Network (hybrid topology)
Power IN
Digital audio
Signal IN
LA-POWER rear view
LA-POWER removed
Stacking onto K1-BUMP (max. 4 LA-RAK+24 K1)
Flying under LA-RAK BUMP (max. 4 LA-RAK)
LA-RAK stacking (max. 3 LA-RAK)
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